World AIDS Day 2009

Good Morning to our and FuseBox Radio Broadcast Family,

Today is officially the 21st official World AIDS Day.

HIV infection and AIDS are still making a terrible impact all over the world even with the numerous advances in prevention, research and medical treatments and still strikes Communities of Color and Women in the United States and beyond very harshly.

In this day and age, there should be absolutely NO reason why folks are not getting tested regularly not just for AIDS, but for ALL STDs as soon as possible.

There are a numerous amount of places where testing is done for little to no cost, from your local health clinic to other locales.

Also, both you and your sexual partner should be using some form of protection (starting from selectivity on who we sleep with - let's be real, sex happens, people have hormones & folks are adults but that HUGE factor can avoid a lot of drama in general, from physical to mental health besides AIDS; condoms, etc.) - if for no other reason, to protect your own health status.

Here are just a few links for folks to check out some of what is going on with the AIDS epidemic all over the world with policy, prevention, places folks can get testing and research that I hope are a bit helpful:

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