Adult Swim Tour Pictures & Commentary: Ghostface/Witchdoctor at Rutgers University

Some of the staff was at the sol-out Rutgers University stop for the Cartoon Network Adult Swim Tour with Ghostface (Wu-tang Clan) and Witchdoctor (Dungeon Family) on October 4, 2007.

It was a pretty good show overall, I have to say. If anything, on some levels it was a study of opposites in performance styles.

Witchdoctor - besides brining out Khujo Goodie from Goodie Mob up on the stage for a few joints - did his entire set by himself along with his backup tracks. He was definitely into his set and getting people to participate, running through a lot of new songs from his upcoming release, Diary of an American Witchdoctor, and doing various tracks from his mixtape series, independent releases and music from his first Dungeon Family release and some collabo verses.

The crowd seemed to dig him overall, but there was bit of that rude impatience (Whiny Person in Crowd: "This dude is wack, I don't know who he is, I want to see Ghoooostfaaaace") that popped up here and there in comments that I heard.

Ghostface, on the other hand, seemed like he had the entire world on during his stage set - mixtape DJ/producer J-Love, Theordore Unit, his sons and various miscellaneous folks. For those who have seen some Wu-Tang Clan and Wu-Fam shows, typical amount of mad folks on stage.

Ghostface runs his show like a machine - you know he's being doing his thing for a minute, but yet, the show still has a crazy spontaneous feel - from inviting MCs in the crowd on the mic (most were not the business but there were a few decent ones)m inviting ladies to dance on stage, doing the tribute to O.D.B., inviting his sons to spit (they declined) and other things. Just about all of his catalog was covered (I would have liked more music from Ironman, but eh) and there was constant energy throughout the show from both him and Theordore Unit.

Some things that made this concert overall quality:

1. No lipsynching and/or having the artist's peoples on stage do the entire songs (I don't go to concerts to see karoke, much less w/ Hip-Hop shows)

2. Professionalism - folks came to perform and impress

3. Folks with a catalog of music to go off of (not saying that new artists can't do a dope show at all, but it would be like comparing Musiq Soulchild show to a Stevie Wonder concert, one is good to great and one is CLASSIC)

If it comes through your area, is it worth spending your hard earned dollars for?
Yes indeedy. :)

Here are some pics below from the crew at the show and website links to the artists...enjoy!

Ghostface Killah MySpace - Check Some Music
Witchdoctor MySpace - Check Some Music