Events like New York Comic Con (hell, the comics industry at large) wouldn't be what and where they are without the dedicated fans of various kinds of popular culture in the mix as well as all of the artists - known, on the verge and unknown, working as independents or with large publishers/distributors like Marvel, DC, Image or Dark Horse - who work hard daily as creatives to make awesome visions of characters in their own style out to the masses as colorists, pencilers. writers, designers and more.

The Artist Alley section along with the main floor of Jacob Javits Center (especially with the insanely successful 1st Afrofuturefest event where due to public transportation issues via a non-functioning PATH train from NJ into the city, we weren't able to get our interviews in with folks and solo pictures - but, soon come...) is full of these artists promoting and selling their graphic novels, comic books, prints, t-shirts, history and more throughout the 4 days of NYCC.  

The FuseBox Radio Broadcast/ family wanted to put a  bit of a photo spotlight on all of the Artists of Color that we could document as possible during moments of work, rest and more throughout our experience with this year's event.  

It's just been recently where these creatives are getting more props for their work on all levels in the comics industry, especially in the post-Dwayne McDuffie era and all of these folks need to get more credit for what they've done with the growth of the independent media sector of comics at least since the late 1980s to the present with quality output that is currently flourishing now in the Internet area, much less various folks' work with the majors.

Check them all out, Google these fine artists to support them financially (since making art ain't free) and hope y'all dig 'em!

** All pictures taken by Mary Nichols (DJ Fusion/FuseBox Radio Broadcast) under a "Creative Commons Attribution - No Derivatives" license. Please feel free to use & share them if you wish with attribution/credit to the photographer (besides these pictures, there are plenty more from New York Comic Con at large [over 100+] and others over at the official FuseBox Radio Broadcast's Flickr Page and Behance/Prosite Page) ... thank you! **

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This is the latest episode of the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast with DJ Fusion & Ausar Ra Black Hawk for the weeks of October 14 & 21, 2015 [a flashback episode due to some technical issues; originally broadcast on the week of February 20, 2013] with some new and classic music from the international Black Diaspora, news and commentary.

Our commentary during that week touched base on the end of the Christopher Dorner case, the Library of Congress' latest action in preserving American sound recordings (music, speeches & otherwise), our view of the 2013 Grammy Awards, the passing of actor Lou Myers (best known as Mr. Gaines of "A Different world") & MC Tim Dog (of "F*** Compton"), the future of the mixtape and some other things here and there.

Feel free to check out some recent episodes of the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast over at our official blog, - all of the shows are clean/radio friendly.

FuseBox Radio Playlist + Charts for the Weeks of Oct. 14 & 21, 2015 [originally broadcast on the week of February 20, 2013]

Top Spins (Music Still Lasting in Rotation/Music Played Live on Air Each Week/As Well As Music Requested By The Listeners)

1. Alice Russell/Twin Peaks/Tru Thoughts (Played Live) 
2. Bonobo/Cirrus/Ninja Tune (Played Live) 
3. Young Jeezy/I Do (Sammy Bananas Bootleg)/ (Played Live) 
4. Deuce and Oeaux/Devotion/White Label ( (Played Live) 
5. Nia Keturah/Aquatic Life/ (Played Live) 
6. Kendrick Lamar feat. Anna Wise of Sunnymoon/Real/Aftermath & Interscope (Top Song Requested) 
7. Good Hood feat. Black Cobain/Jordans/ (Top Song Requested) 
8. DJ Numark feat. Aloe Blacc & Charles Bradley/Don't Play Around/Hot Plate Records (Top Song Requested) 
9. Ian Pooley/Kids Play/Plant Music (Top Song Requested) 
10. Jasiri X/Ascension/Wandering Worx (Top Song Requested) 
11. Currensy feat. Young Roddy/New Program/ (Top Song Requested) 
12. 7evenThirty/GOD (Georgia Anne Muldrow RMX)/Mello Music Group(Top Song Requested) 
13. P.A.P.I. (N.O.R.E.) feat. Large Professor/Built Pyramids/White Label (Top Song Requested) 
14. Signif/Rocket Fuel (PCP)/Intelligent Dummies & Throat Chop (Top Song Requested) 
15. Alicia Keys/Brand New Me (Part 2)/RCA (Top Song Requested) 
16. Alist Producer feat. Skyzoo, Emanny & 100Grand/Lost Bourough/C.G. Productionz (Top Song Requested) 
17. Joey Bada$$, Dirty Sanchez, CjFly & Capital STEEZ/Run or Fly/PRO ERA (Top Song Requested) 
18. Cocaine 80s feat. Jhene Aiko & Common/Fly Ass Pisces/White Label 
19. French Horn Rebellion vs. Database/Poster Girl (Justin Faust RMX)/ (Top Song Requested) 
20. Favorite Flava feat. Paul Mac Innes & Amalia/Stacy (Opolopo RMX)/Tokyo Dawn Recordings (Top Song Requested) 
21. Oh No feat. Declaime & Georgia Anne Muldrow/Improvement/White Label (Top Song Requested) 
22. John Michael feat. Talib Kweli/Sophisticated Lady RMX/ (Top Song Requested) 
23. Chi City feat. The Kid Daytona/Story To Tell/BlackOpx Music (Top Song Requested) 
24. Zuzuka Poderosa & Kush Arora/Pisicodelia (Nego Mozambique RMX)/Little Owl Recordings (Top Song Requested) 
25. Naughty By Nature/Hip Hop Hooray (DJ Scene 2013 RMX)/White Label (Top Song Requested)

Top Adds (New Joints Played Live On This Week's Broadcast)

1. Ghostface Killah & Adrian Younge/The Rise of Ghostface Killah/Soul Temple
2. Gramatik/Bluestep/Lowtemp 
3. Mo Kolours/Bomptious/One-Handed Music 
4. RDGLDGRN/Million Fans/ 
5. Vincent Kwok/Afrique/Transport Recordings 
6. Joey Badass/Waves/Sony Red

DJ Fusion Flashback Tracks:

LL Cool J/Phenomenon/Def Jam 
Ultramagentic MCs/Ain't It Good To You/White Label

PLUS Some Extra Special Hidden Tracks in the Ausar Ra Black Hawk Master Mix w/ Old School Black Music Classics, New School Tunes and Independent Music Finds

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