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Life's been a bit hectic as of late for me, so it's been a while since I've done one of these post...thanks for supporting us here at and the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast!

Freedom Rider: The U.N. Investigates American Racism - Black Agenda Report

Previously Unknown Native IndigenousTribe Of People Found in the Amazon Rainforest (maybe they just wanted to be left alone...) - CNN

Europe Fuel Protests Spread Wider Due To Rising Oil & Gas Prices - BBC

In Postwar Liberia, Liberians Skeptical of Their Western Patrons' Real Intentions - Washington Post

Zimbabwe's Slow-Motion Horror Show: Where Was Mandela? - Village Voice

How to Survive A Disaster - TIME Magazine

U.S. Presidential Election #1: BBC Journalist Warns Against Voter Irregularities Continuing in U.S. Elections - Greg Palast

U.S. Presidential Election #2: Folks Get on Another Demorcratic Party Candidate Barack Obama Minister's Case For "Racial" Talk (Aren't There REAL Issues To Talk About - SMH) - NY Daily News

U.S. Presidential Election #3: Seating The Michigan and Florida Delegates for the Demorcatic National Convention: The Democrats' Trickiest Decision - Yahoo

What's A True Patriot Anyway?: Here's One Opinion -

White People Have a Racial History Too by Novelist Alice Walker - Alternet

Who Will Unplug Big Media?: Time To Revamp the FCC - The Nation

Number Of Uninsured Young Americans Grows - MSNBC

In These Days of Increased Foreclosures, More Emphasis on Discrimination in Housing Needed (Commentary) - Black America Web

L.A. Gang Intervention Programs At-Risk? - The Finall Call

Truce and Consequences: The Anatomy Of A Fatal Turf War In Shaw Neighorhood of D.C. - Washington City Paper

Government Does Something Right: Hip-Hop Classic MC Slick Rick Gets Pardoned by NYC Governor - EURWeb

R.I.P.: Busta Rhymes Bodyguard Shot Dead -

R.I.P. to Actor & Comedian Harvey Korman (Hedley Lamarr in Mel Brooks' classic movie "Blazing Saddles" and the Carol Burnett Show): Dude Was Crazy Funny - RADAR Magazine

WTF News #1: U.S. Secretary of State Condolezza Rice Meets Rock Band Kiss - Associated Press

WTF News #2: Hip-Hop MC Lil Wayne Disses The Hand That Feeds Him: Mixtape DJs - Word On Da Streetz Magazine

WTF News #3: Dunkin Donuts Gets Punked By Confused Conservative Michelle Malkin And Pull Commercial With Chef Rachel Ray Wearing A Scarf (Have To Read This To Get The Stupidity of It All & the Reasoning) - Start Snitching

Good News For Some: Why You Should Have Sex At Least Once A Week - Today Show via MSNBC

Slaus Hates M.I.H.s - Oh Hell Nawl

Nas Going to Release A N-Word Mixtape (Guess That The Route Since Def Jam Shut That Down for The Album) - Rhymes With Snitch

It's Looking Like A Wrap For R. Kelly With This Sex Trial - Bossip

Mariah Carey Is Not A Baseball Star - IDontLikeYouInThatWay

Really?!? (No Other Words) - D-Listed

What's good everyone,

It's time for our fifth weekly post here on called iPod Food & Eats - where we give you all some quality free Black Music to download to the iPod, computer hardrive, CD, etc. that we have played in the past, currently or will soon on the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast as well as places to check folks out, purchase their music, etc.

Here is another 25 songs that cover the span of Hip-Hop, Rock, House and Soul Music from major label and independent artists who have it going on...

Hope you all enjoy!

Download Link #1
Download Link #2 (Backup)

Almost September feat. MC Lyte & KRS-One - Love

AZ feat. Jay Rush - What Would You Do
Label: Koch

Beenie Man - Woman
Label: Good Thyme Ent, ING Records & iGlobal Media

Black Milk & Fat Ray - Take Control
Label: Fat Beats

Bun B - Keep It 100
Label: Rap-A-Lot

Busta Rhymes feat. Reek Da Villian, Spliff Star, Lil Wayne, Nas, The Game & Big Daddy Kane - Don't Touch Me RMX
Label: Flipmode, Aftermath & Interscope

Citty Da Cookie Man - She Wanna Rock
Label: A-Wall Entertainment/Slip-N-Slide

Daddy Yankee - Somos De Calle
Label: Interscope

David Banner - Crazy
Label: SRC/Universal Records

Drop - Never Stop
Label: Unsigned

Duo Live feat. Angie Stone - Summer Stacks
Label: Redemption Music Group

Estelle - Shine
Label: Homeschool and Atlantic

Fokis feat. Joell Ortiz - Pandemonium (clean -
Label: Loyalty Records, LLC

James Brown - There Was A Time (Kenny Dope RMX)
Label: Verve
James Brown Dedication Page:

Jennifer E. Kemp feat. DTP's Perfect Harmany - A Million Fish
Label: Rodek Music

Kinkfolk Kia Shine - Co-Pilot
Label: White Label

Lady Saw - Sycamore Tree (Dancehall Rerggae Classic)
Label: VP

N.E.R.D. - Spazz
Label: Star Trak

Nucci Reyo feat. Thia Brown - Born To Make It
Label: G. State Entertainment

Sparkdawg - Pour It On Da Modelz

Steinski - The Payoff Mix (Hip-Hop classic)
Label: Illegal Art

Stephen Marley & Damian Marley - The Mission
Label: VP
MySpace: (Stephen Marley), (Damian Marley)

The Herbaliser feat. Jessica Darling - On Your Knees
Label: !K7 Records

The Lo - Lumidi
Label: Soul Fever/SRC/Universal

Umar Bin Hassan of the Last Poets feat. Styles P - Free
Label: Diggin4Brown Records

Direct mp3 Download (right click and "save as")

This is the FuseBox Radio Broadcast with DJ Fusion & Jon Judah for the week of May 28, 2008 with some new and classic Hip-Hop & Soul music, news and commentary.

This week's commentary was on some new updates on the recent updates on U.S. Presidential Election Primaries, the R. Kelly court trial finally coming into play and some other things here and there.

We have a new Black Agenda Report segment on this weeks show but were not able to recieve the latest Direct EFX before the broadcast.

Feel free to check out some recent episodes of the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast here on - all of the shows are clean/radio friendly.

FuseBox Radio Playlist for Week of May 28, 2008 (in no particular order)

Almost September feat. MC Lyte & KRS-One/Love/
Busta Rhymes fat. Reek Da Villian, Spliff Star, Lil Wayne, Nas, The Game & Big Daddy Kane/Don't Touch Me (Throw Da Water On 'Em) RMX/Flipmode, Aftermath & Interscope
The Lo/Lumidi/SRC
James Brown/There Was A Time (Kenny Dope RMX)/Verve
Estelle/Shine/Homeschool & Atlantic
N.E.R.D./Spazz/Star Trak
Mint Condition/Something/Image Entertainment
Raekwon feat. Ghostface Killah/Necro/Wu Music Group
Umar Bin Hassan of The Last Poets feat. Styles P/Free/Diggin4Brown Records
Myself/Still Ain't Ready (Dedicated to James Brown and J. Dilla)/Couture Music Wear & Universal
Bun B/Keep It 100/Rap-A-Lot
Stephen Marley and Damian Marley/The Mission/VP
J-Live/We Are/BBE
Citty Da Cookie Man/She Wanna Rock/Slip-N-Slide
Lyfe Jennings feat/ Snoop Dogg/Old School/Columbia
DJ K-Salaam & Beatnick feat. Buju Banton & Trey Songz/Street Life/VP Records
Black Milk & Fat Ray/Take Control/Fat Beats
Kinfolk Kia Shine/Co-Pilot/White Label
Camar/She Just Love The Flava/Slip-N-Slide
Kidz In The Hall/Drivin' Down The Block (inst.)/Major League & Duckdown
The Herbaliser feat. Jessica Darling/On Your Knees/!K7 Records
Jennifer E. Kemp fet. DTP's Perfect Harmony/A Million Fish/Rodek Music
Charlie Hustle feat. RickRoss/Get It (inst.)/SRC
Lil Key/Man N Da City (inst.)/Basses Loaded Records

PLUS Special Extra Tracks in A Secret Jon Judah Master Mix w/ Old School Classics and more Independent Music Finds

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Speaking of mashups and such from our previous posting....

I've been told about these folks called The Hood Internet for a while and how crazy their remixes and such were supposed to be.

Well, they've been proven pretty right.

These two characters and their laptop skills on the music and vidoes can't even be hated on and is not totally on some hipster garbage.

While some mixes will give you a bit WTF feeling when hearing them, it would be crazy to say these cats don't have talent at all and don't keep things interesting (and there are some fire remixes up in the joints as well).

Below is their latest mixtape work, The Hood Internet vs. Chicago, mashing up all types of music artists who currently or once called the city home.

Sit back, relax, download and enjoy! Let folks know what you think...

The Hood Internet vs. Chicago Mixtape
Podcast Ready mp3 Download
Track by Track (zip file) Download


1. Intro
2. Pro Nails Forever (Kid Sister vs Walter Meego)
3. Frog Minutes (Shawnna vs LMNOP)
4. Cakeicide (Hollywood Holt vs Prairie Cartel)
5. Juke And Pop (Mic Terror vs Green Velvet)
6. Superbowl Jesus (Kanye West + 1985 Bears vs Wilco)
7. Trenchache (Juice vs Liz Phair)
8. 80s Problems (Tha Basix vs Mahjongg)
9. When Baby Mamas Collide (Qualo vs Chin Up Chin Up)
10. Simple X-plosion (Diverse vs Andrew Bird)
11. Your Love Iz What It Iz (The Cool Kids vs Frankie Knuckles)
12. Sisters Of Chicago-Rillas (Rhymefest vs The Changes)
13. I Ain't That Bowie (Twista vs The Sea And Cake)
14. Hay Electric (Crucial Conflict vs Reds and Blue)
15. Watch My Big Feet Jump (Dude N Nem + Twista vs Office)
16. Ten-Day High (Do Or Die + Kanye West vs Tortoise)
17. Eatchyo Stigmata (Yea Big + Kid Static vs Ministry)
18. Smash That There (Yung Berg vs The Smashing Pumpkins)
19. Stages Of Standby (Psalm One vs Kleenex Girl Wonder)
20. Can You Eat Some More Heavy Fists Of Love? (Kanye West + GLC vs Bumps + Terminal 4 + Big Black)
21. I Used To Love The Blue Line (Common vs Bang! Bang!)
22. I Gotcha Trees (Lupe Fiasco vs May Or May Not)
23. What Chu Like, Old Mare? (Da Brat vs Sleep Out)
24. Kells-Tone For The Painfully In Love (R. Kelly vs Casiotone For The Painfully Alone)

Bonus Video: ABX of The Hood Internet - Tambourine Reckoning [Eve vs. Radiohead]

The Hood Internet Official Website
The Hood Internet Official MySpace Page

Along with his partner Double Dee, Steinski co-produced the series of records known as The Lessons in the 1980s that turnablists, DJs, music producers and just listeners of Hip-Hop and mashups have looked up to since: “The Payoff Mix,” “Lesson 2 (The James Brown Mix),” “Lesson 3 (The History Of Hiphop)” for the Tommy Boy label.

These analog tape cut-and-paste collages of hundreds of samples are still in circulation via lots of bootleg versions (especially due to the fact that in this "Sample Clearence or Die" Music Era, there is next to no way it could be released legally without shelling out extreme amounts of cash) and are acknowledged as being three of the most influential works in the world of Hip-Hop and Dance Music production, whether through inspiring similar works or artists trying to find (and some actually use) the samples that were up in there.

In other words, for you folks who are fans of DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist, mash-ups, etc. - these music works were the foundation of what's good now.

The first "Lesson" record ended up winning a nationwide remix contest sponsored by Tommy Boy Records that was judged by music greats and influencers such as Afrika Bambaataa, Shep Pettibone, Jellybean Benitez and Arthur Baker, and subsequently became a Top 10 request on Black/Urban Radio nationwide.

Since doing "The Lessons" (and due to various reasons, getting next to no compensation from those productions), Steinski has done lots of solo production and music work for everything from the Ninja Tune label (who's owners, the production crew Coldcut were influenced by him, did the famous Rakim "Paid In Full" remix) to scoring for various TV and radio commercials.

A retrospective release of his work has just dropped on the Illegal Art label (release date: May 27, 2008), called What Does It All Mean?: 1983-2006 Retrospective.

Folks should definitely check this CD out in my opinon - the music on there is ridiculously fresh. With the 14 Old School Hip-Hop Era Productions (all 3 of The Lessons are included) and 28 later era tracks, it should at the very least, be interesting to check out as a history lesson to jam to.

Here's some free music to check out and download from Steinski while you're here on

The Lesson #1 (The Payoff Mix) mp3 Download (right click and "save as")
The Lesson #2 (James Brown Mix) mp3 Download (right click and "save as")
The Lesson #3 (History of Hiphop) mp3 Download (right click and "save as")

Give the entire What Does It All Mean?: 1983-2006 Retrospective release a preview listen right here.

Steinski Official Website/Blog
Steinski Official MySpace Page
Illegal Art Official Website
Illegal Art Official MySpace Page

Bonus Video #1: Steinski Performs "The Lessons" Live With Cut Chemist & DJ Shadow (Part 1) * Note - YouTube Won't Me Embed It...Sorry *

Bonus Video #2: Steinski Performs "The Lessons" Live With Cut Chemist & DJ Shadow (Part 2) * Note - YouTube Won't Me Embed It...Sorry *

Bonus Video #3: Steinski Talks About The Origins of "The Lessons"

Direct mp3 Download (right click and "save as")

What's up folks,

Hope you had a good weekend!

Every once in a while, we over here at are going to dig in the vaults and give you a flashback/thowback/old school episode of the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast to checkout, download and enjoy.

Hope you like it! And here goes:

This is an older episode of the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast with DJ Fusion & Jon Judah from the week of September 20, 2006 with some new and classic Hip-Hop & Soul music and commentary as well as a interviews with Andre 3000 of Outkast about the movie Idlewild and some of his latest projects and Hip-Hop MC Ramadan (Deliquent Soundz Records). Folks can check him out at his label's website, Deliquent Soundz, or the personal MySpace page.

Feel free to check out some recent episodes of the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast here on - all of the shows are clean/radio friendly.

FuseBox Radio Playlist for Week of Sept. 21, 2006 (not many due to the interviews; in no particular order)

Lupe Fiasco feat. Jill Scott/Daydreamin'/1st & 15th & Atlantic
Wale Oyejide feat. Jay Dee/There's A War Going On (Hotel Rwanda RMX)/Shaman Work
Zion I & The Grouch feat. Mistah F.A.B./Trains & Planes/Om Hip-Hop
Clan Destined/Plan B/Domination Recordings and VJC Records
Black Ice/Take Your Time/Koch
Jimpster/In An Analogue Way/Kajmere Sound & Freerange Recordings
Blood Raw/Indictment Papers/CTE, Blood Raw Ent. and Def Jam
Sadat X/Million Dolla Deal/Female Fun Records
Jern Eye/Authentic Vintage/NH Records
Ramadan/Beats by Shaheeb & Speed Increase/Deliquent Soundz
Agallah feat. Carl Anthony/Losing My Mind/Babygrande
Apollo Heights/Sab Cabaret/
Lin Que/Breath Spit Don't Step (Ayatollah RMX)/
Billy Cook/1 Room Vacancy/Battiste Muzic Group 1965
Eulorhythmics/L.I.V.E./All Natural Inc.
Lyfe Jennings/Keep Ya Head Up/Sony & Columbia
Inner Circle feat. Damian Marley & Stephen Marley/Smoke/Soundbwoy Ent.
A-Lyricz/She Floats/White Label
Reel People/The Rain/Defected Records
Swordz/Wasteland RMX/904HipHop
Deaf In the Family feat. John Bonhamus & The Turntable Anhilst/The Wizard/Deaf in the Family Recordings
Radio Citizen feat. Bajka/The Hop/Ubiquity
Tre Williams feat. Lauryn Hill/Conversation/Ill Will Records
Outerspace feat. Sheek Louch/You Don't Like Me (Inst.)/Babygrande
Rob Murat/Inside I Cried/
Bob Marley/Natural Mystic Interview/Tuff Gong
Damian Marley feat. Bobby Brown/Beautiful/Tuff Gong & Universal
Gregory Issacs/Jailor, Jailor/White Label
Van McCoy/A Woman Named Moses/MCA
Bob Marley/Stand Alone/Purple Pyramid
Billy Joel/Rosalina's Eyes/Columbia
School Daze Soundtrack/Straight & Nappy/EMI Manhattan
Tito Puente/Hit The Bongo/Mr. Bongo 2000
Jack Costanzo & Gerry Woo/Jive Samba/Mr. Bongo 2000
LaBelle/Space Children/Epic
Henrik Schwartz/Labeille/Ubiquity
Gregory Issacs/Slum Dub Crofs/7 Heads
Steel Pulse/Save Black Music/Elektra
Vanacula/44 4s/FuseBox Media LLC

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Note (5/28/2008): WOW everyone, thanks for maxing out the bandwith for downloading for this old show! I just upgraded our account with Boxstr, so folks should be able to get it again now. The support all of you are giving is wonderful. :)

Direct mp3 Download (right click and "save as")

Direct mp3 Download Backup (right click and "save as")

This is the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast with DJ Fusion & Jon Judah for the week of May 21, 2008 with some new and classic Hip-Hop & Soul music, news and commentary.

This week's commentary was on some new updates on the recent updates on U.S. Presidential Election Primaries, the crazy weather situations all over the world, the U.S. Economy and some other things here and there.

We have a new Black Agenda Report segment on this weeks show but were not able to recieve the latest Direct EFX before the broadcast.

Feel free to check out some recent episodes of the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast here on - all of the shows are clean/radio friendly.

FuseBox Radio Playlist for Week of May 21, 2008 (in no particular order)

Black Milk & Fat Ray/Take Control/Fat Beats
N.E.R.D./Spazz/Star Trak
Umar Bin Hassan of The Last Poets feat. Styles P/Free/Diggin4Brown Records
Bun B/Keep It 100/Rap-A-Lot
DJ K-Salaam & Beatnick feat. Buju Banton & Trey Songz/Street Life/VP Records
Kinfolk Kia Shine/Co-Pilot/White Label (
Jean Grae feat. Busta Rhymes/Love Thirst RMX/Blacksmith & Geffen
Raekwon feat. Ghostface Killah/Necro/Wu Music Group
Lyfe Jennings feat. Snoop Dogg/Old School/Columbia
Mint Condition/Something/Image Entertainment
Myself/Still Ain't Ready (Dedicated to James Brown and J. Dilla)/Couture Music Wear
9th Prince/Tell A Friend/Armyourself Ent.
Estelle/American Boy (NRC Mojo Lady Mix)/NRC Productions
Rick Ross feat. Nelly and Avery Storm/Here I Am/Slip-N-Slide
Nucci Reyo feat. Thia Brown/Born To Make It/Garden State
Shy Thoro feat. Tamira/Baby Boy/
Citty Da Cookie Man/She Wanna Rock/A-Wall Ent. & Slip-N-Slide
RZA as Bobby Digital & Inspectah Deck/U Can't Stop Me Now/Wu Music Group & Koch
Camar/She Just Love The Flava/Slip-N-Slide
Heavy D/Higher/Stride Ent.
Erykah Badu/Honey Is The Answer (DJ Indiana Jones RMX)/White Label (
Lil Key/Man N Da City (inst.)/Basses Loaded Records
Young Bree feat. Killer Mike & Shawty Redd/Check Ya Swagg (inst.)/Drift City Records
Stacks feat. Fat Joe & Trina/That's The Way (inst.)/SOBE Ent.

PLUS Special Extra Tracks in A Secret Jon Judah Master Mix w/ Old School Classics and more Independent Music Finds

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Update (May 27, 2008): Our podcast server is acting up a bit with it's service the past few days (thanks for those who e-mailed me about difficulty in playing it, downloading, etc.), so in case you want to access the show, click either here (way faster download) or here - thanks for understanding.
What's good everyone,

Folks here at and the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast are back again to jump off with some new and classic mixtape posts for y'all for Memorial Day Weekend. :)

This is our weekly section where hits up the people some more some free promotional mixtapes and mixtape podcasts for download that are pretty on point - not just from the FuseBox Radio/ crew, but from all over the place.

To all of my peoples who hit me with hard copies or e-mails of mixtape and mixshow submissions, suggestions, websites and bootleg men (yes, for real, those "hit up so and so for the hot s***" info dropped on me) of various mixtape releases, I thank y'all a lot for supporting this venture.

So your blank CDs ready for these fifteen (yes, 15) joints (going out of town for business this weekend, so not as much this time around) and support the local mixtape bootleg man/mom and pop store, DJ, website, etc.

For my DJs, if you do good mixtapes of Hip-Hop, Soul, Rock, House, Reggae, Classics or are a music artist with your mixtape album out you don't mind having posted as promo on the web, feel free to hit the family up at with a link to your mixtape with cover and tracklisting - hopefully, we'll put your joint up on here in the future.

NOTE (as always):

PLEASE don't send me no B.S. with folks:

A. Yelling loud as hell over the song on some fake DJ Clue/DJ Kay Slay/DJ Khaled/Funkmaster Flex ish and I can't hear the damned song but 10 seconds of it (mics have volume control...thanks)

B. Mixtape "exclusives" that are on the radio - if its dope its dope, don't need the fake labeling

C. Overall wackness

* NOTE - These mixtapes are dirty versions, no radio edits! *

Check The Mixtape Of The Week Archives when you get a chance!

Here goes:

DJ Blast Presents: Old School Cookout Funk. Volume 1


1. Before I Let Go - Frankie Beverly & Maze
2. Heartbeat - Taana Gardner
3. Outstanding - The Gap Band
4. Give The People What They Want - The O'Jays
5. Boogie Oogie- a Taste of Honey
6. Got To Be Real - Cheryl Lynn
7. Shining Star - Earth, Wind & Fire
8. Dazz - The Dazz Band
9. Ectasy - Barry White
10. Bustin' Loose - Chuck Brown
11. Weak At The Knees - Slave
12. Lady Marmalade - Patti Labelle
13. I Wish - Stevie Wonder
14. Keep Gettin' It On - Marvin Gaye
15. Brickhouse - The Commodores
16. Give Up The Funk - Parliament/Funkadelic
17. Dance With Me -Rick James
18. Strange - Cameo

J.Period & Don Cannon Present Skillz: Design Of A Decade - The 90's Mixtape


1. Million Dollar Backpack (Intro)
2. Where I Been
3. Don't Act Like You Don't Know feat. Freeway
4. So Far So good feat. Common and Talib Kweli
5. Sick
6. (For Real) He Don't Own Me
7. My Phone
8. Yeah Ya Know It
9. Hold Tight feat. The Roots
10. Crazy World
11. I'm Gon Make It
12. Be Alright
13. Hip Hop Died
14. Preaching To The Choir

DJ Snake Eyes Presents: 3 Kings


1. Bob Marley - One Love People Get Ready
2. Shabba Ranks - Tralior Load A Girls
3. Beenie Man - Ole Dawg
4. Bob marley - Buffalo Soldier
5. Shabba Ranks - Ting-A-Ling
6. Beenie Man - Let Him Go
7. Bob Marley - Jamming RMX
8. Shabba Ranks - The Jam
9. Beenie Man feat. Wyclef - Love Me Now
10. Bob Marley - Three Little Birds
11. Shabba Ranks - House Call
12. Beenie Man - Girls Dem Sugar
13. Bob Marley - No Woman No Cry RMX (1984)
14. Shabba Ranks - Mr. Loverman
15. Beenie Man - Feel It Boy
16. Bob Marley - Redemption Song
17. Shabba Ranks - Wicked In Bed
18. Beenie Man - Who Am I
19. Bob Marley - I Shot The Sheriff
20. Shabba Ranks - Slow & Sexy
21. Beenie Man - Murderer

The Offical Best of Mariah Carey (Presented by DJ Finesse)


1. Emotions
2. Someday
3. How Much I Love You feat. JD and Usher
4. Sweetheart feat. JD
5. Dream Lover
6. Fantasy RMX feat. O.D.B.
7. Honey RMX feat. The Lox and Mase
8. Break Down feat. Bone Thugs N Harmony
9. Heartbreaker feat. Jay-Z
10. Make It Last Forever feat. Joe and Nas
11. We Belong Together (DJ Clue RMX) feat. Jadakiss and Styles P
12. Shake It O RMX feat. Jay-Z and Young Jeezy
13. It's Like That feat. Jermaine Dupri
14. Say Somethin' feat. Snoop Dogg
15. Don't Forget About Us RMX feat. Bone Thugs N Harmony and Juelz Santana
16. Touch My Body
17. Vision of Love
18. Hero
19. Always Be My Baby
20. One Sweet Day feat. Boyz II Men
21. Butterfly
22. My All
23. We Belong 2gether
24. Bye Bye

DJ Drama & La The Darkman - Notorious L.A.D.


1. Do It Again
2. Glorious Victorious L.A.D.
3. Chop It For Profit
4. Hand On My Glock
5. They Keep Talking
6. Feel My Face
7. Bad Ass Black Boy
8. In Out Of State
9. Dumping The Ruger
10. Throw Ya Sets Up
11. I'm A G
12. Been Around
13. Verbal Intercourse
14. Beneath The Diamonds
15. You Thinking About Me
16. Check
17. Ain't No Fun
18. A Nigga From The Street
19. Rap Kevin Garnett
20. Gangsta Pimp
21. Coogi Down
22. Gangland
23. Lake Michigan
24. George Bush
25. Crack In The Lac
26. I'm Good
27. Untitled
28. Untitled

DJ 2Mello - Undercover RnB: It's My Time Now
Login: blackradio
Password: abc123


1. One Chance - The Hood
2. R. Kelly - Kiss Your Candy
3. Q Amey - Just How You Want It
4. Amerie - Crazy Wonderful
5. Colby Odonis - Second Glance
6. Shareefa feat. Jadakiss - On Fire
7. Lloyd - Can't Get Over You
8. Mahagani feat. The Game - DJ 2008 (RMX)
9. Missy Elliot feat. Kid Capri & Precious - Ching A Ling (RMX) (RIP CITY!!)
10. Janet Jackson feat. Missy Elliot - The One
11. MTB4 - Got Me Going
12. Nivea - I Might
13. Mario Winans - New Friends
14. Tyra B feat. Soulja Boy - Get It Poppin
15. Mona Lisa - Reckless
16. Megan Rochelle - Hands In The Air
17. Mary J. Blige - Stay Down
18. Ray L - What's Cooking
19. One Chance - Just Like
20. Casely feat. Flo-Rida - Emotional (RMX)
21. Nivea ft. T-Pain - Ask For It

Phatmike Presents: The Crates 3
Login: blackradio
Password: abc123


1. The Luniz - I Got 5 On It
2. Group Home - The Realness
3. Jeru The Damaja - Come Clean
4. Blahzay Blahzay - Danger
5. Nas - The World Is Yours (Q-Tip RMX)
6. The Lost Boyz - Me & My Crazy World
7. LL Cool J - I'm Bad
8. Let Me Be The One Intro
9. Audio Two - Top Billin
10. Westside Connection - Bow Down
11. Grand Daddy I.U. - Sugar Free
12. Eazy E - Radio
13. Black Sheep - Flavor Of The Month
14. Redman - Blow Your Mind
15. De La Soul - Breakadawn
16. Ralph Tresvant - Sensitivity
17. Onyx - Slam
18. Bobby Brown - Every Little Step
19. Joe - I'm In Luv
20. Das EFX - They Want EFX
21. Eric B & Rakim - Paid In Full
22. Diamond D - Best Kept Secret
23. Salt-N-Pepa - Independant
24. Mary J Blige - You Bring Me Joy
25. N.W.A. - If It Ain't Ruff
26. LL Cool J - Mama Said Knock You Out
27. Black Sheep - The Choice Is Yours
28. Black Girl - 90's Girl
29. Soul For Real - Every Little Thing You Do
30. Cypress Hill - How I Could Just Kill A Man
31. 3X Dope - Greatest Man Alive
32. Eric B & Rakim - I Ain't No Joke
33. Ice Cube - Jackin For Beats

SYGU and Trackstar the DJ present: Boogie Bang - Teese Edition


1. Gil Scott-Heron - Home is Where the Hatred Is
2. Mos Def - Brown Sugar (Fine)
3. The Roots/Chrisette Michelle/Wale - Rising Up
4. Cee-Lo/Jack Splash - Right Now
5. Erykah Badu - Soldier
6. Common Sense - Funky for You
7. John Legend - Refuge (When it'd Cold Outside)
8. Coultrain - Lost in Translation
9. D'Angelo - Me and Those Dreamin Eyes of Mine
10. Dwele - Flywun
11. Tony Williams - Dreamin of Your Love
12. Donny Hathaway - Little Ghetto Boy
13. Jay-Z - Dear Summer
14. Pete Rock/CL Smooth - Lots of Lovin
15. O.C. - Stronjay
16. Method Man/D'Angelo - Break Ups to Make Ups
17. Stephen Marley/Mos Def - Hey Baby
18. DJ Krush/Monday Michuru - Keeping the Motion
19. Latyrx - Lady Don't Tek No
20. Koffee Brown - After Party
21. Al Green - You Oughta Be With Me
22. Main Ingredient - Prove My Love to You
23. Heavy - She Who Knows

DJ Chuck T Presents: Battle For Supremacy (UGK Vs. Outkast)


1. UGK - The Story
2. UGK - Pocket Full Of Stones
3. UGK - Front. Back and Side to Side
4. UGK - International Playas Anthem
5. UGK - Belts To Match
6. UGK - Diamonds & Wood
7. UGK - Tell Me Something Good
8. UGK - One Day You're Here
9. UGK - Da Game Belongs To Me
10. UGK - Get Throwed
11. UGK - Let Me See It
12. UGK - Choppin' Blades
13. UGK - Big Pimpin'
14. UGK feat. Outkast - International Playaz Anthem
15. Outkast - Southernplayalistic
16. Outkast feat. Lil Wayne & Snoop Dogg - Hollywood divorce
17. Outkast feat. Raekwon- Skew It On The Barbee
18. Outkast - Jazzy belle
19. Outkast - Ms. Jackson
20. Outkast - I Like The Way You Move
21. Outkast - So Fresh So Clean
22. Outkast - Playaz Ball
23. Outkast - Two Dope Boyz In A Cadilliac
24. Outkast - Elevators (Me and You)
25. Outkast - Rosa Parks
26. Outkast feat. Killer Mike- The Whole World

Wordsmith & The Nu Revolution Camp Present: Revolt Radio (Hosted By Black Knight)- Week 6
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DJ Dublee's Singles Symposium:
1. (Exclusive) EPMD - Run It
2. (Exclusive) Ice Cube - It Takes a Nation
3. (Exclusive) LL Cool J - The 5 Boroughs Is Back Feat. Method Man, Jim Jones, KRS-One & Lil Kim
4. (Exclusive) Jadakiss - From Now Til Then
5. (Exclusive) Wordsmith - Park & Ride
6. (Exclusive) Game Feat. Keyshia Cole - Pain
7. (Exclusive) Wordsmith - Special Request
8. (Exclusive) Kayo - Live From Belgium
9. (Exclusive) Kidz in the Hall - Drivin Down the Block Remix F. Pusha T, Bun B & The Cool Kids
10. (Exclusive) Stat Quo - Double Bubble
11. (Exclusive) Nas - Be a Nigger Too

DJ Dublee's Unsigned Mix Show:
Unsigned: All-Biz - New York Representer
Unsigned: Pic Vicious - Pow Wow
Unsigned: RhymeZwell - Eye Dream
Unsigned: St.Laz Feat. Rahsun-My Reason for Living
Unsigned: Stuey Rock - Disco Maniac
Unsigned: All-Biz-You Hustle
Unsigned: Pro & Reg-A Pro
Unsigned: Kontact - U
Unsigned: Black Knight - Life Goes On
Unsigned Exclusive: Pacific Division - Taste
Unsigned: Man-U-ILL - Go Crazy
Unsigned: Wordsmith Feat. Kontact & Black Knight - Word's Signing Day Freestyle
Unsigned: St. Laz Feat. Opium - Give it Up
Unsigned: Black Knight - In Due Time
Unsigned: Kontact & SoL - Zone Out

Vinyl Sundays Radio Show

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Eddie Kendricks - Intimate Friends
Roy Ayers - Keep On Walking
Donald Byrd - Night Whistler
Funkadelic - Be What You Is
The Upsetters - Blackboard Jungle
Sly And The Family Stone - Remember Who You Are
The Whole Darn Family - Seven Minutes Of Funk
EPMD - It's My Thing
Roy Ayers - Life Is Just A Moment
James Mason - Sweet Power You Embrace
The Equals - Funky Like A Train
Jimmy Castor - Hey, Leroy, Your Mama's Callin' You
Exile One - Funkie Crookie
Marva Whitney - Daddy Don't Know About Sugar Bear
Maceo & The Macks - Soul Power '74
Vicki Anderson - Answer To Mother Popcorn
James Brown - She's The One
Black Science Orchestra - Bonus Beats
Patti Jo - Make Me Believe In You
Curtis Mayfield - Get Down
Horace Ott - Gordon's War
Spanky - Sunshine Of Your Love
Steve Winwood - I'm A Man
Fred Wesley & The J.B.'S - Blow Your Head (undubbed vers.)
Rueben Wilson - Got To Get Your Own
Herbie Hancock - Wiggle Waggle

Oscar P - Open Bar Beatport Top Tunez, Part 2

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1. Nick Holder - Swimming - NRK
2. Sasha Alazy feat. MEL - In My Mind - Christian Scott Mix - Ospina Digital
3. Osunlade f/ Divine Essence - My Reflection - Manoo Stella Mix - Strictly Rhythm
4. Momento-Blaze feat Palmer Brown - My Beat - CDR
5. Evissa - Club Mix - Vinyl Pusher Australia
6. Andrew Chibale - Better Days - Next Dimension Music
7. Benji Candelario - Vincent Kwok f/ Leedia - Quiero Saber - BC Club - Transitori
8. Oscar P vs Marco Petralia - Don't Stop - Groove Junkies Dub - Open Bar
9. Dj Phenix - Let The Music Play - Phenix Music
10. Funkerman - Speed Up - Original - Vinylpusher/Defected
11. Planet Soul - Set U Free - Barrattn Falconiados Mix - Strictly Rhythm

DJ XTC & Bavu Blakes - Up South ('08 Is So Great)

1. Black Gold
2. Go Blaze
3. Star Plairs feat. Element7D
4. Extra Plair (remix)
5. Smiley Faces feat. Pikahsso
6. Southern Man (Deaf In The family RMX)
7. Who Knows
8. Drop It Girl - Lead Us not
9. Take it From Me feat. Dos
10. My Sacrifice RMX feat. Hot Rod
11. Spit Like Me
12. Back In The Booth Flow
13. Up South
14. To Me Mum feat. PPT & T.R.R.E of Mojoe
15. God Have Mercy feat. Black Mike
16. Instant Classic feat. Headkrack & Young Nick
17. Honey Flow feat. Rochelle Terrell
18. Intoxicated Flow
19. '08 is So Great Fleaux
20. God Ain't Late feat Kiotti, Da Ryno & Latasha
21. Play The Roll

World Passport - Ejeka Jo (No. 6)
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1. Emperor Pick Peters - Omo Ode De
2. King Sunny Ade - Mafowo Segberaga
3. Dele Ojo & His Star Brothers Band - Oja Omoba
4. I.K. Dairo - Okin Omo Ni
5. Chief Aderala Arun Raleoje Oba and His Adamo Group - Yoruba Medly
6. King Sunny Ade and His African Beats - Bombibele Horojo
7. Chief Ebenezer Obey and His Inter-Reformers Band - Eyi Yato Elere Ni Wa

J. Rocwell and Mike Waxx - The Diary


1. Intro
2. Interlude
3. 4 Minutes
4. Rock Your Body
5. Truth (feat. Freddy Crooks)
6. They Aint Gon Let Up
7. Playa Roc
8. Superbad Interlude
9. What It Is
10. Mike Waxx Speaks
11. One Way Street
12. Careless Whispers
13. Interlude 2
14. Superstar
15. No Problem
16. Zude
17. Do Me Baby
18. Interlude 3
19. NY Dreams (feat. Arlis Michaels)
20. Lets Get Fucked Up
21. Purple Rain
22. Fiesta
23. Outro
24. BONUS: Touch My Body [Remix] (feat. Mariah Carey)