According to Jermaine Jackson, The Jackson 5 are going to reform with all of the original members to perform and tour in 2008.

* crickets *

I truly hope all goes well if this really jumps off, but something just screams "Hot Mess" and "I Need Attention" all over this thing.

It would be great to be surprised and have all of these folks sell out and put on a great show, but personally, their collective heyday ended around the early 1980s and we don't want to have a Bobby Brown wacked out live performance scenario times 5 go down or a Supremes Meltdown.

While The Jackson Family are pretty much known for being gossip fodder for crazy gear, crazy coupling, financial distress, kiddie issues, etc. at the present, they did put out a great deal of classic and good music as a group and as solo artists (with youngest member Michael Jackson of course, being the most famous of the Jackson 5).

Here we go with some videos of my favorite tracks by the Jackson 5:

Jackson 5 - Blame It On The Boogie

Jackson 5 - Medley Live on the Carol Burnett Show (1970s)

Jackson 5 - Can You Feel It

Jackson 5 Motown Records Website
Jackson 5 Wikipedia Listing
Jackson 5 Fan Club Official Website

World AIDS Day is Tomorrow.

Remember that this disease is still a serious thing regardless of the drugs that are out to extended life for those infected with HIV.

On some real talk, if you're having sex - regardless of how long you've dealt with some, if you're married, think they're clean, etc. - you're still open to getting AIDS and having your life permanently changed.

PLEASE use protection and get tested for HIV on a regular basis.

This disease affects everyone all over the world, especially Communities of Color drastically - much less if you don't have the income and/or resources for the current medication that is currently out.

And let's not even think about the children who are affected by this - newly born, those sexually abused, etc.

Here are some links below for folks to check out on AIDS, its history & what it is, how to get tested, some searches for locating free testing, etc.

AIDS History - Reading, Pictures & Videos

National (U.S.) HIV Testing Resources (search by location, free testing, different types of tesing, etc.)

World AIDS Day: Putting a Human Face on the Numbers

Black AIDS Institute

World AIDS Campaign

UNAIDS: The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS

Some AIDS Position Papers

AIDS Action Council Statement on World AIDS Day 2007: Leadership Needed for a National Strategy to Stop the AIDS Epidemic

AIDS Around The World - Global Issues

Microscopic Lynching: AIDS and The Black Community

HIV Epidemic in D.C. Black Community

BET Rap It Up Campaign

Due to life in general being a bit hectic the past few days and weeks, I've been a bit behind posting up pictures of some past events for that folks have been at - for that, I apologize.

Below is a slideshow of some pictures taken by myself for and an opinon of the events that took place while in Washington, DC for the "Stop Hate Crimes and Police Violence" rally and concert that was held on November 17, 2007 by the Hip Hop Caucus and a collective of various organizations at the Washington Monument.

The event was held to protest and raise awareness against Police Brutality, Hate Crimes and how the U.S. justice system handles various situations regarding race in general.

There were speeches by local and national community activists, family members who were directly affected by police brutality and various performances throughout the day.

I feel that this postive, down-to-earth (since we know sometimes that folks can get "siddity" at some of these things), well attended event was given the short shift in regards recieving any in-depth media coverage, especially compared to the previous day's march with Rev. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, etc. with the National Action Network.

Even doing a Google News Search only came up with so much - some of the good entries that were acutally about this event follows (unsurprisingly, from Independent Media sources):

Democracy Now
DC IndyMedia

I do know that CNN did a live feed of the event on their website during the day...but "mainstream" media wise (besides talking to an uninterested Fox News cameraman while setting up at the beginning of the rally), not too many representives were out to see what was happening.

Personally, I think the coverage skewed hard in this direction for three reasons:

1. Young People of Color Not Acting Up Apparently Makes Poor Television

I was at the event from folks setting up at the Washington Monument from 10 am in the morning until the last speakers and acts came on around 6:30 pm. Besides some people being loud and popping off the mouth a bit rowdy around the night time for a brief period, nothing at all happened.

No riots, no reason for the police (who were there HEAVY both visible and undercover) to crack someone upside the head, little "inappropriate language" for the new wave of the "anti-Hip-Hop Brigades" (a.k.a. "anti-Young People of Color Below 35 Years Old 99% Of The Time Crew") to protest about, etc.

All types of music was played during the concert - Latin Rock, Spoken Word, Hip-Hop, DC Go-Go (which for some in the DC Metropolitian area, also spells trouble like Hip-Hop Music and Culture) and so forth with the audience feeling the vibe, getting their dance or head nod on and everything else that comes with that.

When Hip-Hop Culture and Music Artists are getting blamed for the U.S. Dollar falling to the Euro, the N-Word being spread to the masses and damaging Black People on the daily (even though they made up the term in the first place, regardless of how you feel about the word) and the end of civilization itself for being materialistic and about getting money (since we know Rock & Roll folks are NEVER that way * rolls eyes *), you would think that a group of young People of Color NOT acting the a** (along with some other folks of different age ranges) would be front page news.

Nope, Nope and Nope.

The message that is being put out to people in general is:

No Stereotype = No Text or TV or 'Tention (yes, I know I am streching it with abbreviating attention) for you.

Black People and other People of Color in general get the bad end of things in media portrayals (the NBC Series on Black Women is pretty much depressing seperatist garbage, especially the one on Black Women and Relationships), but it almost seems like that scenario is worse when you actually are trying to be about something period.

Just because this has been happening pretty much since Black People's ancestors being led off the Middle Passage boats to the Americas and Islands to slavery, I'm not surprised - just still a wee bit idealistic enough to be disappointed.

2. No Media-Anointed "Black Leaders" Were There

Now before I hop on my Bath & Body Works soapbox and probably make somebody upset, let me say that I do have respect for those of the Civil Rights Movement and the progress that said movement has been made for Black People and other People of Color in the United States (and its influence for creating change worldwide).

But let's be real and face facts:

* The ball was dropped mighty hard around the 1970s and 1980s by a significant amount of the Civil Rights Movment generation.

I think this was partially due to fear (understandable on varying levels), getting tired (of either fighting or the personal problems things may have caused) or being happy to culturally assimilate and dumping the Black or Brown Pride thing to the side for a check and to "get along".

Some members of the Civil Rights Movement who left their children and grandchildren high and dry ideologically have the nerve to wonder why some things are they way they are at the present and personally, that's annoys the hell out of me.

Remember, all children learn from their elders in some way, shape or form - whether its within the family and home, the streets or through mainstream media sources.

After all, what 20 - 40 year old that you know about off the top of your head owns a major distrubtion TV, Music, Movie or Radio group of companies like a FOX News, MSNBC - Microsoft & NBC together, Universal, etc. that distributes some form of Hip-Hop culture?

That's right - NONE.

Those negative images that folks complain about (and there are some - a sista is not blind or naive) are put out there by your elders of whatever ethnic background.

Ponder that for a minute before whining about Hip-Hop Generation folks putting out crazy ideas - they historically came from somewhere and are being supported by those who are higher up.

* In anything, there are always hustlers, fakes and undercover jakes jockeying for a spot - and that includes the realm of activism.

While are are still those who I feel are truly for the advancement of People of Color and Humanity in general of all ages, there are those who are also using any form of the Civil Rights Movement as another hustle to get by or a way to get popular.

I think this is a bit more in open now in the day of the Internet and 24 Hour News Cycles with channels like CNN, MSNBC, BBC News, Fox News, etc.

Any form of Media is nothing without something to feed on or information to put out.

And with "minority issues", especially with Black People in the United States, instead of trying to actually finding lots of people to get opinons from - music artists, community activists, politicans, etc. - there is a select amount of people where no matter what happens, seems like they are ALWAYS reached out to:

Old School

1. Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr.
2. Rev. Al Sharpton

New-er School

3. Michael Eric Dyson
4. Tavis Smiley
5. Michael Baisden
6. Dr. Cornel West

Apologizing or talking to any of the folks above, does NOT mean you get a free pass or special insight to the entire Black Nation, I'm sorry.

Now, these folks have their own good and bad sides to them, but are they the ONLY people out there for these news channels who know or can talk intelligently about Black People?

I think not.

Being a TV talking head is becoming a very lucrative prospect and some who never or rarely touched on Black American issues are all of the sudden trying to jump in the fray, and not because of legitimate "I've changed my ways" reasons (see #5).

And please, let's not even get into people who are brought on who are random and/or ignorant seeming as hell to talk about serious issues just because the marketing budget is low.


3. Black Generation Communication & Participation Gap

I don't know the behind the scenes planning on this event, so maybe I'm a bit wrong on this statement in advance.

Why on earth did the National Action Network not try to aid or assist the Hip-Hop Caucus with rounding up young people and others in general to the rally AFTER the Friday march around the Department of Justice, especially since the issues being talked about were the same?

Can you imagine the impact that a huge turnout like Friday's march carrying over in momentum the next day?

It would have been crazy.

Maybe everyone wanted the events to stand on their own two feet for whatever reasons (logistics, worry, the fear of stereotypes coming true, egos, etc.).

But on the real, it was a lot of extra potential sort of wasted not having the old and young really unite on something important and believe in each other.

The lack of faith of the old guard and the new in each other's work ethics, common sense and wanting to make things right is utterly sickening, especially in the realm of activism.

When you hear someone of color your mother's age (for me, mid-50s) ask you, "Do you think young people will really come to this event and not act up?" in a dead serious tone when the things that people are protesting about are currently affecting those 35 and below the most (Jena 6, the West Virginia case of torture, etc.), there is a serious issue and disregard to what's going on.

At the end of the day, I think all this proves is that people need to take things in their own hands in terms of getting the word out there - while the internet is still free, folks can check out things like blogs, YouTube, MySpace, etc. to find other sourcees to find out things that are really going on and hopefully from the ground up, make a difference.

I will update the links of the various organizations and folks I ran into at the event later on tonight...

This picture confuses me for some reason....

* dead at the porno cover not even giving the dude props like that and calling an R&B cat a "Hip-Hop Star"*

Ever since that entire porno deal w/ that Kardashian broad, Ray J is doing everything I guess to keep his status up from the old school "Oh, that's Brandy's Little Brother" steez to being whatever definition of "grown man" is jumping off these days.

Whatever is clever to me - people can do whatever music they like as long as its decent and folks don't act like too much the a**.

The e-mail I recieved says this is "Ray J: Raw and Uncut".

* crickets *

There are plenty of bad jokes I can make, but now is not the time.

I'm just going to drop these music joints on folks and ask you what ya think since they're supposed to be on some heavy hitter mixtape DJs (DJ Kay Slay, DJ Fade & DJ Artillery) upcoming tapes soon.

I honestly haven't listened them yet and probably won't anytime soon - what do y'all honestly think of the music?

Do I have a reason to try and/or be pleasantly surprised or is this mp3 Recycle Bin material?

Ray J - No Porno S***

Ray J - Snakes in the Grass

Bonus Video with Ray J During Slightly More Innocent, Less Porn-y Times:
Ray J feat. Lil Kim and Pharrell - Wait A Minute

I got this from the Playhata folks...lots of real talk on here from artist, musician and true-to-life activist and fighter Harry Belafonte:

Davey D Article on Harry Belafonte

Harry Belafonte Breakdown FM Interview

Harry Belafonte Wikipedia Listing

Breakdown FM MySpace Page

Bonus Video #1: Harry Belafonte - Martin Luther King Song (at tribute in 1999)

Bonus Video #2: Harry Belafonte & Dinah Shore Sing For 1960s Peace Corp Tribute

Feds Hiding Trillions in Debt? - MSNBC

Insecurity Cameras: Reasons for Privacy Advocates To Be Alarmed At Growth of Security Technology - The Nation

U.N.: Tasers Are A Form Of Torture - CBS News

Race-Baiting on the Ballot - The American Prospect

Don Imus: I Ain't Forgivin' and Forgettin' – The Dec 3rd ‘Moment of Silence’ - Black Agenda Report

Has Anyone Heard Darfur Mentioned in the Presidential Debates? Or In Congress? - Village Voice

Redskins Fans, Friends of Sean Taylor Express Shock, Sadness at the Loss of ‘A Huge Life’ - Black America Web

Japan Ethnic Group Adopts Hip-Hop to Boost Cultural Awareness - Yahoo

U.S. Military Recruiters Target Black Youth Due to Earlier Declines - Final Call

Commentary: Why Oprah Endorsement Won't Help Out Obama - Time Magazine

Commentary: Colleges Block Black Coaches Out ... Again - CNN

Commentary: NBC News To Black Women: It Sucks To Be You - Average Bro

SMH: Older White Women Join Kenya's Sex Tourists - Reuters Canada

Dumb A** Award Of The Year: Man Tries to Deposit Fake 1 Million Dollar Bill In Bank - NY Post

Usher and His Lady Bring in A New Baby Boy - A Hot Mess

Trifling Hair Dresser Leaks Donda West's Voicemail Talking About Plastic Surgery - Bossip

Star & Buc Wild Return To NYC Radio - SOHH

Foxy Brown Calms Down Enough to Get Out Of Solitary Confinement at Rikers - Rhymes With Snitch

Transvesties Wile Out And Have A Fight At McDonalds, Get Arrested - Crunk + Disorderly

Cash Money CEO's Busted With Weed, Guns -

Hello Kitty Should Not Be Saying Hello Around This Area - Oh Hell Nawl
What's good everyone,

Here is another week where I'm hitting up the people some more some free promotional mixtapes and mixtape podcasts for download that are pretty on point - not just from the FuseBox Radio/ crew, but from all over the place.

I have gone through a lot of e-mails of submissions, websites and bootleg men this week digging for mixtape releases (thanks to everyone for that) and luckily have a few new quality joints for the people.

We already posted up the Mick Boogie & Busta Rhymes Dillagence J. Dilla Mixtape project, but we're still going to run with our usual 5 mixtapes a week for y'all folks.

Get your blank CDs ready and support the local mixtape (well, I guess mix CD now in this technological age and whatnot - haven't seen an actual cassette tape with a mix in over 10 years) bootleg man/mom and pop store, website, etc.

For my DJs, if you do good Hip-Hop, Soul, Rock, House, Reggae, Classics, etc. mixtapes or are an artist with your mixtape album out you don't mind having posted as promo on the web, feel free to hit the family up at with a link to your mixtape with cover and tracklisting - hopefully, we'll put your joint up on here.


PLEASE don't send me no B.S. with folks:

A. Yelling loud as hell over the song on some fake DJ Clue/DJ Kay Slay/DJ Khaled/Funkmaster Flex ish and I can't hear the damned song but 10 seconds of it (mics have volume control...thanks)

B. Mixtape "exclusives" that are on the radio - if its dope its dope, don't need the fake labeling

C. Overall wackness

* NOTE - These mixtapes are dirty versions, no radio edits! *

Here goes:

DJ Premier - Crooklyn Cuts - Tape B (Disc 2):
Shouts to Killah Beast's Blog at for this joint!

A1. Greg Tate - What Is Hip Hop?
A2. G-Depp - Head Over Wheels
A3. Jay-Z - Regrets
A4. Children Of The Corn - American Dream
A5. Trybal Man - Money To Make
A6. Adaglo - The Obvious Joint
A7. J-Force - For All Those
A8. La The Darkman - I Want It All
A9. The Roots Vs. Scratch
B1. Common - The Bitch In You
B2. OutKast - Elevators
B3. Lord Finesse - Check The Method
B4. Jeru The Damaja - How I'm Lvin
B5. Dead Poets Society - Lick A Shot
B6. Heltah Skeltah - Therapy
B7. Dutchmin - Get Ya Swerve On
B8. Heather B & M.O.P. - My Kinda Nigga
B9. Paula Perry & Que 45 - Get A Grip Mutha...
B10. M.O.P. - New Jack City

DJ Graffiti - Killin' The Game


1. Buff1 - Exclusive
2. DJ Graffiti - Intro
3. Devin The Dude feat. Andre 3000 - What a Job
4. Youngbloods feat. Big Boi - 85
5. Betty Wright - Girls Can't Do What The Guys Do
6. Eternia feat. Torae & Ms. Davis - Nowhere No More
7. Mighty Jai - One Time
8. Talib Kweli feat. Norah Jones - Soon The New Day
9. Boot Camp Clik - I Need More (prod. 9th Wonder)
10. Mr. Wrong aka Bareda ft. L'Renee - Never Say Never
11. Raekwon presents Ice Water feat. Method Man - Love Don't Cost (A Thing)
12. Fat Joe - Say Word
13. Magestik Legend - Baby Girl (prod. Nick Speed)
14. 9th Wonder feat. Keisha Shontelle & Chaundon - Sunday
15. Lords Of The Underground - Faith
16. Saigon feat. Swizz Beatz - Come On Baby (Recall)
17. Phat Kat feat. Guilty Simpson - Nightmare (prod. Nick Speed)
18. Skyzoo - The Paper
19. Percee P feat. Vinnie Paz & Guilty Simpson - Watch Your Step (prod. Madlib)
20. The Regiment feat. Finale - It's On
21. Styles P ft. Jadakiss - How We Live (prod. Havoc)
22. Silent Knight feat. Tiffany Paige - Verbal Assault
23. Strange Fruit Project - The Feeling (prod. Black Milk)
24. Common - Nag Champa (prod. J Dilla)
25. Mims - Where I Belong
26. Gangstarr - Moment of Truth
27. Chrisette Michele - Let's Rock
28. Camp Lo - Black Hollywood (prod. Ski Beatz)
29. The One - Pistol Whipped (Remix)
30. Havoc - Be There
31. 14 KT - Make Me Smile Again
32. Hezekiah ft. Bilal - Looking Up
33. Othello ft. D-Minor - Sillhouette
34. PPP feat. J Dilla - Shotgun
35. Black Milk - Danger (Interlude)
36. Now On - 15 (prod. House Shoes)
37. Cy Young - Down 2 Do It
38. Chaka Khan feat. Mary J. Blige - Disrespectful
39. Pharoahe Monch - Welcome to the Terrordome
40. DJ Graffiti - Outro

All Natural Inc. and The Hip-Hop Project Present Rita J. - Ms. Jackson (mixed by Roper of The HipHop Project)


1. A Few Words from Mr. Greenweedz
2. Nope
3. Blow the Spot
4. Introduction
5. Virgo (DJ Spinna RMX)
6. The Warm Up (inst.)
7. Simple Words
8. Body Rock
9. Think Twice
10. Dreamin’
11. Cha, Cha, Cha
12. Love It
13. Ms. Fat Booty
14. Dreams & Aspirations
15. Good Life
16. Real Quick
17. Let’s Go!
18. Have A Good Day – A Few Words from Tone B. Nimble
19. The Address

Vandalyzm (Hall of Justus) & DJ Trackstar -The Megatron Majorz Sampler

1) Al Green Intro
2) Hands High (produced by Vandalyzm)
3) Click Clack (produced by Swiff D)
4) Studio Gangstas Freestyle
5) Verbal Vandalyzm (produced by Vandalyzm)
6) Last Time feat. Royce tha 5'9 (produced by 9th Wonder)
---Khrysis Drop
7) Game On Lock (produced by Khrysis)
8) Proceed Freestyle (produced by J Dilla RIP)
9) Make It First Freestyle (produced by J Dilla RIP)
10) Ol' Girl (produced by Vandalyzm)
---Notorious B.U.M. Interlude
11) Get My Shit Off (produced by J Dilla RIP)
12) Gotta Be Karim- When You See Me (produced by Vandalyzm)
13) Yes Sir (produced by Flying Lotus)
14) One Eleven Freestyle (produced by J Dilla RIP) ---Chaundon Drop
15) Where I'm From RMX (produced by Khrysis and Vandalyzm)
16) Charity Case (produced by Vandalyzm)
17) Break 'Em Down (produced by Swiff D)
18) Trickin' (produced by Vandalyzm)
19) Outro (I'm Your New Stepfather)

Ike Dola & DJ Kleptic - Dope Illustrated

1. Intro
2. Hood Rippa feat. Big Steve
3. Life’s A B**** feat. Big Steve
4. Gopha feat. Hully Myro & P-Cydal
5. Gig On ‘Em
6. Block Party feat. Justo
7. While It’s Hot feat. Big Steve
8. In A B**** Mind
9. Lean Smash feat. Bra-Heff & Hully Myro
10. F*** Wit It feat. Gotti Savage & Justo
11. Ice Like Dice feat. J Da Man & Big Steve
12. No Sleep feat. Shady Nate & Hully Myro
13. D*** Suckin & F***in
14. Do The Damn Thang
15. Ballin'
16. The Afterparty feat. Kountree & E.F. Holla
17. Back 2 Back feat. Big Tiff
18. Drippin Like Goo feat. A-1
19. Still Lit feat. A-1 & E-Mac Projects
20. Diamonds On My Chain feat. Justo, Hully Myro
21. Promenthazine feat. Ray Villa, Devin, Big Steve & Ray Rydah
22. 36 Bar Soup feat. Ray Rydah, J Da Man, Davo, Hully Myro, Big Thump, Sweets, Ray Villa, Devin & Tuff McGruff
23. Outro

Here is the tribute mixtape for Hip-Hop producer J. Dilla from DJ Mick Boogie and Busta Rhymes...enjoy!

Mick Boogie Presents Dillagence: Busta Rhymes + J. Dilla Mixtape Download


1) Words From Ma Dukes
2) Dillagence (produced by DJ Spinna)
3) Takin What’s Mine
4) Step Up
5) The Conversation feat. Talib Kweli
6) Code of the Streets feat. MOP
7) Lightworks feat. Q-Tip and Talib Kweli
8) Baggage Handlers feat. Raekwon
9) How We Roll
10) Best That Ever Did It feat. Rah Digga
11) Psycho feat. Cassidy and Papoose
12) The Range feat. Rah Digga
13) Not Right Now
14) Other Side Of The Road
15) Who Tryin To Kill You
16) High
17) Dillagence Outro

R.I.P. Jay Dee aka J. Dilla for your contributions to Hip-Hop on the real.

J. Dilla MySpace
J. Dilla Wikipedia Listing
Stones Throw Records J. Dilla Page
DJ Mick Boogie Website

Bonus Video #1: J. Dilla - Nothing Like This

Bonus Video #2: Medaphoar feat. J-Dilla - Push

Here are a few videos from some of the Rawkus 50, a group of artists who are doing releases through and in conjunction with the new verison of the famed Rawkus underground/independent Hip-Hop music label.

What do y'all think of the music? I've played music from these folks throughout the years with the FuseBox Radio Broadcast and personally dig all of them.

Here is a sampler of some extra full length Rawkus 50 music and artists to download.

Dynas - Figure It Out

L.E.G.A.C.Y. - Bang

Protoman feat. DJ Immortal - Wake-Up

6th Sense - I Wanna Tell Ya

The Rawkus Network Website
Rawkus 50 Website - Check Out All of The Artists and Their Music!

Here is the sampler to Hip-Hop producer Nicolay's upcoming album, Time:Line, dropping in February 2008 on his own label, Nicolay Music Recordings.

I liked his production work with the Foriegn Exchange project and am curious to see what's good with this release when it drops.

Plus, if nothing else, the instrumentals should be fire to chill out to, remix with, etc.

Click here, download the sampler and enjoy!

Sampler Tracklisting:

1. Time:Line (snippet)
2. Blizzard featuring Toby Hill of Soulfruit (snippet)
3. Grand Theft Auto (snippet)
4. Tight Eyes feat. Oh No and The Luv Bugz (snippet)
5. The Lights feat. Myth & S1 and Nicole Hurst (snippet)
6. Through The Wind feat. Stokley Williams (snippet)
7. The Gunshot feat. Chip Fu (snippet)

Full Album Tracklisting:

1. Time:Line
2. Blizzard featuring Toby Hill of Soulfruit
3. The Lights featuring Myth & S1 of Strange Fruit Project and Nicole Hurst
4. Through The Wind featuring Stokley Williams of Mint Condition
5. What We Live
6. I've Seen River
7. Tight Eyes featuring Oh No and The Luv Bugz
8. As The Wheel Turns
9. The Gunshot featuring Chip Fu of Fu Schnickens)
10. Grand Theft Auto
11. When You Die
12. Dancing With The Stars featuring Soulfruit

Nicolay Website
Nicolay MySpace Page

Latasha Norman (main, big picture)

Through Black America Web and Oh Hell Nawl, was where I first found out this information about missing Jackson State University student, Latasha Norman.

It's sad that I'm at the point that I feel no surprise about coverage of Black Women in the United States, much less all over the world period (positive or negative scenarios) getting little to no mainstream airtime on regular or cable television.

I know that people come up missing on a constant basis and it is a deep tragedy overall when these things occur period, but its almost by the book now to have breathless back-to-back coverage of when a young, white, (usually) blond woman goes missing (see Natalee Holloway) but anything crazy that happens to People of Color, much less Black People, gets the short shrift unless the spotlight is shown on people (see Hurricane Katrina inefficency and supposed "Third World" offering up help faster then the U.S. was giving it).

It feels as though the only thing less cared about in U.S. Society than a Black Man is the Black Woman (unless you get the coveted "Non-Threatening Negro and/or Who Will Destroy Their Own Community for A Shiny Chain and A Biscut" award).

You KNOWit is bad when a white representative of law enforcement owns up to this young sis not getting any media play about her situation because she's Black:

Why does one missing woman get all the attention while another woman's story becomes a buried headline?

Jackson, Miss., Police Chief Malcolm McMillin, who has been heading a search over the past eight days for 20-year-old Latasha Norman, thinks he knows one reason why.

"As far as the interest by the national media in the story, I think race probably had an impact," the police chief said.
(italized by editor of

Norman, who is an honors student at Jackson State University, is black.

"It's a small college in the South. It's the daughter of simple people who maybe are not important outside of their circle, and maybe we don't attach the same importance to them that we do for other people," said McMillin, who is white.

The chief contrasted the lack of publicity over the Norman search to the widespread coverage of Stacy Peterson's disappearance. Peterson, who is white, is the 23-year-old wife of former Illinois cop Drew Peterson who vanished in late October. The media glare on the Peterson case has prompted police to reopen the criminal investigation into the death of Drew Peterson's third wife.

"We're looking for the media to give this case as much exposure as it can so that we can develop some leads," McMillin said.

Norman, an accounting major from Greenville, Miss., was last seen on Tuesday, Nov. 13 when she left a marketing class around 2:30 p.m. She was wearing a white shirt and blue jeans at the time.

Luther Samuel, an investigator for the Jackson State Department of Public Safety, said the department is limited in the details it can release, but said they have received a number of tips and that several areas, including the campus, have been searched.

Norman's boyfriend Stanley Cole, 23, was charged last week with assaulting Norman and released on $500 bond, The Clarion-Ledger of Mississippi reported Saturday. Norman told police in Pearl, Miss., that Cole hit her in the face during an argument in a restaurant parking lot. Cole, who is also a student at Jackson State, has not been named a suspect in Norman's disappearance.

Norman's family members, who described Norman Tuesday as focused and easygoing, pledged to keep searching for the young woman until she is found. "We're not going to stop until we know something," her father, Danny Bolden, said. "We're going to be relentless."

The Jackson State University Department of Public Safety, the Jackson police and the Hinds County Sheriff's Department are all working on the case. The FBI has also offered its assistance.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Source: ABC News

Since mainstream media isn't doing the job of putting this out there, the Internet community and other forms of Independent Media is the one that needs to look out on these issues and others until they are forced into the forefront.

For a country that spouts out, "Land of the Free" and all of that jazz, if as a woman you can constantly feel like a ready-to-abuse victim due to lack of consequences and/or caring for the perp who did violence and whatnot to you, folks might as well be getting that Saudi Arabian B.S. law system that's going down restricting women without hiding things under pretty words and language.

You Get Beaten = Oh Well
Don't Give It Up = You Get Dissed/Raped/Etc.

As a Black Woman myself, this s*** makes me mad as hell and quite frankly, if folks don't like it, I could give less than a damn.

If folks don't look out for themselves, then who is, no?

Also in the "What's Good With The Media Coverage for Black Women?" front:

No Hate Crime Charge Updates Yet on the West Virgina Torture Case with Megan Williams - Needs Help with Legal Fund

Stepha Henry Is Still Missing

NBC Is Doing A Series on Black Women - Let's See How That Goes

Rampage had a pretty decent first album with the 1997 release of Scouts Honor by Way of Blood - it just suffered from "Amerie Syndrome" (insanely great singles, rest of album paled in comparison).

While being a member of Flipmode Squad (which depending on who's press release that you read still exists, doesn't exist or is reforming under a new name) along with Busta Rhymes, Rah Digga, Spliff Star, Lord Have Mercy and other folks, he didn't lean too heavy on that affiliation as an Hip-Hop MC, which can be appreciated in this day of weed carriers and when it feels like there are 15+ guest appearances per album release.

He has done numerous guest appearances, mixtapes and independent Hip-Hop album releases, including his latest album release of The Ambush this year.

I remember not being able to escape this joint, "Wild for the Night," back in the day on old fashioned mixtapes (on cassettes, folks), on the NYC/NJ Tri-State omni-prescient Hot 97 radio station (around the beginning of my 5 year stint at Rutgers University in New Jersey) and the parties.

This along with "Take It To The Streets" (whatever happened to the white chick who sang the hook, Billie something-or-other?) was at the present, the biggest joints that Rampage did on the mainstream music scene.

Here we go:

Rampage feat. Busta Rhymes - Wild For Da Night

Bonus Flipmode Squad Video: Rah Digga feat. Busta Rhymes - Imperial

Rampage MySpace Page
Rampage Wikipedia Listing Interview with Rampage

Flipmode Squad Wikipedia Listing

After a pretty nice mini-vacation with the family for Thanksgiving over here in the U.S., eating Mama Fusion's Sweet Potato Pie along with a bit of much needed sleep, shopping, DVD watching and whatnot.

However, it's time to get back on track here at with the postings and with a bit of news and other interesting things to read from all over the World Wide Web:

U.S. Minorities Hit Hardest By Housing Crisis - Yahoo

Hearing Planned on Gang Insignias on Clothing: Are Clothes Being Designed This Way on Purpose? - NY Times Blog

Angelican Archbishop of Canterbury Harshly Criticizes America - NY Sun

Pres. Candidate Barack Obama is Honest About Smoking That Piff and Weed Back in the Day: "The point was to inhale. That was the point." - CNN

Another Young Black Lady Is Missing: Let's See How Much "Mainstream Media" Hop on This Case with Natasha Norman - Black America Web

African Americans: Stand Up Like World Warriors - Black Agenda Report

U.S. Department of Justice on Steriods: Are the Right People Being Hit Up and Is This Even Worth Talking About? - The Nation

A Queens Pickpocket Got 15 Years in Prison for Stealing $22 (SMH) - Village Voice

Lots of Wonderful Old School Hip-Hop Classics with Lord Finesse - Oh Word

Busta Rhymes & DJ Mick Boogie Team For J. Dilla Mixtape Tribute 'Dillagence' -

Wife Sues Hubby for Share of Lotto Winnings Kept Secret - Crunk + Disorderly

Jackson Five 'Could Tour in 2008' * slow clap * - BBC News

Black Mafia Family Kingpin Pleads Guilty To Money Laundering, Drug Charges - SOHH

“This Christmas” Movie Review - What Do Y'all Think? - A Hot Mess

SMH @ Sean Kingston and His Kindergarten Inspired Crayola Box Bling - Oh Hell Nawl

Seal & Wife Heidi Klum Looking Like a Cute, Normal Family - Bossip

Happy Thanksgiving
aka Happy Turkey Day
aka Happy Day Off Of Work For Whatever Reason Day

Good Wishes from and the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast! :)

Regardless of why the "holiday" was made up (I don't believe that entire happy Native Americans and Pilgrims sharing eats like it was all good his-story like that), we all have things to be thankful for and reasons to celebrate that today and every day.

I hope that folks can celebrate that with those you care about. Peace!

This the FuseBox Radio Broadcast with DJ Fusion & Jon Judah for the week of November 21, 2007 with some new and classic Hip-Hop & Soul music and commentary.

FuseBox Radio Playlist for Week of November 21, 2007 (in no particular order)

Mark Ronson feat. Lily Allen & Busta Rhymes/Oh My God RMX/J Records & Allido
DJ Hi-Tek feat. Ghostface Killah, Raekwon & Dion/My Piano/Babygrande
Stacey Epps/Floatin'/735 Music
Jay Rush/I Ain't Even Madd/Jay Rush Music
Bankroll Jonez feat. Trae/All My Life/Get Money Movement & UGK Records
Ron G/Playtime Is Over/Catch A Hat Records
Vawn/Let Me See Dat/Def Jam
Blackboy/Feel It/Black Wall Street South
The Livewirez feat. H-Diggy/Concrete Jungle/
Tone Loc feat. Peaches/Wild Thing (Peaches RMX)/Delicious Vinyl
Donnie/Impatient People/Soulthought Ent.
Jay-Z feat. Nas/Success/Def Jam & Rocafella
4th Disciple/Wake Up/@
Icadon feat. Redman/What's Dat Sound/Johnny Pump Ent. & Gilla House
Alica Keys/Like You'll Never See Me Again/J Records
Wu-Tang Clan/Take It Back/Loud, Wu-Tang Records & SRC
Jill Scott/What Time It Is/Hidden Beach
Mr. Relik feat. Mistah Fab, Spark Dawg & Coota Bang/I See Dead People/Hustle Fam Music
GhettoSongBird/Stoned On Luv/
Kanye West feat. Dwele/Flashing Lights/Rocafella & GOOD Music
Tre Williams/She's Gone/Ill Will Records
Movado/Guns Out/Greensleeves
Clan Destined/Never Always/Domination Recordings

PLUS Special Secret Jon Judah Master Mix w/ Old School Classics and Independent Music Finds

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This is why the Hollywood Writers need to get off strike ASAP - we'll get more works of reality TV wonder like this clip from I Love New York 2 on VH1 that just make black folk look crazy as bat s*** on a china plate all around:

Seriously, I can easily admit I like my bit of trash reality TV and have watched (and currently watch) my fair share.

And for real, I Love New York 2 looks like PBS Masterpiece Theatre compared to ANY episode MTV's A Shot of Love with Tila Tequila with folks eating bull peen and whatnot.

But besides The Salt N Pepa Show, can we please have a little more balance with Black folks (especially Black Women) portrayals not looking like straight banshees and reality TV please?

You know there are plenty more shows like this in the pipeline...SMH

* waits for The Wire's new season to come on HBO *
Another funny clip from my New Jersey peoples over at Low Budget TV...enjoy!

Cheaters - Hood Edition

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Troop was one of many great New Jack Swing R&B Music groups in the late 1980s/early 1990s. This group of childhood friends (Steve Russell, Allen McNeil, John Harreld, Rodney Benford, and Reggie Warren) had their main hits with the albums Troop (1988) and Attitude (released in 1990).

The group also continued to put out other good albums with Deepa (1992), A Lil' Sumpin' Sumpin' (1994) and Mayday (1998).

Troop still tours and perform live often all over the world.

One interesting and random unknown fact about Troop found due to the worlderful world of the Internet is that Troop member Steve Russell dubbed the singing voices of several minor characters (among them doo-wop singer Little Albert and the five brothers who make up the Jackson 5 pastiche "The Campbell Connection") in the 2006 film version of the Broadway Musical Dreamgirls.

One of the music joints that was the s*** for me from the Attitude album was "Spread My Wings", which below is the Flashback Video of the Day.

Besides the song being on some uplifting vibe, it had a good groove and the cheorography of everyone danciing in the video was casket sharp without feeling like the singing parts of the video were magically and/or poorly dubbed in on some old school Kung Fu flick stuff (Brittney Spears, I see you).

Hope you all enjoy!

Troop - Spread My Wings

Bonus Video:

Troop - All I Do

Troop Wikipedia Page
Troop MySpace Page

This lineup of the classic soul group, The Temptations, with original member the venerable Otis Williams, Ron Tyson (a member since 1983, the lineup’s second longest tenure), Bruce Williamson, Terry Weeks and Joe Herndon, has a new album out of covers called Back to Front (on New Door Records/UMe) currently out in the stores.

This is their 48th studio album since their formation in 1961 on Motown Records as a mix of the soul groups the Primes and the Distants (next time your favorite music artist whines about doing two albums has them burned out, pull out this statistic).

Click on the highlighted links to get a sample of what's good with everything with this release - I think its pretty on point.


1. Never, Never Gonna Give You Up (Barry White)
2. Hold On! I'm Comin' (Sam and Dave - Isaac Hayes and David Porter)
3. Wake Up Everybody (Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes feat. Teddy Pendergrass - Victor Carstarphen, Gene McFadden, John Whitehead)
4. Minute by Minute (Doobie Brothers - Michael McDonald and Lester Abrams)
5. I'm in Love (Bobby Womack)
6. Don't Ask My Neighbors (Skip Scarborough)
7. Love Ballad (George Benson - Skip Scarborough)
8. Let It Be Me (Gilbert Becaud, Pierre Delanoe and Manny Kurtz)
9. How Deep Is Your Love (Bee Gees - Barry Gibb, Maurice Gibb and Robin Gibb)
10. (Every Time I Turn Around) Back in Love Again (L.T.D., Jeffrey Osborne - LenRon Hanks and Zane Grey)
11. Respect Yourself (Staple Singers - Luther Ingram and Mack Rice)

Here's one place folks can order the album.

Official Motown Records The Temptations Website
The Temptations Wikipedia Website
Rock and Holl Hall of Fame Listing for The Temptations

Bonus Videos:

The Temptations - Aint Too Proud To Beg

The Temptations - Just My Imagination

What's up ladies and gents,

Here is a remix video for the Mary. J Blige single, "Just Fine", featuring Michael Jackson from her upcoming album Growing Pains dropping on December 18, 2007.

What do y'all think?

Mary J. Blige Website
Mary J. Blige MySpace

Since MySpace has pretty much become an important part of music artists promoting themselves (if for no other reason, its free to setup something that looks decent and can play your music to the masses), and the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast has started going a weekly segment where we highlight eight music artists who do we personally feel are on point doing quality Black Music of various genres.

Folks over here are pretty much on MySpace every day checking artists out, but if you feel we're missing you, hit us up at the MySpace Page or at our e-mail at

Here we go:

Sy Smith
Music Genre: Soul/R&B
MySpace Page:

Sy Smith is an accomplished soul artist who has done background vocals for such artists as Whitney Houston, Macy Gray, Usher, Jamie Foxx, Me’shell N’degeocello, Eric Benét, Al Green, Ginuwine and Brandy in the past.

Her self-released album (that has just recently got a new distributor with Kajemere Sound), The Syberspace Social, which had production from James Poyser, Nicolay and Ali Shaheed Muhammad amongst others, recieved a good amount of airplay here on the FuseBox Radio Broadcast for a while for its eclectic, yet heavy groove vibe.

Besides the re-release of the The Syberspace Social album, she has a new untitled album that will be coming out in 2008.

In the meantime, check out the tracks "Fly Away With Me" and "Aquarius Rising" to get an idea of where she is coming from on her MySpace.

Critical Condition Band (CCB)
Music Genre: DC Go-Go
MySpace Page:

Critical Condition Band (CCB) is another young DC Go-Go Band that has been on the come up for a few years (since 2005) performing all over the place live and putting out studio releases and PA tapes (well, CDs now, I guess).

Check out the original track "Classy Girl" & dope cover of "Get It Shawty" on thier MySpace page to get an idea of what goes down with this crew during a live performance.

Music Genre: Hip-Hop
MySpace Page:

Within the past year or two, this independent label Washington, DC Hip-Hop MC is finally getting some deserved props from various music publications (Vibe Magazine, The Fader, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Entertainment Weekly, The Washington Post, The Source and URB, just to name a few) for his diverse and energetic style of music.

The tracks "Waledance" and "Even If It's Wrong" on his MySpace page are a good example of Wale's skills on both the mic and an ear for quality beats (if you don't have that as an MC, you might as well be doing acapella spoken word).

Dre Allen
Music Genre: Rock/Pop/R&B
MySpace Page:

Dre Allen's emotional music comes from his background of struggle as a young man - being homeless at the age of 11, subject to physical abuse, molestation and part of the U.S. "justice system" and ten failed record deals learning Industry Rule #4080 in a short period of time.

His first album, The Dre Allen Project and current album, Ghetto Rockstar, mix both Rock and Soul Music influences equally throughout.

Along with his wife, Dawn Robinson (formerly of En Vogue and Lucy Pearl), with the co-founded company and independent label Movemakers Entertainment along with a collaborative venture with The Dungeon Family & Rico Wade (the creative force behind TLC's Waterfalls, EnVogue's Don't Let Go, Outkast, Goodie Mobb, Gnarles Barkley, Ludacris, & many more) is on that grind to keep putting out quality music.

Some hot tracks on the MySpace page to listen to are "Ghetto Rockstar" and "Fly".

Dawn Tallman
Music Genre: House & Gospel
MySpace Page:

Dawn Tallman is a talented vocalist that focuses on making both Gospel and Hosue Music records (which sometimes ends up being Gospel House).

Born in Connecticut, she now resides in Brooklyn, NY and puts out releases on her independent label, SLAAG Records as well as doing vocals for other producers and record companies.

Dawn has toured and performed all over the world with artists such as Patti La Belle, KC & JoJo, Keith Sweat, Dave Hollister, Michelle Williams, Stephanie Mills, Calvin Richardson and Kim Burrell.

To get some samples of her talent, check out the tracks "You Are Why" and "If You Wanna Testify" on her MySpace.

Bankroll Jonez
Music Genre: Hip-Hop
MySpace Page:

We know in this day and age, sometimes when a Hip-Hop artist starts up a label, its just for mediocre weed carriers. Thankfully for folks, this UGK Records signee is no stash holder or a joke on the mic.

Bankroll Jonez has been putting in work as an independent artist for some time, putting out eight well recieved albums along with doing countless collaborations and guest appearances before this new situation.

This North Carolina born, Illinois, Tennessee and Michigan traveled MC has put out his recent album, in conjunction with his business, Da Get Money Movement, and UGK Records, Skroll Muzik.

The music is definitely knocking on some hard street vibe - check out "All My Life" featuring Trae and "Hell Yeah" on Bankroll Jonez's MySpace page to see what's up with this bro.

Janelle Monae
Music Genre: Soul/Funk/Rock
MySpace Page:

I actually ran into Janelle Monae's music a few years back while having some free time to check out MySpace for new music for the radio show. At the time, she had just gotten involved with Outkast MC's Big Boi's record label, Purple Ribbon and had some pretty fly music joints that we played for a good minute.

Revisiting her page, its still more of the same quality soul, rock and electric influenced music from before. Along with her label, Wondaland Arts Society and Purple Ribbon, Janelle is still putting out some interesting work for folks to either mellow out to or hit the dance floor.

Get an idea of her vibe with the tracks "The Chase" and "VSHH Cyberhop Remix" on her MySpace.

Donnie Cross
Music Genre: Hip-Hop
MySpace Page:

This Jackson, MS producer, MC and CEO of Ambassador's Way Entertainment is Hip-Hop artist who makes street and club-influenced music the way it is supposed to be.

Donnie Cross' music shows all sides of what can go down in the street life and still has good flows, vocals - which in this day and age there are plenty of interchangable sound-a-like of MCs and singers - and beats to get folks moving.

The MySpace bangers I'm currently feeling that is a good intro to this bro is about are "Who Do You Thinnk You're Playing With" and "Couphin'".