DJ Fusion as a grown woman (even being short as all get out at 5 feet even) at 30 years old...dang, time flies...

Just had to give myself a shoutout as it were for making it to 30 years old this year after what's been an..."interesting" life and The Higher Power for being able to grow mentally and physically upward during the years. :)

Thanks SO much for supporting us over here at and the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast throughout the years - all of the folks listening, reading and spreading the word of what we're doing is a blessing and hopefully, will continue into the future.

I hope everyone has a great New Year for 2009 and many more to come!

Happy Soon To Be New Year and FuseBox Radio Broadcast listeners and readers - less than 24 hours to 2009! :)

As one of the websites that's a part of State Property/Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam's Freeway's "Month of Madness" campaign along with his site, where he will be dropping free new Hip-Hop music tracks and videos on folks every day starting today for the month of December for the masses to check out, download and enjoy.

Wrapping up this campaign are the 29, 30 & 31th tracks from the Philadephia MC called |"Don't Tell Me It's Over", "Back for More" & "So Cold" feat. Klass - what do y'all think?

Freeway - Don't Tell Me It's Over mp3 Download

Freeway - Back for More mp3 Download

Freeway feat. Klass - So Cold mp3 Download

Happy Mondayto our and FuseBox Radio Broadcast listeners and readers!

As one of the websites that's a part of State Property/Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam's Freeway's "Month of Madness" campaign along with his site, where he will be dropping free new Hip-Hop music tracks and videos on folks every day starting today for the month of December for the masses to check out, download and enjoy.

Here are the 29th track from the Philadephia MC called "Bank Rollz" - what do y'all think?

Freeway -Bank Rollz mp3 Download

Happy Last Official Weekend of 2008 to the and FuseBox Radio Broadcast family!

As one of the websites that's a part of State Property/Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam's Freeway's "Month of Madness" campaign along with his site, where he will be dropping free new Hip-Hop music tracks and videos on folks every day starting today for the month of December for the masses to check out, download and enjoy.

Here are the 27th & 28th tracks from the Philadephia MC called "I Wanna Be Free" and "NP Finest" - what do y'all think?

Freeway - I Wanna Be Free mp3 Download

Freeway - NP Finest mp3 Download

Bonus Music Video #1: Freeway feat. Jay-Z, Beanie Sigel & Memphis Bleek - What We Do Is Wrong (Live Performance)

What's good folks,

I'm still getting together the overall Radio Broadcast Best and Worst of Black Music Lists for 2008 while on a little mini-vacation, I just wanted to hit folks off with our first annual "'s Most Criminally Slept On Black Music Albums by Black Radio" list.

This list is not in any particular order and pretty much consists of any albums in the Black Music genre that were either distributed or promoted by major record labels, yet for whatever reason, received an abnormally to almost malicious lack of credit, shine and/or promotion by what we know of as mainstream Black/Urban Radio.

Ironically (and totally not done on purpose), in an age folks seem to ask where is the Black Female being represented positively in all forms of media, looking over my top slept on albums list, it consists of all ladies who are not on the coonery.


Anyway, I hope you enjoy the list and check out some of these artist's music, if you haven't already, even if you don't agree with my goes:

1. Erykah Badu - New Amerykah, Pt. 1: 4th World War

Erykah Badu's album probably had one of the most authentic Hip-Hop Music sensibilities of a mainstream album of 2008 (yes, it's technically a Soul music album but I stick by this statement), and the grooves were insanely hot.

On the real, "Honey" is a great track (respect to J. Dilla, R.I.P.) and fantastic video, but from all of the tracks on New Amerykah, this was not even the highlight (which shows how on point this artistic project was).

The only thing I can think of is that Ms. Badu scared the hell out of some mainstream Black Radio/Urban Radio Program Directors (those folks who MIGHT have the power to make up a radio station's song playlist, depending on who gives the ultimate leeway in management) with the rest of the album's tracks like "The Healer", "The Cell" and such.

This is just another example of what happens when most of the mainstream Black Radio/Urban Radio are owned by huge corporations who probably aren't the biggest fans of lyrics like "Hip-Hop is bigger then Religion, Hip-Hop Is Bigger Then My Niggas, Hip-Hop Is Bigger Then The Government" that actually doesn't sound too preachy for the young heads on up to get AND has the sonic power behind it to not fall into the trap of some music with a message family of "my lyrics are hot yo, even though I'm rhyming over what sounds like a cheap Casio keyboard pre-programmed beat in my Mom's house" syndrome.


Erykah Badu Official MySpace Page

2. Chrisette Michele - I Am

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, this was probably one of the worst promoted albums during the Jay-Z Presidential Reign over at Def Jam (even though Redman's Red Gone Wild: Thee Album and the past 3 Ghostface albums run a really close second and third).

"If I Have My Way" is a nice ballad, but folks ran that into the ground like nobody's business.

The Def Jam promotional machine at the time also let the song which had the potential of being one of the Spring 2008 premier singles with "Be OK" drop WAY to late in the game (and while the production end on the track by Will.I.Am is tight on this joint, he could have put in some sort of effort with his "I just smoked a lot of that NYC Piff before getting the booth" rhyme, which later got kicked out out the video version).

The insanity of Chrisette Michele's promotion travels continued with totally ignoring tracks like "Let's Rock" (a beat that I see Mary J. Blige and Keyshia Cole battling for) and "Best of Me" (just throwing the Babyface song out the window was not bright).

While this album for my taste could have taken out about 2 ballads, this R&B Music project was way better then a lot that came out during 2008 (mostly because the sis can actually sing and sound good sans autotune) and should have done better then at the moment is a mid-size following.

Chrisette Michele Official MySpace Page

4. Estelle - Shine

Maybe it's just me, but there were plenty more tracks on this album than "Wait A Minute" and the summer takeover jam "American Boy" with Kanye West that could have killed it on the airwaves (and mp3 and ringtone sales), thanks. :-/

All I know is whoever decided to not release the title track "Shine" as a follow up dance single needs to be put in a straight jacket post-haste, much less not selecting either "So Much Out The Way", "More Than Friends" or "In The Rain" somewhere in the mix.

Was it the Black British vibe that annoyed/confused the promotion heads along with the fact that Estelle wasn't beat to surgery it up to be more "acceptable" to American audiences that pretty much made folks throw this album in a ditch? I just don't get it.

Estelle Official MySpace Page

4. Janelle Monae - Metropolis: The Chase Suite

This sister put out this damned near brilliant independent EP earlier this year that musically wasn't too far the hell out there for folks to put tracks on the airwaves, especially with mainstream America apparently being in love with folks like Outkast, TV on the Radio, N.E.R.D. and so forth.

So while being apprehensive as all hell when folks got the distribution deal through Bad Boy Records (when was the last time you heard a G. Dep, Total or Craig Mack album from over there...anyone?), I thought that through P. Diddy aka Sean Combs aka Mr. I Am King that Janelle Monae would have at least got some more quality exposure outside of the internet, live performance and magazine circuits to make some sort of sales impact with the EP redistribution.

Um, no.

Besides being seen on the next intern for hire and humiliation show on VH1, an upgraded promotional website and being able to place the Bad Boy logo on the CD (which granted, got the joint in Best Buy, Circuit City and such places for folks to purchase and see on display), this release from my viewpoint wasn't promoted worth a DAMN in the U.S. at least by the radio or website promotional teams.

Diddy is the same man who shoves folks like Day 26, 3LW and whatnot down folks throat with crazy promotional tactics and NOT ONE TRACK got onto mainstream Black Radio/Urban Radio with the only video folks were able to check out from Janelle was on World Star Hip Hop.

* confused and annoyed face *

Maybe Diddy wanted to sign Janelle for both artistic cred (which frankly, the brother has not had since Biggie R.I.P.) and that's respectable. But damn, could you have at tried to have done something?

C'est la vie - Janelle Monae is still going to get it in and capture a strong following (especially if this is just a one-off arrangement, PLEASE let it be so) but it seems like the entire Bad Boy detour had no purpose.

Janelle Monae Official MySpace Page's Most Criminally Slept On Black Music Albums by Black Radio of 2008 (Put Out My Major Labels) Runner Up List (in no particular order):

1. The Knux -Remind Me in 3 Days
2. Solange Knowles - Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams
3. Dwele - Sketches of a Man
4. Santogold - Santogold
5. Bloodraw - My Life the True Testimony
6. Noel Gourdin - After My Time
7. Young Jeezy - The Recession
8. Scarface - Emeritus
9. Q-Tip - The Renaissance
10. Kardinal Offishall - Not 4 Sale
11. The Roots - Rising Down
12. Bun B - II Trill

Happy Friday to our and FuseBox Radio Broadcast listeners and readers!

As one of the websites that's a part of State Property/Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam's Freeway's "Month of Madness" campaign along with his site, where he will be dropping free new Hip-Hop music tracks and videos on folks every day starting today for the month of December for the masses to check out, download and enjoy.

Here are the 26th track from the Philadephia MC called "When I Die" featuring James Blunt - what do y'all think?

Freeway - When I Die mp3 Download

I was over at the family gathering for Christmas Dinner and such in MD when news of Ms. Kitt's passing came up on the evening news on TV. It seems like we're losing a lot of pioneering & strong Black Music and Black Entertainment legends left and right in 2008. :'(

We extend our condolences from the and FuseBox Radio Broadcast family to the family, friends and fans of singer, actress & activist Ms. Eartha Kitt.

Eartha Kitt, sultry 'Santa Baby' singer, dies
By POLLY ANDERSON – 2 hours ago

NEW YORK (AP) — Eartha Kitt, a sultry singer, dancer and actress who rose from South Carolina cotton fields to become an international symbol of elegance and sensuality, has died, a family spokesman said. She was 81.

Andrew Freedman said Kitt, who was recently treated at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, died Thursday in Connecticut of colon cancer.

Kitt, a self-proclaimed "sex kitten" famous for her catlike purr, was one of America's most versatile performers, winning two Emmys and nabbing a third nomination. She also was nominated for several Tonys and two Grammys.

Her career spanned six decades, from her start as a dancer with the famed Katherine Dunham troupe to cabarets and acting and singing on stage, in movies and on television. She persevered through an unhappy childhood as a mixed-race daughter of the South and made headlines in the 1960s for denouncing the Vietnam War during a visit to the White House.

Through the years, Kitt remained a picture of vitality and attracted fans less than half her age even as she neared 80.

When her book "Rejuvenate," a guide to staying physically fit, was published in 2001, Kitt was featured on the cover in a long, curve-hugging black dress with a figure that some 20-year-old women would envy. Kitt also wrote three autobiographies.

Once dubbed the "most exciting woman in the world" by Orson Welles, she spent much of her life single, though brief romances with the rich and famous peppered her younger years.

After becoming a hit singing "Monotonous" in the Broadway revue "New Faces of 1952," Kitt appeared in "Mrs. Patterson" in 1954-55. (Some references say she earned a Tony nomination for "Mrs. Patterson," but only winners were publicly announced at that time.) She also made appearances in "Shinbone Alley" and "The Owl and the Pussycat."

Her first album, "RCA Victor Presents Eartha Kitt," came out in 1954, featuring such songs as "I Want to Be Evil," "C'est Si Bon" and the saucy gold digger's theme song "Santa Baby," which is revived on radio each Christmas.

The next year, the record company released follow-up album "That Bad Eartha," which featured "Let's Do It," "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" and "My Heart Belongs to Daddy."

In 1996, she was nominated for a Grammy in the category of traditional pop vocal performance for her album "Back in Business." She also had been nominated in the children's recording category for the 1969 record "Folk Tales of the Tribes of Africa."

Kitt also acted in movies, playing the lead female role opposite Nat King Cole in "St. Louis Blues" in 1958 and more recently appearing in "Boomerang" and "Harriet the Spy" in the 1990s.

On television, she was the sexy Catwoman on the popular "Batman" series in 1967-68, replacing Julie Newmar who originated the role. A guest appearance on an episode of "I Spy" brought Kitt an Emmy nomination in 1966.

"Generally the whole entertainment business now is bland," she said in a 1996 Associated Press interview. "It depends so much on gadgetry and flash now. You don't have to have talent to be in the business today.

"I think we had to have something to offer, if you wanted to be recognized as worth paying for."

Kitt was plainspoken about causes she believed in. Her anti-war comments at the White House came as she attended a White House luncheon hosted by Lady Bird Johnson.

"You send the best of this country off to be shot and maimed," she told the group of about 50 women. "They rebel in the street. They don't want to go to school because they're going to be snatched off from their mothers to be shot in Vietnam."

For four years afterward, Kitt performed almost exclusively overseas. She was investigated by the FBI and CIA, which allegedly found her to be foul-mouthed and promiscuous.

"The thing that hurts, that became anger, was when I realized that if you tell the truth — in a country that says you're entitled to tell the truth — you get your face slapped and you get put out of work," Kitt told Essence magazine two decades later.

In 1978, Kitt returned to Broadway in the musical "Timbuktu!" — which brought her a Tony nomination — and was invited back to the White House by President Jimmy Carter.

In 2000, Kitt earned another Tony nod for "The Wild Party." She played the fairy godmother in Rodgers and Hammerstein's "Cinderella" in 2002.

As recently as October 2003, she was on Broadway after replacing Chita Rivera in a revival of "Nine."

She also gained new fans as the voice of Yzma in the 2000 Disney animated feature "The Emperor's New Groove.'"

In an online discussion at in March 2005, shortly after Jamie Foxx and Morgan Freeman won Oscars, she expressed satisfaction that black performers "have more of a chance now than we did then to play larger parts."

But she also said: "I don't carry myself as a black person but as a woman that belongs to everybody. After all, it's the general public that made (me) — not any one particular group. So I don't think of myself as belonging to any particular group and never have."

Kitt was born in North, S.C., and her road to fame was the stuff of storybooks. In her autobiography, she wrote that her mother was black and Cherokee while her father was white, and she was left to live with relatives after her mother's new husband objected to taking in a mixed-race girl.

An aunt eventually brought her to live in New York, where she attended the High School of Performing Arts, later dropping out to take various odd jobs.

By chance, she dropped by an audition for the dance group run by Dunham, a pioneering African-American dancer. In 1946, Kitt was one of the Sans-Souci Singers in Dunham's Broadway production "Bal Negre."

Kitt's travels with the Dunham troupe landed her a gig in a Paris nightclub in the early 1950s. Kitt was spotted by Welles, who cast her in his Paris stage production of "Faust."

That led to a role in "New Faces of 1952," which featured such other stars-to-be as Carol Lawrence, Paul Lynde and, as a writer, Mel Brooks.

While traveling the world as a dancer and singer in the 1950s, Kitt learned to perform in nearly a dozen languages and, over time, added songs in French, Spanish and even Turkish to her repertoire.

"Usku Dara," a song Kitt said was taught to her by the wife of a Turkish admiral, was one of her first hits, though Kitt says her record company feared it too remote for American audiences to appreciate.

Song titles such as "I Want to be Evil" and "Just an Old Fashioned Girl" seem to reflect the paradoxes in Kitt's private life.

Over the years, Kitt had liaisons with wealthy men, including Revlon founder Charles Revson, who showered her with lavish gifts.

In 1960, she married Bill McDonald but divorced him after the birth of their daughter, Kitt.

While on stage, she was daringly sexy and always flirtatious. Offstage, however, Kitt described herself as shy and almost reclusive, remnants of feeling unwanted and unloved as a child. She referred to herself as "that little urchin cotton-picker from the South, Eartha Mae."

For years, Kitt was unsure of her birthplace or birth date. In 1997, a group of students at historically black Benedict College in Columbia, S.C., located her birth certificate, which verified her birth date as Jan. 17, 1927. Kitt had previously celebrated on Jan. 26.

The research into her background also showed Kitt was the daughter of a white man, a poor cotton farmer.

"I'm an orphan. But the public has adopted me and that has been my only family," she told the Post online. "The biggest family in the world is my fans."

Associated Press Drama Writer Michael Kuchwara contributed to this report.

Source: Associated Press

Eartha Kitt Official Website

Music Video #1: Eartha Kitt - C'est Si Bon (Live @ Kaskad 1962)

Music Video #2: Eartha Kitt - Love For Sale

Music Video #3: Eartha Kitt - - This Is My Life

Music Video #4: Eartha Kitt - Santa Baby

Music Video #5: Eartha Kitt - Ain't Misbehavin' w/ Interview (Live on the BBC)

Movie Video: Eartha Kitt as Lady Eloise in the movie "Boomerang"

Direct mp3 Download (right click and "save as")

This is the FuseBox Radio Broadcast with DJ Fusion & Jon Judah for the week of December 24, 2008 with some new and classic Hip-Hop & Soul music, news and commentary.

This week's commentary was on the upcoming Holiday Season for those all over the world, things we're grateful for from this past year of 2008 and some other things here and there.

We do not have new Direct EFX and Black Agenda Report news segments on this week's broadcast due to both institutions being on vacation until the New Year.

Feel free to check out some recent episodes of the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast here on - all of the shows are clean/radio friendly.

FuseBox Radio Playlist for the Week of Dec. 24, 2008 (in no particular order)

K-Solo/You Mom's In My Business/Hit Squad, Atlantic & WEA
N.A.S.A. (Squeak E. Clean and DJ Zegon) feat. Kanye West, Santogold & Lykke Li/Gifted/Anti-
DJ Class feat. JD & Trey Songz/I'm The Ish RMX/Unruly Records
Opolopo & Amalia/All Systems Down (Opolopo RMX)/
Young A.C./Swang/Deepside Ent.
K-Os/4, 3, 2, 1/Universal Music Canada of dead prez/My S.W.A.G. Is Up/ATX Music Group
Novalima/Coba Guarango/Cumbancha
GLC feat. Kanye West/The Big Screen/GOOD Music
Walker T./Ghetto Youths/Walterton Music Group
John Legend feat. Buju Banton/Can't Be My Love/GOOD Music & Columbia
Inverse feat. Decon of CunninLynguists/So True/
DJ Mesta feat. Eno/Out of Control (Naija Riddim)/
Dukes of Daville feat. FireRed/Your Love Is Like Christmas/Capitol Music Group & EMI
Joe Bataan/Rap O Clap O/Salsoul
The Co-Op/Spit Game/ White Label (
Casuell/Cornrolls/DigitalSoulMusic Group LLC (
Shonie feat Fabolous/Can't Let Go/Slick Salt Ent. & Slip-N-Slide
Enoch 7th Prophet feat. Yasu & Lucille Stevenson/Afterlife/Keep It Forward Records & Divine Chakra Edutainment
Jr. Reid feat. Lil'Wayne/Ghetto Youths Rock/White Label (;
Agallah feat. Sadat X/Can We Save Us/White Label (;
Tanya Stephens/Heart of Stone/BYM Ent.
Ryu Black feat. MegaRan, Masia One & DJ Sarasa/Chun Li/
Colourd Noyz/Sound of My Name (inst.)/White Label (

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For those who celebrate it, hope you're having a Merry Christmas (or, just hope you're having another great day this December 25th) to the and FuseBox Radio Broadcast listeners and readers!

As one of the websites that's a part of State Property/Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam's Freeway's "Month of Madness" campaign along with his site, where he will be dropping free new Hip-Hop music tracks and videos on folks every day starting today for the month of December for the masses to check out, download and enjoy.

Here are the 25th track from the Philadephia MC called "As I Ever Been" featuring Hesikiya - what do y'all think?

Freeway feat. Hesikiya - As I Ever Been mp3 Download

What's up and FuseBox Radio Broadcast Peoples,

We have an interview here with one of the real deal up and coming female Hip-Hop MCs in the game who will hopefully stop this draught of no ladies on the mic (or REALLY wack ones) who can make good music in 2009.

The family here just doesn't co-sign anything and everyone, much less give the airwaves over to underserving audio trash, so definitely give folks a good look and a change to capture your ears.

Check out some of on point insights in our interview with Slip-N-Slide Records own Kaneri Diamond (aka Mz. Superflylistic aka Miss Moe Money aka The Top Model of Hip-Hop) as well as some her music to download and checkout with some other goodies:

DJ Fusion ( Radio Broadcast): Peace Sis, thanks for taking out your time to speak with us here at and the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast.
Can you tell us first and foremost what and who inspired you to be involved with the entertainment inudustry and to be an MC?

Kaneri Diamond: First I wanted to say thank you for giving me this opportunity to have my voice heard. I fell in love with Hip-Hop, music excites and inspires me to do great things.

For that very reason, I begin creating my own music as a MC. After going to school for business and audio, I decided to get more involved with entertainment. Thanks to Troy [Troy2DaVent], the President of the Slip-N-Slide DJs and my manager, he gave me a chance to learn and work in this music industry.

DJ Fusion: From your personal viewpoint, Kaneri, what's the Florida Hip-Hop scene like? How has it been establishing your place up in it?

Kaneri Diamond:
To be honest, Florida's Hip-Hop scene is all political. It's all about who you know to get your feet in the game.

Some may say I play by my own rules. I made my own place on the Hip-Hop, I am branding my name by myself in Florida.

I go to the streets and grind my music hard. Everybody is like where did this girl come from, it's like I just appeared from nowhere. * laughs * But it's a long time coming and I am ready to explode!!!

DJ Fusion: No doubt, I can definitely see that from running into a lot of your work this past year. Now, as one of the rare female Hip-Hop MCs in the game as of late (much less one who is actually skilled and talented), what's your viewpoint of the music industry now?

How do folks to you respond to the ladies taking charge on stage, with the music (especially with your work with the mixtape scene and beyond) and with their business?

Kaneri Diamond: This industry that I love is male dominated. It's crazy because some guys will come at you the wrong way but you have to be focus on whats really important - your career.

I know I am talented and can make good music with substance, so I am staying strong to what I believe. I know I do not need to sleep around to try to get a deal. I have never done that and I will never sell out like that.

Some male Hip-Hop artists are real cool and will embrace a female that got skills behind the microphone. Also, some just want to know your breast size. * laughs *

This is the one thing that I have learned in doing this business if you do good work all the time then you will earn men respect. I have earned my respect and my position.

I want to send this message to all the little girls reading this that want a career in the music industry; you do not need to sell your self short by having sex to move up the corporate ladder, you can just do your job to the best of your ability all the time and you will earn your respect and your title.

DJ Fusion: I definitely appreciate you for putting all of that out there. Being that we talked about how the fellas look at you in the biz, how have your fellow female MCs and industry folks responded to you from personal experience?

There's the big stereotype about how females can't work together on anything, are mad petty, etc. True, false, in between, we're curious about what you've been through.

Kaneri Diamond: You would think we should all be able to get along since its not that many of us. However, its not like that. It has been times where I been cool with a female MC but as soon as I got a lil' more attention or fame then them they stop speaking or hitting me up on my MySpace.

Also, it's been times where I have reached out to female MCs to do a track and never even got a response. * laughs *

I think that is so crazy, just plan crazy. I could reach out to bigger male Hip-Hop artists and got responses and we done real work together but never got the same response when I reached out to a female MC.

I wish one day we can be better than that as Female MCs and do some real work together. So I will leave them with this: I'M SO FLY FRESH TO DEAF DON'T HATE ME cause I HATE MYSELF!!! * laughs *

DJ Fusion: * laughs * You're definitely putting out there for folks to know where you're coming from. Tell me, how did you come up with your stage name?

Kaneri Diamond: Everybody in my hood call me Kaneri because they can not pronounce my real name, which is Canieria. Ya know all females like diamonds, so I decided to tag my last name with Diamonds because I am a flashy person. * laughs * So thats how I came up with Florida Finest Kaneri Diamond.

DJ Fusion: True indeed. So far, what have been your most memorable experiences in the music industry, both good and bad?

Kaneri Diamond: Oh most good memorable experience is when I opened up for Plies in front of a crowd of ten thousand. It was a great show; I killed it. By the end of the show ,I was all on top of the speakers, jumping off the stage, it was great. * laughs *

My most memorable bad experience was when I went to a award show and my folks checked in for me and got my ticket. The only thing is they went inside to their seats without giving me my ticket.

So when I tried to make my red carpet walk in, I couldn't 'cause I did not have my ticket and I had to wait by the door like a duck. IT'S FUNNY NOW, but its was not funny then. I was just standing there looking crazy like everybody trying to get in without a ticket and I actually had a ticket. * laughs *

DJ Fusion: Who are some of the music artists you would like to collaborate with in the future? Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul, Rock, whatever is good.

Kaneri Diamond: I want to link up with a few people on a track. One would be Wyclef, Nas, Kanye, Michael Jackson, Neyo, Ciara, Outkast and Gwen Stephani.

DJ Fusion: True, that's what's up with the list Kaneri - I can feel you on that group of talented folks right there. What are some upcoming plans and projects we should expect from you in the future?

Kaneri Diamond: I got a mixtape dropping with DJ Mami Fresh called "Top Model of Hip Hop", a mixtape called "I'm The Future" with DJ 5053 and another mixtape called "Worldwide" which I got DJs from around the world on this project. It's going to be big. I am also writing and recording my album for 2009.

Hopefully I will take home "Indy Artist of the Year" with the SEA's [Southern Entertainment Awards].

I also started a company called the IAA that where Indy Artists help each other worldwide. Be on the lookout for the "Moe Money" video.

DJ Fusion: That's what's up. You got a lot on your plate and I'm sure the people want to be able to reach out to you to give props, build in some way and so forth. Where can people go to check out what's going on with Kaneri Diamond as well as reach out for any collaborations, booking and things?

Kaneri Diamond: To contact me, Kaneri Diamond, for Booking, Hosting, Interviews, or Features call 212-545-4154. You also can hit me up on Myspace or FaceBook here are the links:

DJ Fusion: This was a dope interview Kaneri, thanks a lot for taking out your time to do this. :) Do you have any folks you would like to shout out?

Kaneri Diamond: Yes, once again I want to thank you for giving me the chance to do this interview with you and your companies. I wanted to shout out my family for standing by me through everything, Troy, Ernest, Next Level, Meech Wells, DJ Mami Fresh, DJ Fusion, all Slip N Slide DJs and any DJs that support and break my records!

Thanks and much appreciation to Ernest Jackson at MNS Media for arranging this interview.

Kaneri Diamond mp3 Downloads:

Kaneri Diamond - I Hate Myself
Kaneri Diamond - Like This
Kaneri Diamond - Moe Money
Beyonce feat. Kaneri Diamond - Single Ladies RMX

Music Video: Kaneri Diamond - I Hate Myself

Cop a FREE download from & FuseBox Radio Broadcast of the DJ Mami Fresh & Kaneri Diamond: Top Model Of Hip Hop Mixtape by clicking here.

Happy Christmas Eve (or hey, just happy December 24th) to the and FuseBox Radio Broadcast listeners and readers!

As one of the websites that's a part of State Property/Roc-A-Fella/Def Jam's Freeway's "Month of Madness" campaign along with his site, where he will be dropping free new Hip-Hop music tracks and videos on folks every day starting today for the month of December for the masses to check out, download and enjoy.

Here are the 24th track from the Philadephia MC called "For the Better" featuring Neesh - what do y'all think?

Freeway feat. Neesh - For The Better mp3 Download

Good December 24th to everyone of the and FuseBox Radio Broadcast family!

We have to to give love in this post to our people DJ Leggs of Hoodstrong Entertainment for providing these classic era Hip-Hop joints (with a little bit of DC Go-Go) from the 1980s & 1990s straight from the vinyl records for all to partake in...

Now you have some quality Black Music to burn onto CD or place in the iPod when the family during this Holiday Season starts working your nerves or to audio detox from 20 hours a day of Christmas Music on the radio and the mall.
Spread the Hip-Hop History Lesson and just good joints to the old and the youth as well jump off that Old School Party right (since "Old School" music does not start from the year 2000, sorry) into the New Year and HAVE SOME FUN & REST! :)

Get Your Download On Below:

Cold Crush Brothers - Battle Rap (Live 1981)

Treacherous Three - Freestyling To Love Rap (Live 1982)

Beverly Hills Cop Soundtrack - Axel Foley Theme

Big L & D.I.T.C - Internationally Known

Chris "The Glove" Taylor - Tibetan Jam

Diamond & the Psychotic Neurotics - I Went for Mine

Diamond D - Best Kept Secret

DJ Chuck Chillout & Kool Chip - I'm Large

Dr. Jeckyll & Mr Hyde - Gettin Money

Fab 5 Freddy - Down By Law

Force MDs - Itchin' for a Scratch

Grandmaster Flash - Fastest Man Alive

Ice-T feat. Chris "The Glove" Taylor - Reckless

Jimmy Spicer - Money (Dollar Bill Y'all)

K-Solo - Your Mom's In My Business

Lovebug Starski & Busy Bee - Do The Right Thing

Lovebug Starski - You Gotta Believe

Pumpkin - King Of The Beat

Rock Master Scott & The Dynamic Three - Request Line

Rockers Revenge - Battle Cry

Trouble Funk - Pump Me Up

What's good folks,

While I'm still getting together the Radio Broadcast Best and Worst of Black Music Lists for 2008, it's time to do our first official popular culture listing here of "'s 4 Random Things That Worked My Nerves" of the year.

This list is not in any particular order and pretty much consists of anything and everything over the past year that for one reason or another gave folks headaches and overall annoyances.

Hope you enjoy them, even if you don't agree about what I'm goes:'s 4 Random Things That Worked My Nerves in 2008

1. The U.S. Presidential Election & The Coming of The Term "Post-Racial"

With this recent U.S. Presidential Election cycle, the election of a Black Man (at least by the old school "one drop" and "would a cab at night stop for you" rule standard and his own words) with President-Elect Barack Obama had a lot of mainstream news media outlets throwing this the word "post-racial" around a lot.

News reporters and commentators said that now with this event, the country was now essentially free of any sort of ethnic and cultural issues between its peoples - a "post-racial" America has come to pass.

For the first in 8 years where folks actually knew who was going to be the President of the United States after Election Day (imagine that), the ultimate goal of the Civil Rights Generations had been achieved and now, neither protests of actions or words were not needed anymore for this new 21st century populace - the American Dream of Equality has come true.

That sounds nice and wonderful, but this totally not true.

If we were in a "post-racial" United States:

* Folks would not still be getting their collective panties and boxers in a bunch over folks wanting to actually have a serious discussion talk about race and it's impact in this country.

I mean really, if that can't get done, WTF do folks think is going to happen? The same pent up bad feelings and misunderstandings that this country had since slavery, Reconstruction and post-Reconstruction are going to continue to exists.

*Racial stereotypes would not have been used by both political parties (from advocating Coonery from Rich Black People along with so-called Activists to Sen. Hillary Clinton's blatantly stating that her base was White Americans to folks messing around with Obama's name to make him seem like a colored terrorist, to various politicans talking about "they" a.k.a. Folks of Color were going to be out voting) to try to bring down the President-Elect.

* The creative video editing of Reverend Jeremiah Wright's 10 seconds of calling folks out in his institution along with the debate/fear-mongering about Liberation Theology in the Black Church (and the public cutoff by President-Elect Obama of the man whos church his family worshipped at for over 20 years) would not have gotten it's Warholian 15.

* The idea that Black People in the U.S. besides the Huxtables could achieve a solid family structure and be educated (by the university to the streets) would not have seemed amazing in a Heavenly way or as something scary.

* The election of President-Elect Obama would not to some be a Batman signal for most media to tell Folks of Color - especiallly Black People in the United States - to essentially sit down, shut up and enjoy their "equality" when they see something wrong.

* There still would not be issues with FEMA's response to Hurricane Katrina.

* The so-called "War on Drugs" would be drastically changed and not feed into a Prison Industrial complex which population consists dispropotionately of People of Color for small time crimes.

This list could go on and on for days and weeks.

This year, a bag of potatoes wearing an American Flag should have been able to run for President and won in a popular and electoral landslide if someone stapled a decent political platform on it.

The United States and the world would not have had to go straight to Hell with gasoline boots on with an economy reaching to Depression-Era levels, the failing War on Terror and so forth to get a Man of Color in office who damned near had to shed the idea of what is "Blackness" (which for most is not a color that scares them, but a FIGHT against the system in some way) by some in the country.

I hope the best for what's coming up in the next few years for the President-Elect, not just for him or his family, but for the people in this country as a whole (it's going to take at least 4 years to get things decent if things go VERY well, let's be honest) and so maybe, just maybe, we can step closer to that "post-racial" era that not only means folks are looked at on the basis of their actions, but they do not have to culturally give up themselves to get there beacause other folks got shook.

2. Rappers Embracing of YouTube For Pre-Planned Overcooked Hip-Hop Beef

If your average Hip-Hop crew (the MC/rapper + the entourage of weed carriers/peoples form around the way who hang with you) can afford a cheap portable video camera or a high-resolution webcam to mouth off incoherently about the next man's woman/clothes/rhyme style/views/jewlery and how tough they are, I think money should be invested in a cheap laptop and Pro Tools LE to at least go about Hip-Hop Beef the old fashioned way, via crafting a dope song.

If we go by the Nas/Jay-Z feud (and compared to the 1980s, this is low grade), it's coming up to over 9 years since there was an engaging Hip-Hop Beef on wax.

When Ice-T vs. Soulja Boy gets play like it's major and not just two heads venting, there's a real problem (and that wasn't the worst of it this year).

Technology is nice, but please go back to the studio, don't commit goony action like beatdowns or stick up kid stuff with post-commentary words on tape and let's get some good music out of that one aspect of Hip-Hop Music please, thank you.

NOTE: 50 Cent's "Ja Rule Sings The Hits", while amusing and to me his best diss, was a skit. The songs were decent against other heads but became routine to the point of boredom (absolute equation being that an album coming out from the G. Unit Camp = Diss Track/Video against someone getting mainstream media shine).

3. "Exhaustion"

Rich People (in particular socialites and various entertainers) get "exhaustion" like your average person gets the common cold in the winter.

They suddenly get worn out by "hard work" (yeah, ok) then get to take mad time off, go to the hospitial/clinic/spa/vacation spot and rest on a whim the second this myterious illness (usually due to a bender of booze, sex and/or drugs or needing extra publicity) comes about.

Regular people get "exhaustion" and that's called your everyday life.

Working a 9 to 5 or your daily hustle, taking care of family, paying bills and living check to check is what brings about REAL exhaustion.

If the average person calls saying they need time off for "exhaustion" at the 9 to 5 and need a vacation (much less paid time off), that's an invite for most Big Bosses to give you a side eye and the Pink Slip to Unemploymentville.

For the 95% of Rich Folks and your publicists that bandy about "exhaustion" to dip off and cancel your obligations can dig yourself a hole, for real.

4. Dr. Dre's Detox LP STILL Hasn't Come Out

I truly do hope that this project is hot on a Sade comeback sort of vibe with some serious music, but really, if Guns 'N Roses, EPMD and AC/DC can drop new joints this year after a lot of time apart, what's the big hold up with the good Doc?

Not even a single has leaked as of yet that's been solidly confirmed to be a part of the Detox sessions, yet folks talk about it at least every few months.

Am I going to be 50 by the time this drops when it's found in someone's storage box, telling my children about the good ol' days of CDs and mp3s?

Five Other Random Music Albums Also Tn This Category Of Where The Heck Are They Coming Out:

MF Doom/Ghostface Killah collabo album
Fugees new album (which looks pretty impossible now)
Maxwell's new album
D'Angelo's new album
A new Regina Belle album that's NOT cover songs