Interesting News Links

Sources: White House Cut CDC Testimony On Effects of Climate Change on Health (SMH) - CNN

West Virginia Rape, Torture Victim on Attackers: ‘I Hope They Fry for What They Did to Me’ - Black America Web

The CIA's Torture Methods Were First Used by the Gestapo - Village Voice

Opinon: ‘Self-Help’: A Stolen Word Wielded as a Weapon Against Black Activism - Black Agenda Report

Some White Folks and/or Dumb A**es in General Have Noose Fever, Apparently: Man Arrested In GA For Tying Noose Around Tupac Statue (SMH) -

Are some of the Jena 6 Screwing Up? Peep The MySpace/Youtube Pics of Folks Bragging About Thuggin', etc. - Bossip

O.J. Simpson Keeps Losing: More Charges Against Him & His Peoples Up in Court - Yahoo

Rapper Foxy Brown Gets Solitary Confinement for Wilin' Out and Fighting at Rikers (Can This Broad Sit DOWN Please?) - D-Listed

Eye Candy for My Ladies and Whatnot - Denzel Washington on the Cover of Men's Vogue - A Hot Mess

Old Lady Does What Millions of Us Want to Do - Gets Gully with Hammer on Cable Folks Not Doing Their Job - Oh Hell Nawl

Stuff Like This Just Reinforces My "No Rush To Get Married" Stance: Check These Foolish Wedding Pics - Young Black & Fabulous

Stuff Like This Just Reinforces My "No Rush To Get Married" Stance Part II and/or Randomly Date: Norwood Young Pics( *dead* at the crocheted looking pants) - Crunk + Disorderly


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