Interesting News Links

Court Says Black Teen Genarlow Wilson's Sex Conviction 'Cruel and Unusual' Punishment; Is Freed - CNN

Students Forced to Take Class Picture By Skin Color (SMH) - The Mail (UK)

Bureaucracy Hampered Initial California Fire Efforts - MSNBC

Vice President Dick Cheney Doesn't Care About Fires, Likes Naps - via Radar Magazine

Why Some People are Making the Choice to Go To War in Iraq, etc. - Washington City Paper

Opinon: Baseball Fever: Race and the Cleveland Indians - Racialicous

Since Foxy Brown Blames Her Wilin' Out On Being Deaf, I Blame Not Paying My Bills on Time Due to My Astigmatism - A Hot Mess

Mayor's Office Of San Fran Withdraws Honor For Snoop; Exotic Erotic Ball Producer Reacts (Don't Even Need to Mess With This Title) -

Notorious B.I.G. Gets a Wax Statue at Madame Tussard's - Crunk + Disorderly

This Mixtape Cover from Lil' Wayne REALLY shows his Mean and/or Funny Streak (Depending on Point of View) - Oh Hell Nawl

Random As Hell: Harvey Keitel to Play Jerry Springer in Carnegie Hall Production - Yahoo

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