Interesting News Links

Genarlow Wilson: Plea Deal Would Have Left Me Without A Home As a Sex Offender, Had to Stand By Principle - CNN

U.S. Army Admits Black Soliders Were Wronged in 1944 P.O.W. Court Case - Black America Web

French Aid Workers Try to Smuggle Over 100 African Children from Darfur Out of Chad for Adoption, Get Arrested - BBC

Rudy Guliani's Secret 9/11 Commission Testimony Contradicts His Stump Speech - Village Voice

With New Device, Police Shake, Rattle and Roll: D.C.'s High-Tech 'Rumbler' Siren Emits a Low-Frequency Vibe You Can Feel - Washington Post

Lots of Folks think U.S. Congress is Subpar, According to Poll - CNN

Autism Testing Urged for Toddlers - MSNBC

Sex Scandal at Oprah's South African Academy - Rhymes With Snitch

T.I. Gets Out with Over $3 Million Bail -

Nation of Islam's Min. Louis Farrakhan Says T.I. Set Up In Upcoming Speech (that's pretty obvious, but eh) -

O.J. Simpson Stays Losing, More Folks Tied in With The Robbery Cop Pleas - Fox News 6

For my Baseball Peoples, the Boston Red Sox Won the World Series, But Do Y'all Need To Wile Out and Get Arrested? - Yahoo

Sean Kingston Begging for Groupies (Beautiful or Not) on MySpace? If True, SMH - A Hot Mess

Star Jones and her dude looking just a total mess and some Hollywood shindig; someone please tell Al that wearing an I-Pod at a party is NOT the businesss - Bossip

Dennis Rodman Looking Like a Drag Queen Dragged On The Turnpike @ Holloween Party - Rhymes with Snitch