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Troop was one of many great New Jack Swing R&B Music groups in the late 1980s/early 1990s. This group of childhood friends (Steve Russell, Allen McNeil, John Harreld, Rodney Benford, and Reggie Warren) had their main hits with the albums Troop (1988) and Attitude (released in 1990).

The group also continued to put out other good albums with Deepa (1992), A Lil' Sumpin' Sumpin' (1994) and Mayday (1998).

Troop still tours and perform live often all over the world.

One interesting and random unknown fact about Troop found due to the worlderful world of the Internet is that Troop member Steve Russell dubbed the singing voices of several minor characters (among them doo-wop singer Little Albert and the five brothers who make up the Jackson 5 pastiche "The Campbell Connection") in the 2006 film version of the Broadway Musical Dreamgirls.

One of the music joints that was the s*** for me from the Attitude album was "Spread My Wings", which below is the Flashback Video of the Day.

Besides the song being on some uplifting vibe, it had a good groove and the cheorography of everyone danciing in the video was casket sharp without feeling like the singing parts of the video were magically and/or poorly dubbed in on some old school Kung Fu flick stuff (Brittney Spears, I see you).

Hope you all enjoy!

Troop - Spread My Wings

Bonus Video:

Troop - All I Do

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