BlackRadioIsBack FlashBack Video of the Day: Rampage

Rampage had a pretty decent first album with the 1997 release of Scouts Honor by Way of Blood - it just suffered from "Amerie Syndrome" (insanely great singles, rest of album paled in comparison).

While being a member of Flipmode Squad (which depending on who's press release that you read still exists, doesn't exist or is reforming under a new name) along with Busta Rhymes, Rah Digga, Spliff Star, Lord Have Mercy and other folks, he didn't lean too heavy on that affiliation as an Hip-Hop MC, which can be appreciated in this day of weed carriers and when it feels like there are 15+ guest appearances per album release.

He has done numerous guest appearances, mixtapes and independent Hip-Hop album releases, including his latest album release of The Ambush this year.

I remember not being able to escape this joint, "Wild for the Night," back in the day on old fashioned mixtapes (on cassettes, folks), on the NYC/NJ Tri-State omni-prescient Hot 97 radio station (around the beginning of my 5 year stint at Rutgers University in New Jersey) and the parties.

This along with "Take It To The Streets" (whatever happened to the white chick who sang the hook, Billie something-or-other?) was at the present, the biggest joints that Rampage did on the mainstream music scene.

Here we go:

Rampage feat. Busta Rhymes - Wild For Da Night

Bonus Flipmode Squad Video: Rah Digga feat. Busta Rhymes - Imperial

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