BlackRadioIsBack Flashback Videos of the Day: Jackson 5

According to Jermaine Jackson, The Jackson 5 are going to reform with all of the original members to perform and tour in 2008.

* crickets *

I truly hope all goes well if this really jumps off, but something just screams "Hot Mess" and "I Need Attention" all over this thing.

It would be great to be surprised and have all of these folks sell out and put on a great show, but personally, their collective heyday ended around the early 1980s and we don't want to have a Bobby Brown wacked out live performance scenario times 5 go down or a Supremes Meltdown.

While The Jackson Family are pretty much known for being gossip fodder for crazy gear, crazy coupling, financial distress, kiddie issues, etc. at the present, they did put out a great deal of classic and good music as a group and as solo artists (with youngest member Michael Jackson of course, being the most famous of the Jackson 5).

Here we go with some videos of my favorite tracks by the Jackson 5:

Jackson 5 - Blame It On The Boogie

Jackson 5 - Medley Live on the Carol Burnett Show (1970s)

Jackson 5 - Can You Feel It

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