Flashback Video of the Day: Zhane

Zhane was part of that spurt of female singing groups in the 1990s - it felt like there you could walk around the corner and trip over some random R&B ladies doing duets, trios and quartets then who could actually sing and do a little dance routine at the same time (note the "at the same time" please) with a lack of studio magic, vocoders and or Final Cut Pro (for those video heads - you know you see someone dancing all hard then all of the sudden you see the lead singer's head on a body that's not theirs...I don't think so).

They had 2 albums put out together, Pronounced Jah-Nay (1994) and Saturday Night (1997) along with various appearances with artists such as Busta Rhymes, Flavor Unit and De La Soul. Zhane also did the remake of "Shame" for the Low Down Dirty Shame Soundtrack (which for me was WAY better than the actual movie, bleh at the Wayans' clan for that) and work on other music compliations.

I always liked the interplay and harmony that they had in their songs - the arrangments weren't too overblown, but folks still still dance hard as hell or do the mellow head nod/two-step to their joints.

At the present, both ladies who were in the group (Jean Baylor - known as Jean Norris at the time of the group - and Renee Neufville) are now doing various solo projects - check the MySpace pages below to see what's good (pretty solid music on both ends, actually).

Here are videos of some of my favorite songs by the ladies - hope you enjoy! :)

Zhane - Hey Mr. DJ

Zhane - Groove Thing

Zhane - Sending My Love

Renee Neufville MySpace Page
Jean Baylor MySpace Page
Zhane Wikipedia Listing

Bonus Videos:

Jean Baylor Live Performance

Renee Neufville Live

Renee Neufville - Forget Regret (Live)

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