Flashback Video of the Day: Angie Stone

With the Enough is Enough: Stop the Hate and Police Violence Rally and Concert going down this weekend in Washington, DC, I just wanted to put some inspirational soul music up for the people...

This is definitely one of those type of songs for me that Angie Stone did...not to my surprise, it didn't get played anywhere but Black and Urban Radio stations, but such is the way it seems when it comes to blantant pro-Black sentiments in music in the 21st century, no matter how hot the track is (see Hop-Hop MC Styles P and the entire "I'm Black" single promotion debacle).

Here we go:

Angie Stone - Brotha

Angie Stone, Alicia Keys and Eve - Brotha Part II

Bonus Video: Angie Stone feat. Betty Wright - Baby

Check out that new Angie Stone album, The Art of Love and War (Stax Records), when folks have the chance - It's a nice piece of work on the real.

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Angie Stone MySpace
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