Interesting News Links

Report on Chicago Police Torture and Forced Confessions Released (and you KNOW which population gets affected the most by that - SMH) - NY Times

Dual Epidemic of AIDS and Tuberculosis Threatening Africa - BBC

U.S. Diplomats Get Irate at Secretary of State Condolezza Rice and State Department About Forced Assignments in Iraq - MSNBC

Criminal Justice Meltdown in New Orleans? - Black Agenda Report

The RADAR Guide to C.I.A. Hospitiality - RADAR Magazine

Don Imus Will Get Back on the Radio Since The Noise Has Died Down After Calling Women Nappy-Headed Hoes - Black America Web

And Blackface is in Full Effect - Holloween Costumes - Oh Hell Nawl

Dog the Bounty Hunter Apparently Dogged Out His Son To Much: According to Lawyer, Son Sold the "N-word" Phone Conversation to the Tabloids - CNN

I Never Really Liked Sarah Silverman as a Comedian and This Mess Isn't Going to Help Me Cross Over To That Side - Racialicious

What in the MAC Makeup & Lip Gloss Hell is Up With Lil' Waynes New CD Cover - A Hot Mess

Random Foolishness: Man Angry With Son-In-Law Fingers Him As Terrorist To FBI - Yahoo