Interesting News Links - Weekend Edition

War on Drugs = War on Minorities - Black Agenda Report

Fox News Is Set to Replace CNN as Israeli's Leading Cable News Provider (Huh? * confused face *) - RADAR Magazine

Public Gets First View of Egyptian Pharoh King Tutankhamun's Face - CNN

Rev. Al Sharpton Backs Out of Protesting at Madison Square Garden Due to Isiah Thomas' Black B**** Comments, Says Out of Context (SMH squared) - NY Daily News

Cops Learning How To Extend Patrol Beats Online - Yahoo

New Clue Emerges In Murder Of Jam Master Jay -

O.J. Simpson's Foolishness with the Vegas Strongarming Was Already Known by the F.B.I....DAMN, get your rations for your jail cell ready, fam -

Let's Flashback A Bit Since Killa Cam aka Cam'ron of Dipset is Back on the Rap Scene: Cam'ron's Rhyme Book - Oh Word

Picture of Michael Jackson On the Cover of Ebony Magazine, His Wig Game is Tight, If Nothing Else - Bossip

K. Fed to Go on Oprah? Say Bye-Bye to Those $$$ Funds, Ms. Spears, if The Audience Is Feeling Him - D-Listed

This Here is Just Some Crazy Mess: J-Setting - Oh Hell Nawl