Interesting News Links of the Day

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Japan Ethnic Group Adopts Hip-Hop to Boost Cultural Awareness - Yahoo

U.S. Military Recruiters Target Black Youth Due to Earlier Declines - Final Call

Commentary: Why Oprah Endorsement Won't Help Out Obama - Time Magazine

Commentary: Colleges Block Black Coaches Out ... Again - CNN

Commentary: NBC News To Black Women: It Sucks To Be You - Average Bro

SMH: Older White Women Join Kenya's Sex Tourists - Reuters Canada

Dumb A** Award Of The Year: Man Tries to Deposit Fake 1 Million Dollar Bill In Bank - NY Post

Usher and His Lady Bring in A New Baby Boy - A Hot Mess

Trifling Hair Dresser Leaks Donda West's Voicemail Talking About Plastic Surgery - Bossip

Star & Buc Wild Return To NYC Radio - SOHH

Foxy Brown Calms Down Enough to Get Out Of Solitary Confinement at Rikers - Rhymes With Snitch

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Cash Money CEO's Busted With Weed, Guns -

Hello Kitty Should Not Be Saying Hello Around This Area - Oh Hell Nawl