Says Whut? - Ray J Going For the Mixtape Scene and Being a Tough Guy

This picture confuses me for some reason....

* dead at the porno cover not even giving the dude props like that and calling an R&B cat a "Hip-Hop Star"*

Ever since that entire porno deal w/ that Kardashian broad, Ray J is doing everything I guess to keep his status up from the old school "Oh, that's Brandy's Little Brother" steez to being whatever definition of "grown man" is jumping off these days.

Whatever is clever to me - people can do whatever music they like as long as its decent and folks don't act like too much the a**.

The e-mail I recieved says this is "Ray J: Raw and Uncut".

* crickets *

There are plenty of bad jokes I can make, but now is not the time.

I'm just going to drop these music joints on folks and ask you what ya think since they're supposed to be on some heavy hitter mixtape DJs (DJ Kay Slay, DJ Fade & DJ Artillery) upcoming tapes soon.

I honestly haven't listened them yet and probably won't anytime soon - what do y'all honestly think of the music?

Do I have a reason to try and/or be pleasantly surprised or is this mp3 Recycle Bin material?

Ray J - No Porno S***

Ray J - Snakes in the Grass

Bonus Video with Ray J During Slightly More Innocent, Less Porn-y Times:
Ray J feat. Lil Kim and Pharrell - Wait A Minute