Common Does Get-Out-the-Vote PSA for Presidential Canidate Barack Obama

This PSA was done by the organization, Vote Hope, which is from their information, is "a new statewide political network championing democracy and justice in California".

The purpose of the commercial and other PSAs/commericals in the future is to get people - especially those of communities of color - ready to vote in the United States presidential primary in that state and others on February 5, 2008.

So far on the Democratic Party's end, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton seem to be the one's gunning for the big race in 2008.

At the end of the day, all I want is for voters to go ahead and make an educated vote, whether is for a "major" party, third-party or independent person on a write-in without relying on just stupid slogans, follow the leader tactics ("my peoples are voting for dude, why not me?") and folks yelling at each other on political news shows.

We see what happened when a lot of the country didn't do that (and maybe hasn't for a while, depending on your point of view) - a lot of displeased folks in regards to social, economic and cultural issues.

Check it out the PSA with Common right here - what do you all think?

Vote Hope Organization Website