Mary J. Blige Album Cover for "Growing Pains" & Some Extras

The cover for this upcoming Mary J. Blige album that's supposed to be jumping off in December of 2007, Growing Pains, looks pretty cool, kind of on some old school soul, "I'm Getting My Grown Woman On" action.

The single on the airways, "Just Fine", is pretty cool little dance joint - I'm just content that she's kind of slowing down on the "I'm depressed/angry/upset as hell" dynamic on her songs no matter if they were slow or up-tempo (which I guess is due to some good changes happening in her life, thankfully).

She's always good for remixes though, even on the songs I wasn't as crazy about on her albums - I'm waiting for someone to make it hot on the House Music so I can cop that 12"/CD/mp3 in due time.

Here's the Just Fine video with Mary J. getting a little bit of her dance on - what do you all think: Flashback Video: Method Man feat. Mary J. Blige - I'll Be There For You

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O Hell Nawl said...

Lookit Mary getting her grown woman on.!!

DJ Fusion/FuseBox Radio Broadcast said...

Nah mean?

She's not trying to stay stuck in permanent youth mode to the point of looking crazy like that aunt who wears clothes too tight in her 50s and whatnot, which is good when folks get older, esp. in the R&B realm.

Long as her album doesn't do a Beyonce bi-polar hysterics/love thing, its all good.