Interesting Links

Missed a few days of news goes:

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Last Two Officers Get Federal Sentences in Race-Fueled Attack on Black Men in Milwaukee - Black America Web

Trials of a Hip Hop Educator: Between T.I. and the Isis Papers

The Best Books of 2007 (Read A Book!)- Village Voice

Michael Vick Faces Sentencing On Monday - Yahoo

For My Boxing Fans: Floyd Mayweather Stops Hatton In 10th To Retain Title - MSNBC

Bun B Talks Pimp C, "The Last Time I Saw Him I Hugged Him & Told Him I Loved Him" - SOHH

Reggie Wright Jr. Accepts $100k Challenge, Denies Connection in Tupac Murder -

Amazing… 13 Year Old Canadian Sings Ella Fitzgerald’s “Airmail Special” - A Hot Mess

Opposite of Amazing = Wackness: Fergie (Who Is Doing a Mike Jackson RMX soon - Bleh) Wrecking a Song Live - D-Listed

Weekend Ignance To Make You Feel Better About You and Your Peoples From My E-Peoples at Oh Hell Nawl - Oh Hell Nawl

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Ivy Leaguers Unable to Identify Toilet - Radar Magazine