Interesting Links

Former U.S. Attorney General Gonzales In On CIA Tape Destruction Talks - CNN

FEMA Official: Higher-Ups Delayed Katrina Aid - MSNBC

Congress Passes Bill to Strengthen Freedom of Information Act - Truthout.Org

Famed Black Documentary Producer-Director of "Half Past Autumn: The Life and Works of Gordon Parks," "John Henrik Clarke: A Great and Mighty Walk" and "Paul Robeson: Here I Stand.", St. Clair Bourne, Dies (R.I.P.) - Black America Web

Reparations Anxiety - The American Prospect

The Racist Roots of the Anti-Immigration Movement - Black Agenda Report

Absentee Dad Can't Profit From Son's 9/11 Death - NY Daily News

Cops on Steroids - Village Voice

The Obama Effect: Have The Dreams Of The Civil Rights Movement Been Realized Or Deferred? - The Nation

The Tale of an Ivy-League Hoaxer (story is loony as hell) - Time Magazine

Weird Science #1: Smoking Weed Takes Another Hit: Scientists Say Cannabis Smoke 'Has More Toxins' Than Tobacco - BBC

Weird Science #2: Men May Become Extinct, Leaving Only Women to Represent Human Race - Times Online

Racial Preference, Huh? For Whom? (cartoon) - Racialicious

WTF: Addicted Doctors Are Allowed to Practice Medicine - Yahoo

The “Just in Case” Hustle - HustleKnockin'

Condolences to Hip-Hop MC Lil' Mama for Her Mother's Passing - A Hot Mess

Video: Mobb Deep MC Prodigy at the Shooting Range w/ His Son - Nah Right

Oprah and Steadman Are Still "Together"? - Bossip

Ashford and Simpson Still Rocking '80s Gear and Hair - Crunk + Disorderly

Keep It Surreal: De La Soul - BeautiFullest MuthaShip

Reflections on Hip Hop Culture, Christianity & Social Capital - via MySpace Blog

Beware Shakeekee & Nay Nay… Stop Naming Kids for Random S*** - Oh Hell Nawl

White Folks Gossip #1: Britney Spears' Sister is Pregnant - D-Listed

White Folks Gossip #2: Amy Winehouse Gets Arrested - A Socialite's Life


Joan Lynn Clayton said...

You have a great news mix. I just have to say noooooo on the men going extinct possibility.

It's sad that Lil Mama lost her Mom.

Somebody needs to tell they grandma Simpson that Rave plastic dresses are not the bizness.

I think if rehab was public information for doctors, less would go and that would probably lead to more problems in the office.

DJ Fusion/FuseBox Radio Broadcast said...

Hello Joan,

Thanks for hitting up the site and the love..really appreciate it! :)

Yes, the men going extinct thing made me feel VERY unhappy, even if I won't be around when they say that mess will happen.

And while Ashford and Simpson have written and sang awesome music, see through gear in your 60s is NOT the business at all.