Interesting Mixtapes of the Week #5

What's good everyone,

Here is another week where I'm hitting up the people some more some free promotional mixtapes and mixtape podcasts for download that are pretty on point - not just from the FuseBox Radio/ crew, but from all over the place.

I have gone through a lot of e-mails of submissions, websites and bootleg men this week digging for mixtape releases (thanks to everyone for that) and luckily have a few new quality joints for the people.

Get your blank CDs ready and support the local mixtape (well, I guess mix CD now in this technological age and whatnot - haven't seen an actual cassette tape with a mix in over 10 years) bootleg man/mom and pop store, website, etc. - we have four old and new joints for you to grab a hold of.

For my DJs, if you do good Hip-Hop, Soul, Rock, House, Reggae, Classics, etc. mixtapes or are an artist with your mixtape album out you don't mind having posted as promo on the web, feel free to hit the family up at with a link to your mixtape with cover and tracklisting - hopefully, we'll put your joint up on here.


PLEASE don't send me no B.S. with folks:

A. Yelling loud as hell over the song on some fake DJ Clue/DJ Kay Slay/DJ Khaled/Funkmaster Flex ish and I can't hear the damned song but 10 seconds of it (mics have volume control...thanks)

B. Mixtape "exclusives" that are on the radio - if its dope its dope, don't need the fake labeling

C. Overall wackness

* NOTE - These mixtapes are dirty versions, no radio edits! *

Here goes:

House of Reggae Pt. 22 Mixtape Podcast
1. The Lyrics - Music Like Dirt
2. Jimmy Cliff - I'm Free
3. Leroy Smart - Mother Liza
4. Bobby Ellis - Mr Ellis
5. Steel An' Skin - Afro Punk Reggae (Dub)
6. Have Sound Will Travel - Police And Youth In The Grove
7. Castro Brown - Babylon A Button
8. Burning Spear - Free The Whole Wide World 12"
9. Brigadier Jerry Live on Jack Ruby's Sound
10. King Kong - Legal
11. Beenie Man - Jamaican Style
12. Capleton - Fire Man Anthem
13. Keith Poppin - Hopscotch
14. Carol Kalphat feat Clint Eastwood - African Land 12"
15. Fred Locks - Real Rastaman

J. Armz & Cutmaster C: How To Be An MC 80s Edition (Instrumentals) Vol. 1

1. Warm It Up Kane (Produced By Big Daddy Kane)
2. Vapors (Produced By Marley Marl)
3. I Got It Made (Produced By Howie Tee)
4. So What Ya Sayin' (Produced by erick sermon)
5. Microphone Fiend (Produced By Eric B.)
6. Call Me D Nice (Produced By D Nice )
7. Peter Piper (Produced By Jam Master Jay)
8. Public Enemy #1 (Produced By Bill Stephney)
9. The Formula (Produced By Dr. Dre)
10. Ain't No Half Steppin' (Produced By Marley Marl)
11. Knowledge Me (Produced By Andre A. Brown)
12. The Bridge Is Over (Produced By DJ Scott La Rock)
13. Play This Only At Night (Produced By Dennis Bell)
14. Paid In Full (Produced By Eric B.)
15. My Adidas (Produced By DMC & Rick Rubin)
16. Rock The Bells (Produced By Rick Rubin)
17. You're A Customer (Produced By Erick Sermon)
18. Top Billin (Produced By Daddy O)
19. Brooklyn's In The House (Produced By Cutmaster DC)
20. Young, Gifted & Black (Produced By Marley Marl)
21. It's My Thing (Produced By Erick Sermon)
22. Self Destruction (Produced By KRS One & D Nice)
23. The Bridge (Produced By Marley Marl)
24. Straight Outta Compton (Produced By Dr. Dre & DJ Yella)
25. Sucker MC's (Produced By Larry Smith)
26. Nuthin' (Produced By Doug E. Fresh)
27. Children's Story (Produced By Slick Rick)
28. On The Radio (Produced By Sylvia Inc.)
29. Paul Revere (Produced By Rick Rubin)
30. The Overweight Lover's In The House (Produced By Marley Marl)
31. I'm Still #1 (Produced By KRS One)
32. Riker's Island (Produced By Marley Marl)
33. You gots to chill (Produced By Erick Sermon)

DJ Hood & Sam Scarfo - Free Lunch

1. Sam Scarfo & DJ Hood "Free Lunch" Intro
2. Where U From
3. Freestyle - Sam Scarfo & Killa Black
4. Minute To Pray - Straps feat. Sam Scarfo & Mizzery
5. Freestyle - Sam Scarfo
6. My Block - Sam Scarfo & Mizzery
7. Heartbreak Hotel - Sam Scarfo
8. CTE Freestyle - Young Livio feat. Sam Scarfo
9. Whitegirl Freestyle
10. Whitehouse RMX - Rick Ross feat. Sam Scarfo
11. Never Change Freestyle - Sam Scarfo & Mizzery
12. Run New Jerz RMX - Sam Scarfo feat. Deemi
13. Love Freestyle - Sam Scarfo
14. Livin' In The Moment - Straps feat. Sam Scarfo
15. I'm Ready - Killa Black feat. Sam Scarfo
16. So mebody Watchin Me - Bless feat. Sam Scarfo & Andrea Lee
17. My Music Freestyle - Sam Scarfo
18. Met Her On Myspace - Osama feat. Sam Scarfo
19. Run up RMX - Twista feat. Sam Scarfo
20. Homicide - Sam Scarfo
21. Misery - Con Air
22. U Don't Know Me - Sam Scarfo, Young Livio & Mr FAB
23. Chocolate Ty - Andrea Lee f/ Sam Scarfo
24. Sam Scarfo & DJ Hood "Free Lunch" Outro

Bizz - Strictly Bizness The Mixtape Vol. 1

1. Intro
2. Wake Up
3. Get Around
4. Strictly Biziness
5. Top of the World
6. Doin' My Thang
7. Roll On
8. What They Want
9. Cocaine (Skit)
10. In My Hood
11. Break It Down
12. Get This Right feat. Neyo
13. Keep On Pushin'


S.K. said...

You weren't playing when you said you were digging for mixtapes.

Nice choices!!

But did you hear that Lil Kim has a mixtape coming out? Sounds like it might be good. :o)

DJ Fusion/FuseBox Radio Broadcast said...

Hey S.K.,

Yup, I heard about far, until I hear some heat rock, she gets the side eye from me...I'd like to be surprised, but I'm a bit cynical on her.

Once I get the link, I'll probably post it up regardless and let folks have at it, good or bad.

Anonymous said...

Mad propz on all of these mixtapes. They are hott joints.