Mixtapes of the Week # 8: Merry ChristKwanzaaSoulticeFestivus!

What's good everyone,

Here is another week in the building where I'm hitting up the people some more some free promotional mixtapes and mixtape podcasts for download that are pretty on point - not just from the FuseBox Radio/ crew, but from all over the place.

I'm going to be on vacation from the December 28th until the January 3rd, 2008 (2-0-0-Ocho) to celebrate the birthday (New Year's Eve, chea), so more likely than not, I won't be posting up too many posts on here during that time (if any) and wanted to hit those folks who check out the site a little something musically to hold folks over.

From my peoples who hit me with hard copies or e-mails of submissions, suggestions, websites and bootleg men (yes, for real, those "hit up so and so for the hot s***" info dropped on me) in the past few weeks of various mixtape releases (thanks to everyone for that), I thank y'all a lot for supporting this venture.

So your blank CDs ready for these 7 joints and support the local mixtape bootleg man/mom and pop store, DJ, website, etc.

DJs, if you do good mixtapes of Hip-Hop, Soul, Rock, House, Reggae, Classics or are a music artist with your mixtape album out you don't mind having posted as promo on the web, feel free to hit the family up at with a link to your mixtape with cover and tracklisting - hopefully, we'll put your joint up on here.

NOTE (as always):

PLEASE don't send me no B.S. with folks:

A. Yelling loud as hell over the song on some fake DJ Clue/DJ Kay Slay/DJ Khaled/Funkmaster Flex ish and I can't hear the damned song but 10 seconds of it (mics have volume control...thanks)

B. Mixtape "exclusives" that are on the radio - if its dope its dope, don't need the fake labeling

C. Overall wackness

* NOTE - These mixtapes are dirty versions, no radio edits! *

Here goes:

DJ Manny Faces Presents The Soul of a Man: Teddy Pendergrass and Luther Vandross


1. Teddy Pendergrass - One In A Million You
2. Luther Vandross - Going In Circles
3. Teddy Pendergrass - I Can't Live Without Your Love
4. Luther Vandross - A House Is Not A Home
5. Teddy Pendergrass - Turn Off The Lights
6. Luther Vandross - If Only For One Night
7. Teddy Pendergrass - Come Go With Me
8. Luther Vandross - Here And Now
9. Teddy Pendergrass feat. Stephanie Mills - Feel The Fire
10. Luther Vandross feat. Cheryl Lynn - If This World Were Mine
11. Teddy Pendergrass - Interview Clip (
12. Teddy Pendergrass - Let Me Love You
13. Luther Vandross - Interview Clip (CNN)
14. Luther Vandross - Superstar/Until You Come Back To Me
15. Teddy Pendergrass - Close The Door (Live)
16. Luther Vandross - Never Too Much (Live)

DJ Delz, Klassik & Profluent Present: Pimp C - Trill Immortal (Hoseted By Hezeleo)


1. Hezeleo, DJ Delz, Klassik, Profluent - Intro
2. UGK - Tell Me Something Good
3. UGK - Short Texas
4. UGK – It’s Suppost To Bubble
5. UGK - Front, Back, Side To Side
6. UGK - Pocket Full Of Stones 2
7. UGK - Underground
8. UGK - Diamonds and Wood
9. UGK – One Day
10. UGK - Murder
11. Scarface, UGK - Down With Us
12. Jayz ,UGK - Big Pimpin’
13. Three Six mafia, UGK – Sippin’ On Some Sizzup
14. Pimp C ,Lil’ Keke, Pop – Knockin’ Doorz Down
15. Lil’ Flip, UGK, Z-Ro - Coming Up
16. UGK, Paul Wall - Hold Up
17. Chamillionaire, UGK – Ridin’ Dirty
18. UGK, Jay-Z, Young Jeezy, Z-Ro - Get Throw Up
19. UGK, Outkast - International Players
20. Chamillionaire, UGK, Slim Thug, Mike Jones, Paul Wall – Won’t Let U Down
21. Hezeleo, UGK- Cadillac
22. Hezeleo, DJ Delz, Klassik, Profluent - Outro

Peter Bud Presents: Budsmoker Crew Mixtape (Reggae mp3 Podcast Ready Download - lots of joints about the "green")

Dub Floyd - Hip-Hop Docktrine Two: 'The Official Boondocks Mixtape' (Hosted by Little Brother & Skyzoo)
Login: blackradio, Password: abc123


1. Little Brother Intro
2. Wally Sparks - League Crew Intro
3. Chaundon - The Boondocks Them 2.0
4. Dub Floyd ft. Chaundon & Ash - Hip-Hop Dock-Trine
5. Cool Cee Brown ft. Phonte - No Fear
6. Tanya Morgan - Walk This Way
7. Erykah Badu ft. Little Brother - Honey (Wally Sparks Mix)
8. Skyzoo - Never Sleep
9. Skyzoo & Joel Ortiz - A Brooklyn Summer
10. Ja$ - T.R.O.Y. (Freestyle)
11. Phonte Speaks
12. Cormega ft. Little Brother - The Rap Game
13. Jozeemo ft. Little Brother - Lose It
14. J. Davey, Pacific & Diz - sLAyers
15. Little Brother - Rise To Fall (Mick Boogie Mix)
16. Pugs Atomz ft. Hall Of Fame - Black Boy
17. Skyzoo ft. Maino & Stimuli - Cop & Go
18. Sha Stimuli - The N Word Song
19. L.E.G.A.C.Y. - The Trial
20. Illa ft. Rapper Big Pooh - Respect It
21. DJ Spinna ft. Phonte - Dillagence (J. Dilla Tribute)
22. Cunninglynguists ft. Phonte - Yellow Lines
23. Rashid Hadee ft. Common - Let Go (Wally Sparks Mix)
24. Amanda Diva - Supa Woman
25. Little Brother - Phonte's Favorite Characters
26. Tanya Morgan - Bout To Be Some
27. Blue Checks In
28. Blue - The Only Way
29. Skyzoo Speaks
30. P.H.E.A.R. - I Love Her Again
31. A Tribe Called Quest - Bonita Applebum (Flashback)
32. Little Brother Outro

SK Vibemakers Presents...Jeeday Jawz - Shark Infested Flow Vol. 1
Download Link #1
Download Link #2 (Backup)
Download Link #3 (Backup)

1. Chronicles DVD
2. Intro
3. Multitopical
4. Jeeday Speaks: History in Jeeday Jaws
5. Blazer
6. Jeeday Speaks: What Separates Jeeday Jawz from other MCs
7. Never C Me Fall
8. Scarface Freestyle
9. Jeeday Speaks: The Name Jeeday Jawz
10. Don’t Switch
11. 64 Bars Running
12. Jeeday Speaks: Affliations (Bigz + Alliance Inc)
13. Go Nutz
14. Jeeday Speaks: Styles
15. Gash Boss
16. Windows 2000 & Jawz
17. Drop It Like It’s Hot RMX
18. Jeeday Speaks: Working With Faith SFX (Ghetto Fairytales)
19. Ghetto Fairytales feat. Faith SFX
20. Jeeday Speaks: Jeeday Jawz A Grime MC
21. Kiss Da Ring
22. Some Girls
23. Hustlin’ On Road
24. Jeeday speaks Grime MCs got the upperhand
25. Verbally Bleeding
26. Wot You Staring At feat. Mister Chib
27. Jeeday Speaks: Terror Danjah Link Up (Zumpi Huntah)
28. Gettin’ That Paper (Zumphi Huntah)
29. Jeeday Speaks: The Future For Jeeday Jawz
30. You Gonna Love Me
31. Shoutouts/Bonus Track: Sex
32. Bonus Track: Hammer

Alpha-bet & Delo: The Warm Up - One Take Mixtape


1. The Warm Up Intro
2. We Walk Detriot
3. I'm Popular: the Street Album
4. Bang On The Table Is An Army
5. I Like The Competition (skit)
6. Bitch I'm On The Grind
7. I Will Annihilate (skit)
8. Child of the D
9. Alpha-bet Speaks
10. White Girl for A Stack
11. You Must Train For This (skit)
12. Song for Man (Keep Your Head Up)
13. Alpha-bet Speaks
14. Goin' Out Buckin'

Big Mike & Trafficker Management Present: International Gangster


1. Intro
2. Pray
3. American Dreamin'
4. Hello Brooklyn 2.0 feat. Lil' Wayne
5. No Hook
6. Roc Boyz (and the winner is)
7. Sweet
8. I Know
9. Party Life
10. Ignorant S***
11. Say Hello
12. Success feat. Nas
13. Fallin'
14. Blue Magic
15. American Gangster