MySpace 8 - Week 3 - Where Are They Now? Edition

** Note - Due to distractions of life (a.k.a. my trying to have one of some sort in between this, the 9 to 5 and the radio show) and whatnot, I've fallen a bit behind with these MySpace 8 postings...sorry about that. Now, besides the mini-info pieces, we have a listening section with each clip for folks to check out a little bit of what the music artist on display has done. Hopefully you'll dig it, check out their sites, maybe spend some $$$ on some music, etc. and we'll all be happy...yay. **

Since MySpace has pretty much become an important part of music artists promoting themselves (if for no other reason, its free to setup something that looks decent and can play your music to the masses), and the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast has started going a weekly segment where we highlight eight music artists who do we personally feel are on point doing quality Black Music of various genres.

Folks over here are pretty much on MySpace every day checking artists out, but if you feel we're missing you, hit us up at the MySpace Page or at our e-mail at

This week we're going a bit off the beaten path to find out what's happened to some Black Music artists who we haven't heard a lot from lately, especially in the "mainstream" realm.

Here we go:

Jocelyn Brown (best known in the mainstream for solo vocal work with 1980s hit "Somebody Else's Guy" and collaborations with various artists, groups and labels such as Kleer, Inner Life, the Salsoul Orchestra, Chic, etc.; is still releasing various new material with groups like Groove Collective and solo R&B and House music tracks)
Genre: Soul/Nu-Jazz/House
MySpace Page:

Joceyln Brown - Vacation Time

Renee Neufville (formerly of 1990s R&B group Zhane, hits included "Sending My Love" and "Groove Thang"; is currently working with and touring with RHFactor Collective with Jazz Legend Roy Hargove)
Genre: Soul/R&B
MySpace Page:

Renee Neufville - Everything

Corey Glover (member of legendary Black Rock group Living Colour; currently still works with the group as well as solo records and acting)
Genre: Rock
MySpace Page:

Corey Glover - Rose

YZ (classic late 1980s New Jersey MC with some great re-releases on the Tuff City label; best known for singles in the mainstream such as "Thinking Of A Master Plan"; currently has a radio show and new album coming out in 2008)
Genre: Hip-Hop
MySpace Page:

YZ - You Know Me

E.U. (Experience Unlimited - best known in the mainstream for hits "Doin' The Butt" on the School Daze Movie Soundtrack and "Shake Your Thang" with Salt N Pepa)
Genre: DC Go-Go
MySpace Page:

E.U. - Taste of Your Love

Wise Intelligent (best known in the mainstream as an MC for Hip-Hop group Poor Righteous Teachers and their hit, "Rock Dis Funky Joint"; currently has a solo album out "The Talented Timothy Taylor" and has been doing many guest collaborations with folks)
Genre: Hip-Hop
MySpace Page:

Wise Intelligent - Go With Me

Amel Larrieux (formerly of 1990s R&B Group Groove Theory - best known in the mainstream for the hit "Tell Me"; has been releasing quality solo albums since, the last few independently as well as a feature on a new Tupac song "Resist The Temptation")
Genre: Soul/Jazz/R&B
MySpace Page:

Amel Larrieux - If I Were A Bell

Nappy Roots (Kentucky Hip-Hop multi-man group best known in the mainstream for the single "Aw Naw"; has a new album Innerstate Music coming out soon independently along with various current and future solo MC projects)
Genre: Hip-Hop
MySpace Page:

Nappy Roots - Who Got It Where's It At