MySpace 8 - Week 4

Since MySpace has pretty much become an important part of music artists promoting themselves (if for no other reason, its free to setup something that looks decent and can play your music to the masses), and the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast has started going a weekly segment where we highlight eight music artists who do we personally feel are on point doing quality Black Music of various genres.

Folks over here are pretty much on MySpace every day checking artists out, but if you feel we're missing you, hit us up at the MySpace Page or at our e-mail at

We have some sample music tracks from each MySpace 8 artist up on here now for folks to listen to - check out their MySpace pages for more cool joints and other information.

Here we go - hope you enjoy the music on here and can support these and other worthy music artists on the scene:

Genre: Hip-Hop
MySpace Page:

Dynas has been on the independent Hip-Hop grind for a minute and with his lable, Badgramma Records and connection with the Rawkus 50 campaign, has plenty more quality soulful music to come and hit the masses. Check the single below from Dynas and "True Dat" feat. Opio to get an idea of his vibe.

Dynas - Figure It Out

Billy Cook
Genre: Soul/R&B
MySpace Page:

This talented Texas singer has been in the music industry since 17, with his first major collaboration being with Big Mike on Rap-A-Lot records. Since then, he's worked with music artists such as Fat Pat, Chamillionaire, Devin The Dude, 8-Ball & MJG, Bun-B of UGK, Scarface, Trae, Z- Ro, Mike Jones and Slim Thug in collaborations on his independent projects and mainstream releases. Check out "Lovers" on his MySpace page and the track below to get a concept of his talent.

Billy Cook feat. Chamillionaire - Rockstar

Genre: Soul/R&B
MySpace Page:

Recent signee to the legendary Stax Records music label, N'Dambi's previous albums (Little Lost Girls Blues and Tunin Up & Co-Signin) made a lot of noise on the independent Soul circut as well as her background singing work with Erykah Badu. On her MySpace page, check out "If We Were Alone" and our favorite track below.

N'Dambi - Can't Change Me

Danger Wass
Genre: Reggae
MySpace Page:

Jamaican Dancehall MC Danger Wass has been on the scene since 2000, recording for various labels and producers, including classic reggae label VP Records (for various reasons, the full length album never was released). Check out his skills on the track we've chosen below and the song "Empress" on his MySpace page.

Danger Wass feat. Sugar Minott and Abijah - Angel 'N Thugs

Honeychild Coleman
Genre: Alternative/Dub/Electronica
MySpace Page:

Afro-Punk guitarist and DJ Honeychild Coleman is one of the members of Black Rock group, Apollo Heights(also back in the day known as The Veldt) and has been going her thing for quite some time. This talented lady has a solo album coming out in the Spring of 2008 that mixes Rock, Electronica and Dub Reggae vibes. Check out the track "It Could Be Worse" and our selected track below to see what's good.

Honeychild Coleman - Molecule wOrange

The One Sun Lion Ra
Genre: Hip-Hop
MySpace Page:

Philadelphia Hip-Hop & Spoken Word MC The One Sun Lion Ra - the son of one of the members of the seminal Soul & Funk group Mandrill - has taken on classic sound boom-bap properly, not sounding like a thin carbon copy of past MCs of decades past with flavor. Check the MySpace for tracks like "Black Woman Live" on the MySpace and peep the single below.

The One Sun Lion Ra - Hip-Hop Changed The World

Genre: Soul/Funk/House
MySpace Page:

These Brooklyn, NY folks are all over the place with theirs - striaght up R&B at times, Hip-Hop another time frame, lounge-y house, whatever is clever. With a record coming out soon on Smacks Records and a lot of singles in the mix, Vicelounge are definitely heads to look out for in the new year. Check out the MySpace page to see what's up and sample the single below in the meantime.

Vicelounge - Aqua Negro Tension

Whild Peach
Genre: Rock
MySpace Page:

I first heard of this Georgia Black Rock crew through the movie soundtrack for Outkast's Idlewild. Checking out their MySpace page - where the movie soundtrack song "Mutron Angel" is displayed - and official website, these folks are really on that grind - been rolling with the Dungeon Family for years - and have a lot to offer for my rock heads.

Whild Peach feat. Goodie Mob - Just About Over