Just Because This Was Sent Over: Chingy's New Album To Listen To If You Need Something To Do

Backstory on why the hell this post is even on here:

I am crazy bored at the 9 to 5 today since the day is going by terribly slow and I'm actually a pretty good employee who has their paperwork done in advance.

So I'm checking my e-mails, various websites and whatnot to stay awake until the magic hour when I can roll out and end up run into this link and a press release for Chingy's new album.

Personally, I thought Chingy was a rip-off of Nelly when dude first came out and hearing "Right Thurr" in constant rotation (and that was pretty much it from that album, that I remember) made me want to hit radio and video programmers upside the head with a solid steel tire iron repeatedly.

In other words, your girl isn't crazy about this dude.

I suppose for party joints, etc. that he will do with a few shots of Patron and in this day and age, Chingy isn't the most wack/ordinary/non-distintive MC cat out there - its just not my cup of tea in the least.

* shrugs * Maybe that's just my old woman status in the game.

So I tell you folks what, you can click here, give the joint a free listen and tell me what you think of this new album by him, Hate It Or Love It (* crickets * and fruitcake to whomever came up with this "creative" title * rolls eyes *).

The joint with Amerie (poor girl can't catch a break) that in rotation now, "Fly Like Me" isn't making my ears bleed, but I'm not amazed with at all either.

Should I give this a solid listen, avoid it like the plague, what? Let me know!

For those who take on this mission, here is the tracklisting:

1. Intro
2. Hate It Or Love It
3. Check My Swag
4. Fly Like Me (w/ Amerie)
5. Kick Drum
6. Gimmie Dat (w/ Ludacris & Bobby Valentino)
7. All Aboard (Ride It) (w/ Steph Jones)
8. Trickin' Off Skit
9. Spend Some $
10. 2 Kool 2 Dance
11. Lovely Ladies
12. How We Feel
13. Roll On 'Em (w/ Rick Ross)
14. Blockstar

Chingy Official MySpace