Somebody's Always Listening - FBI Can Hear You Even If The Cell Phone is Turned Off

I recieved this video clip while eyeballing MySpace (thanks Freedom Development Group Inc.) and felt that I should share it with everyone.

In case you're doing some criminal dirt (drug dealing, pushing unregistered guns, money laundering, etc.) and aren't using smoke signals or something while your cell phone is in range, you're pretty much doomed.

For the aveage man, this means the government has the ability to get more in your personal business - not a good look whether you're doing wrong or not legally (since we know at times legality and morality of doing things right sometimes don't cross-intersect in society).

Remember, this is what folks are publicly showing society, you KNOW there is some other mess out there that's technologically crazy to check people out if they want to.

Just some food for thought....