Interesting Links - Happy New Year 2008! Mega Edition

What's up everyone,

I hope that the New Year has been going well for far for everybody in the 2 - Double "O" - Ocho (yes, my Spanish language skills are limited like that).

Over here at and the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast, folks are rubbing the sleep out of their eyes from vacation/born day celebrations and are getting back on the grind to bring you all of the good music and other quality info that we can to y'all on the daily (mostly).

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Below are some links of news, multicultural gossip, some music link and other interesting things and whatnot that happened while folks were away from the Internet(s):

IRS May Delay Tax Refunds This Year - Yahoo

Fear And Grief: Community In Shock After Deadly Kenyan Church Attack - BBC News

U.S. Presidential Election: What's in Stake With the Iowa Caucus Anyway? - CNN Politics

Study: Whites More Likely Than Minorities To Get Narcotics From ER Doctors - CBS News

DNA Test Expected to Free Texas Inmate - NY Post

Attorney For D.C. in Gun Ban Case Fired - Washington Post

Liberty City 7 Trial: A Foretaste of Things to Come - Black Agenda Report

The Whoppers of 2007: Reviews Political Distortions Of The Year - Newsweek

Murdered Ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan Benzair Bhutto (R.I.P.) Leaves An Interesting Legacy for Women - Associated Press

USDA Bets the Farm on Animal Electronic ID Program - The Nation

Commentary: Good Black Actors in Dubious Roles Continue to Garner Praise and Awards from Hollywood - Black America Web

What’s Behind The American Gangster? - The Final Call

After Decades in Prison, Three Friends Try to Sort Things Out - Village Voice

Black Folks Gossip #1: Vivica Fox is A Hot Mess - Supposed Video Tape Out of Her Giving Some Dude "Special" Oral Servicing - Crunk + Disorderly

Black Folks Gossip #2: DMX May Be Doing A Gospel Album? - A Hot Mess

Black Folks Gossip #3: Eddie Murphy Marries Tracie Edmonds -

Black Folks Gossip #4: B2K's Raz-B is Hanging with Chris Stokes (AFTER Rape Allegations)?! - TMZ

Black Folks Gossip #5: Boxer Roy Jones Talks About Fighting His Dogs (Be Careful) - Rhymes With Snitch

Good Music: Ghostface vs. Jay-Z: American Ironman Remix Album - Oh Word

Good Comedy: Clip from Kat William's American Hustle Movie - Oh Hell Nawl

Beyonce Is An Irreplacable Connect 4 Genius -

WTF News #1: Man Stabbed With Pork Chop -

WTF News #2 :XL Underwear Smothers Fire, Saves Kitchen - CNN

WTF News #3: 'I Ain't That Fat': Pair Say Buffet Banned Them - MSNBC

WTF News #4: Isiah Thomas Thinks the Knicks Basketball Team Will Win A Championship With Him In Charge * crickets at delusion * - NY Daily News

White Folks Gossip #1: Britney Spears' Custody Case Lawyers Quit, Say She's Tripping - D-Listed

White Folks Gossip #2: Kim Kardashian's Booty Not Yet Locked Down - A Socialite's Life

White Folks Gossip #3: FatBack & Collards List of Celebs Who I Hope Expired in 2007 - Fatback & Collards

White Folks Gossip #4: Paris Hilton and K-Fed Party on New Years & Both Look Like Straight Cornballs -