Interesting Links

Picture: U.S. Democratic Presidental Candidate Barack Obama Posing with Mr. Potato Head in Iowa (Source: Seattle Times)

Former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover Planned Mass Arrest of Americans for Disloyalty In Declassified Documents - Slate

U.S. National Unemployment Rate Hits 5 Percent - NY Daily News

Kenya's Humanitarian Crisis Grows - BBC

U.S. Presidental Election Caucus News: Obama Takes Iowa in a Big Turnout as Clinton Falters; Huckabee Victor - New York Times

New Jersey Weighs Becoming First Northern U.S. State To Apologize for Slavery - International Herald Tribune

Massachusetts Jury's Racial Attitudes Questioned (SMH at this story) - Black America Web

Lockheed to Pay $2.5 Million In Racial Discrimination Case - Washington Post

Apparently, If Barry Bonds Was A Coke Head, He Wouldn't Be Answering Questions About His Record Right Now: Tennis Player Hingis Banned 2 Years For PositiveCocaine Test - NY Post

Opinon: Vote... Or DIE!!! Really?!? - AverageBro

2007: The Year In Lies - RADAR

"Pastor" Mase (Guess Being A Thug MC With G-Unit Was An "L") Has A TV Show - A Hot Mess

Eddie Murphy's Wedding Pic Looks Nice, But I Dunno... - Bossip

Play of Old School Hip-Hop Group Kid 'n Play Involved In Accident, But OK; Driver Shot By Police - SOHH

Unexpected and Odd News #1: BWAHAHA At Lil' John Snatching The Mic From Avril Lavigne To Do The New Years Eve Countdown At The Club - D-Listed

Unexpected and Odd News #2: Gangster Rapper C-Murder Hosts Book Club Discussions -

White Folks Gossip: Britney Spears Totally Snaps, Possibly Under The Influence & Kids Taken Away (Sad For The Kiddies) - A Socialite's Life