Interesting Links

Comic Taken from Tom The Dancing Bug Website

FEMA Offers Refunds For Katrina Trailers - MSNBC

Some White Folks Can Get Away With ANYTHING File #1: White House Study Found 473 Days of E-Mail Gone (Yeah, Right) - Washington Post

U.S. Presidential Election #1: Dark Arts: Dirty Tricks Mar U.S. Campaign, As Two Key States Prepare To Vote - BBC

U.S. Presidential Election #2: The Confederate Flag Strikes Again In Influence For Southern Vote Segment - The Field Negro

WTF News #1: Cops Hunt Killer Of Baby, Tot, Moms (Sick S***) -

WTF News #2: Please Spank These Judges: Harrasment Lawsuit for Spanking Employee Thrown Out - NY Post

WTF News #3: Clothing Company American Apparel Ad Jumps Into Immigration Debate - Racialicious

Weird Science #1: Scientists Make Cloned Embryos From Skin Cells - CNN

Weird Science #2: Brain Surgery Lets Epileptic Woman Be Able To Listen To Music - Yahoo

IRS Agent: Why Wesley Snipes Can Beat His Tax Fraud Trial - Video

C.Y.I.N. The Sequel: When Keepin' It Real Goes Wronger - AverageBro

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Street Gangs (But Didn’t Know Whom to Ask) - NY Times Blogs

Some White Folks Can Get Away With ANYTHING File #2: Britney Spears Gets Off - RADAR Magazine

Talk About Being Thirsty As Hell for Attention: Hire Your Own Personal Paparazzi - TIME Magazine

Oprah Talks About Sexual Self-Pleasuring On Her Show and With That, I Have No Comments - Huffington Post

Comedian & Radio Show Host Steve Harvey Saves Us From Looking At His Receding hi-Top Fade, Goes Bald - Radio Facts

OK Mr. Cameraman & Announcer, Let's TRY To Not Obviously Be Staring At Venus William's Booty - A Hot Mess

Ginuwine Files Another Lawsuit Over Messed Up Contract - Rhymes With Snitch

Eminem For Slim Fast - D-Listed

Rock Of Heltah Skeltah Faces Attempted Murder Charge -

Rev. Run's Family Welcomes New Baby