Interesting Links

The Boondocks Agreeability Test - How Many Cats (especially those who deal with the music biz) Have Seen This Mess? (from Cartoon Network's Adult Swim website)

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U.S. Presidential Election #2: The Voter ID Fraud - The Nation

Suspect Arrested In Black Student Stepha Henry's Miami 2007 Disappearance (Sad Ending) - NY Daily News

WTF News #1: The Plague Is Making A Comeback As A Dangerous Disease - Yahoo

WTF News #2: Dozens Report Seeing UFO Flying Low & Fast In Texas - MSNBC

More Record Label Company Job Losses: EMI Set to Cut Up to 2,000 Jobs - BBC

The Death Of The Black Comedy - AverageBro

1520 Sedgwick Ave. Tenants Team with Kool Herc To Buy Famous As "Birthplace of Hip-Hop" Projects -

DMX To Pay $1.5 Million For Lying About Rape - A Hot Mess

Supermodel Naomi Campbell Is Dating Argentina's President Chavez?! Huh? - D-Listed

Khia's Great Love Advice Just Keeps Coming Through - Crunk + Disorderly