MySpace 8 - Week 6

Since MySpace has pretty much become an important part of music artists promoting themselves (if for no other reason, its free to setup something that looks decent and can play your music to the masses), and the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast has started going a weekly segment where we highlight eight music artists who do we personally feel are on point doing quality Black Music of various genres.

Folks over here are pretty much on MySpace every day checking artists out, but if you feel we're missing you, hit us up at the MySpace Page or at our e-mail at

We have some sample music tracks from each MySpace 8 artist up on here now for folks to listen to - check out their MySpace pages for more cool joints and other information.

Here we go - hope you enjoy the music on here and can support these and other worthy music artists on the scene:

Genre: Hip-Hop/Jazz
MySpace Page:

Washington, DC MC and Producer Kokayi's style is a crazy blend of Jazz and Hip-Hop fusion styles that he's had in the mix since his work with the crew Opus Akoben from it's formation through the Freestyle Union (the organization founded in 1994 by Toni Blackman and Monty Tafin) the 1990s.

Kokayi has worked with artists such as DJ/Producer Sharkey and C-Rayz Walz for their upcoming album release “Monster Maker” (Babygrande Records), Soul music singer Wayna and plenty of other folks.

He now as a great CD currently available called Mass Instructions on his label Pho13Music. Besides our favorite track from the Mass Instructions album, DCB, check out "Knowusmayne" and "Gamesteady" on his MySpace page for some quality bangers.

Kokayi - DCB

Genre: Hip-Hop
MySpace Page:

Hevewae (a.k. Mr. DMV) is another Washington, DC area Hip-Hop MC who's music is in the realm of what is known in the region as Crank Muzik - what I look at as more 21st Century Forward Crunk Hip-Hop style of vibe. I've seen his releases, promotions and things out heavy while doing my travels around the DC Metro area and checked out the MySpace page.

The bro definitely has some energetic, tear the club up street Hip-Hop music going on that I think can fit in with any of the lastest Southern Hip-Hop joints on blast on the radio and video channels now and hopefully, this young bro can get signed and/or some solid distribution with someone who's quality to get the music out there to more of the masses.

Check out the "What It Do Moe" single featuring Babylon from this upcoming street album release in March 2008, "The Ill" to get a gauge on where folks are at that we chose here over at and also give a listen to "Hood Pride" on the MySpace page.

Hevewae feat. Babylon - What It Do Moe

Genre: Soul
MySpace Page:

I personally been following Atlanta Soul artist and songwriter Donnie since he had the album release for his first insanely cool album The Colored Section on Giant Step records around 2001-2002 (it was re-released on Motown Records in 2003 and in my personal opinion, was promoted terribly by the label).

He has an old school soul vibe with his music (some folks I think would think of a Stevie Wonder or Donnie Hathaway), but he's definitely a modern day hard hitting topical brother with the things he talks about on his songs (everything from Hurricane Katrina, love, the "legal" drug industry, racism, etc.) and is able to balance that out with great grooves and not coming off as overly preachy.

Folks over here chose "Impatient People" from his latest album, The Daily News, to give a sample of his flavor of music - also check out "911" on Donnie's MySpage page.

Donnie - Impatient People

Genre: Electronica/Folk/Indie
MySpace Page:

UK Producer Spoonface has a focus on all kinds of Dance Music - Eletronica, House, Soul, Dub, Drum & Bass, Broken Beat and Nu-Jazz just to name a few genres.

Through his record label, FAADA (Forever And Always Diverse Appreciation), he puts out various releases by himself and other groups to span these Black Music genres for some quality "four on the floor" joints to get people on the floor to groove and shake off the wallflower syndrome that seems to happen to some heads in the club.

Check out this release from Spoonface feat. Baby below, "Nah Nah", and "See Me Now" and "Circus World" on his MySpage page.

Spoonface feat. Baby - Nah Nah

Genre: Trip Hop/Soul/Electronica
MySpace Page:

France via New York City Music Artist Traedonya has a very extensive history in the realm of Black Music - from performing with jazz greats like Etta James to being a recording artist of the old school Hip-Hop Tuff City Records label and beginning member of the Blackwatch Movment and Hip-Hop crew the X-Clan.

Now, through her own company, Prohibition Entertainment, she is releasing some very interesting music joints that are a blend of Electronica, Soul and Rock music.

We chose the international single "Beloved" for folks to groove off of Traedonya's creativity. Also check out the live version of "Addicted" on the MySpace.

Traedonya - Beloved (Original UK Version)

Genre: Rock/Glam/Pop Punk
MySpace Page:

Red is a UK Rock trio formed in 2001 of lead vocalist and guitar player CoCo, bass player and vocalalist Luna and drummer Chi after a meeting among mutual friends.

They have shades of folks from Minnie Riperton to Led Zeppelin as musical influences, so you know that their music is going to be far from boring and ordinary. chose Red's "Her" as a foundation to get where they are coming from with the music. On the MySpace page, "Reality" and "Kiss My PBA" are cool joints was well.

Red - Her

Cindy Blackman
Genre: Jazz/Experimental/Rock
MySpace Page:

Cindy Blackman is a talented Rock, Funk and Jazz drummer who has officially worked, recorded and toured with famous Black Rock musician Lenny Kravitz since 1993 as well as session work with music artists such as George Benson, Angela Bofil, Al B. Sure, Jackie McLean, & Joss Stone amongst others.

She has done work with her own bands (9 in all) throughout the years, her latest being Music For The New Millennium.

Definitely not restrained by others definition of what Black Music should be, her solo work and collaborations with others is extremely varied and diverse.

Check out one of our favorite tracks, "The Three Van Goghs" below and "Call From The Ancestors" and "All I Want" to get an idea of Cindy Blackman's work.

Cindy Blackman - The Three Van Goghs

Stephcynie Curry
Genre: R&B/Rock
MySpace Page:

Stephcynie Curry is an up and coming New York via Texas singer who has done background vocal work for artists such as Hidden Beach's Lina and has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree In Jazz Vocals from the prestigious New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in New York City.

This talented unsigned artist's vocal flows from Jazzy Soul to more hard edgy grooves and sounds. Hopefully though hard work and grind, we'll be seeing more of this young sister's work for the masses to hear in the future.

Check out one of our favorite tracks from Stephcynie, "Save My Love" - also check the great track "Struggle" on her MySpace page.

Stephcynie Curry - Save My Love