Comedy: My Big Redneck Wedding

(Yes, this picture is real from the wedding and from the episode I posted below)

While drugged up this weekend on Theraflu due to having a bad cold and in between watching folks talk/yell on CNN about the U.S. Presidential Election and cartoons (it WAS the weekend), I caught this show while in between bouts of sleep and grogginess on CMT (Country Music Television - I told y'all I was drugged up).

If nothing else, My Big Redneck Wedding counterbalances a little bit the crazy Black People (or Hip-Hop or Youth) stereotypes constantly on TV in general (much less "reality TV") as of late...

Just watch it all the way through and have some laughs after work, while sneaking in your YouTube time at the 9 to 5, etc. :)
My Big Redneck Wedding Episode

If y'all want to see more of this craziness, go to the CMT My Big Redneck Wedding official website here.