New Music: Lizz Wright

Hey there folks,

We have some new Jazz Music for heads to check out over here at haven't covered a Jazz Vocalist in a minute, so here goes:

Lizz Wright had two pretty nice albums released in the past few years that showed off her cool vocal range and style that kept the CDs in rotation (the lady is gospel trained, but is really heavy into mixing R&B and jazz) with Salt and Dreaming Wide Awake.

Here's a listen to the streams of her new single, "My Love" from the upcoming album The Orchard on Verve Records (will be dropping on February 26, 2008) for folks to check out:

Windows Media Stream
Quicktime Stream

What do y'all think of the joint? Fromi her earlier track record, I dig her work and don't see folks falling off (plus she's supposed to be working with the bro Chocolate Genius, who's albums are CRAZY).

We'll get the downloads up and ready of the single as soon as we can...

Bonus Video #1: Lizz Wright - Old Man (Live in Basel, Switzerland - 2005)

Bonus Video #2: Lizz Wright on PBS Tribute to Ella Fitzgerald Doing "Reaching For The Moon"

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