Valentine's Day Music Focus: The Many Sides of Love with Classic Soul Music Singer Barbara Mason

Happy Valentine's Day if you celebrate it and whatnot from your folks at and the FuseBox Radio. :)

Since the folks over at Oh Word have already covered a great list of Hip-Hop Love joints, I decided before running out of here to my gig to hit folks up with one of the long lasting soul music artists who covered a lot of the ranges of emotional love, Ms. Barbara Mason.

To give a little bit of background history on her, Barbara Mason is one of the originators of the "Philly Soul" school of Soul Music, first breaking into the industry in a major way with the 1965 self-penned ballad, "Yes, I'm Ready", at 17 years old.

Ms. Mason has had a great string of Billboard charting hits that blended Soul, Jazz and Funk Music (lots of which she wrote the lyrics too) since then (interestingly enough on relatively smaller labels like Buddha, Unidisc, Artic and West End than the Motowns of the day).

Her style of singing has influenced such current Soul Music artists like Angie Stone, Alicia Keys and Mary J. Blige. She now currently owns her own recording label, music production & promotion companies - Lioness Recordings, Mason Media Recordings and Marc James Music.

Since Ms. Mason came into the game young - both the music industry and life in general - and literally grew up in song, a lot of her music to me just shows the ups and downs of various love relationships and how folks interpret such things from childhood to being grown.

As you folks will see in these downloads, those emotions can range all over the place - happy to sad, matter of fact to crazy emotional, innocence to jaded, sane to bats*** crazy.

We've all been there sometime in our lives, I think, and hopefully your significant other (or hell, just you) are more on the good side of things rather then the bugging out stages of Love and Life.

Here goes the music from Ms. Mason as a gift from us to you to download - enjoy and if you're feeling it, show some love (ha) and purchase some CDs from her!

"Happy Go Lucky" Youthful Love
Barbara Mason - Yes I'm Ready (1965)

"Damn The World and Determined to Make Folks Mad At Your Actions And Talk Smack About You Being With This Character" Love
Barbara Mason - Shackin' Up

"I'm Sad That We Broke Up And I'm Really Feeling That Mess HARD" Love
Barbara Mason - Feeling Blue (2007)

"I'm Bitter After My Last Few Relationships and I Thought It Was All Good To Take Your Man And Found Out The Is Being Gay, Ain't That Some S***" Love
Barbara Mason - Another Man (1983)

Bonus Video: Barbara Mason Live on PBS

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