Today Is National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

What's up everyone,

Today is National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day here in the U.S...

We over here at know that while this disease affects everyone, it has a particularly hard impact on People of Color all over the world in disproportionate numbers and rates of spreading. This is especially true of those People Of Color of Black/African Descent, especially with the youth and women.

To all of my peoples who are sexually active (one of the fastest ways HIV/AIDS spreads), GET TESTED as soon as possible and regularly, protect yourself through being selective on who you choose to deal with on that intimate level and use what's available to reduce the risk of infection (condoms, etc.).

For whatever reason (drug companies can't find one and/or aren't really going all out to get things done, etc.), there is no cure for HIV or AIDS. This means the frontline of defense is ourselves.

National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day Website

Places to Get Tested for HIV

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