Says Whut?: Lil Wayne's Print Ad for Strapped Condoms

I am for promoting safe sex as much as the next person, especially we're in the day and age of HIV and AIDS where folks are happy as hell to get out of the free health clinic after finding out they got The Clap like they found out they weren't the baby's father on Maury, so you know things aren't the business.

This ad though for Strapped Condoms (which from the info I've checked out, seem to be a fine company who professionally is handling things, besides this interesting imagery below) featuring Hip-Hop MC Lil just looks 1,000 kinds of wrong and not right, I'm sorry:

I get the picture that dude is supposed to be a cop or some such thing and whatnot, but um....yeah.

This ad gives me those memories of that scene in Pulp Fiction when the gangster Marcellus Wallace played by Ving Rhames (one of the most slept on Black Actors of all time) got the bad end of "the business" from those hick white dudes in the pawn shop/record store (where in thereafter in the clip below, he had to "get medieval on thier ass" after they did that to him):

As long as these joints are top quality (you don't play around in the arena of protecting yourself, PERIOD, damn the money) and don't end up being up cashier's area in the Dollar Tree or other local area Dollar Store/bodega soon (where the razors, batteries, smedium packaging of deoderant), then it's all good in my book.

Check out some more information about Strapped Condoms here on their MySpace Page and Official Website.

And as a bonus, here is a song with my personal favorite Lil Wayne verse in it that made me realize that dude can be more than just a little nice on the mic, when driven (the energy level for him is never really the issue):

Outkast feat. Lil Wayne & Snoop Dogg - Hollywood Divorce (from Idlewild Movie Sountrack) mp3 download


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Don't know if you got one, but over at Highbrid Nation we got a cease and desist from Strapped Condoms telling us to take down the any ad with Lil Wayne, to never say anything bad about them again and to not even link to other sites with the ad. Of course we had a nice little laugh. Then we published the cease and desist and wrote an open letter to Strapped just to show the world how stupid they are.

Anonymous said...

what does eveyone think about the carter 3?