New Music: DJ Trackstar & NYOil - 9 Wonders Mixtape (NYOIL Versus 9th Wonder)

What's the deal my peoples,

From my St. Louis DJ family, DJ Trackstar, over here at and the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast, we have the latest music project from independent Hip-Hop MC, NYOIL.

This is a very dope project with how the songs are set up as well as the message (since we know sometimes, that can get lost in the sauce in regards to quality when you try to get Hip-Hop joints in this modern day era to have a little substance to them) - the brother know he is still making MUSIC for heads to get into in conjunction with everything else.

Check it out, download and hope you enjoy!

DJ Trackstar & NYOil - 9 Wonders Mixtape (NYOIL Versus 9th Wonder) Mixtape Download Link


1. Shout It In The Streets
2. The Difference
3. Don't Get It Twisted
4. More and More
5. Close Your Eyes
6. Purrfect Beat
7. CONSpiracy Theory
8. Free the Jena 6
9. Drop Squad
10. Dumbass
11. Y'all Should Get Lynched
12. Spoken Interlude
13. The Hate That Love Made
14. Each Morning
15. Unreal
16. The Investor
17. Chain Hang Low
18. What Up My Wigga
19. Hood Treason
20. Cap'n Save A Hoe
21. You're A Queen
22. 4-Luv feat. Big Nay
23. Self-Destrukkktion
24. Seems Like feat. Dan Wallace

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Bonus Video: NYOIL - Conspiracy Theory (from the DJ Trackstar & NYOil - 9 Wonders Mixtape)