Shameless Self-Promotion: Soulbrotha - The Exodus Mixtape (Hosted By DJ Fusion)

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Been on the grind like crazy going through songs to place on the iPod Food and Eats section (will have together this Thursday) as well as the Mixtapes of the Week (going to be a Mega Post of at least 15 - 20 joints).

In the meantime, here is a free download we are now able to release of the latest mixtape from your peoples from the and the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast DJ Fusion to check out and enjoy...

This is the second mixtape project (check and get the free download of the first one, the Music for Agony mixtape here) that folks over here have collaborated on with the very talented independent Texas by way of Nigeria Hip-Hop artist Soulbrotha (a.k.a. SB).

ALL of the songs on The Exodus Mixtape are clean/radio friendly (so you can blast it at work without have the bossman/boss lady give you the crazy look - well for that reason anyway), so sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Soulbrotha - The Exodus Mixtape (Hosted By DJ Fusion) Download (zip file)
Soulbrotha - The Exodus Mixtape (Hosted By DJ Fusion) Podcast Ready mp3 Download


1. Intro (prod. by Andre Jackson)
2. Born For A Purpose (prod. by Mahjik, scratches by Jodo)
3. Illuminate (prod. by Hurricane Ivan)
4. Karizma feat. Rukus (prod. by K-V)
5. Naija Tin (arranged by Doug Funny)
6. Be Great Now or Later (prod. by J-Zone)
7. '06 'Till Infinity
8. 85' Get Down (prod. by B-Live)
9. Word In Yo' Life
10. Wahala feat. Rukus & Mercy (prod. by Marciano Beats)
11. After (The Afterparty) feat. Rukus (prod. by Andre Jackson)
12. Naijaluvthing feat. Keno (prod. by Erik Rico)
13. Never Let Up feat. Plussign (B-Live & Soulbrotha) (prod. by Infekt)
14. It's What You Do (prod. by B-Live)
15. Song of Sorrows feat. Mercy (prod. by Random)
16. Just A Dream (prod. by DJ Don Cannon)
17. Shy Groovin' feat. Alexis (prod. by Doug Funny)
18. Lord Thanks Gifterlude
19. Outro (prod. by Andre Jackson)

Soulbrotha Official MySpace Page
Soulbrotha Official Website

Bonus Video: Soulbrotha - Born For A Purpose (Produced and Directed by Soulbrotha and A.B.)

Born For A Purpose


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