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WTF News #1: Louisiana Officials & Residents Demand Answers From FEMA Regarding Unused Supplies That We Supposed To Go To Victims of Hurricane Katrina (SMH) - CNN

Sorry, President Bush, But Your Legacy Is More Awful Than You Think - The Huffington Post

U.S. Representative Dennis Kucinich Introduces Impeachment Resolution for President G.W. Bush To Congress - Washington Post

WTF News #2: America's Medicated Army - TIME Magazine

What The Supreme Court Guantánamo Bay Ruling Really Means For Detainees In The "War On Terror" - Newsweek

Grand Theft Digital; How Corporate Broadcasters Are Hijacking Digital TV - Black Agenda Report

US Foreclosure Filings Surge 48 Percent in May 2008 - Yahoo News

The Rich and the Rest of Us - The Nation

Inside Angola Prison, Louisiana's Last Slave Plantation - CounterPunch

Tribal Jackpot: A Casino Made Native Americans Rich, But Not Happy - BBC News

Whose Feminism? - Racialicious

Delegation of British Baptists Apologize For Slave Trade Effects In Jamaica - The Final Call

WTF News #3: Fox News Continues It's DumbA**ery - Refers to Michelle Obama as 'Baby Mama' - Black America Web

WTF News #4: Ex-Heavyweight Boxing Champion Mike Tyson Accused Of Putting Out Contract On Brooklyn Drug Gang - NY Daily News

WTF News #5: MTV'sTila Tequila Apparently Had Too Much of Her Namesake: Thinks Court Case Making Gay Marriage Legal In California Because of Her and Her Show - US Magazine

What Happens When Corporate Art Goes "Urban"? - Washington City Paper

WTF News #6: Radio Personality Wendy Williams' Husband Accused Of Hatching Murder Plot - SOHH

Doesn't Either Side Have Anything Else Better To Do News: Al Sharpton Vs. Lil' Wayne (BRIB Editor's Note - No Really, This Story Is Real - No Wonder Why Black Folk Are Taken Seriously At Times, SMH) -

Ho Shoes For Your Baby! (SMH) - D-Listed

Another Day, Another Lawsuit: Jay-Z Gets Sued For Biting Another Rapper's Rhyme Style - Bossip

White Folks Like To Inappropriately Text Their Mistresses Too - Oh Hell Nawl

Pimp Daddies: Radar Salutes Hollywood's Creepiest Father Figures - RADAR Magazine

Cop A Hot Comb: Godfather of Soul James Brown's Stuff Up For Auction - Tha Feedback

Bug in Mouth Brings Out the Street in Reporter - Watch more free videos on!