New Music: DJ King Assassin (Mixshow Blast DJz) New Weekly Exclusive Radio Broadcast Megamix

Hey there folks,

Here is another special made Hip-Hop & Soul Music mini-MegaMix (15 minutes) for the and FuseBox Radio Broadcast audience from my peoples, DJ King Assassin of the Mixshow Blast DJz.

As long as we get them, are going to continue to share these dope mix segments as mp3 downloads to y'all as extracuriccular iPod Food & Eats to grab up for free, listen to, share & give to others, etc.

Sit Back, Relax & Enjoy!

Podcast Ready mp3 Download


1. The National MixShow Syndicated Blast Anthem (Intro)
2. Michael Jackson - Wanna be Starting Somethin"
3. Nucleus - Jam On It
4. Makaveli - Hail Mary
5. C-Side - Fly
6. Scarface - Big Dog Status
7. Wreck Wregular - Buy The Bar
8. Boney Bonez Dj King Assassin Drop
9. Boney Bonez - U Say
10. DJ King Assassin Presents The High-Fee Movement feat. Motion Man - Crackin Tall Ones