U.S. History Has Been Made On June 3, 2008...We Hope That It Will Truly Lead To Some Form of Change

Barack Obama claims Victory & Makes History as first African-American To Head The Presidential Ticket Of A Major U.S. Political Party (Source: CNN)

In the 21st century, we should not have to be happy about Black/African-American Firsts anymore but seriously - regardless of how you may feel on each side of the political fence - this is a very important and wonderful occasion.

The thing my parent's and previous generations of Black People in America thought would never happen has...someone taken seriously of Color as President of this country.

There is a huge battle to go for Senator Obama with skirmishes from within his own Democratic Party (Sen. Hillary Clinton will not sit down and be classy about it, but that is so terribly not a surprise at this juncture) and the Republican Party of Senator McCain as I am typing this first round of political posts in the morning here on BlackRadioIsBack.com (including a bit of advice for the man to keep his dignity intact)...

We can only hope - and as voters of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds and ages must push, for the "Yes, We Can" attitude and grind for substantial positive change in this country and in the world at large from everyone running and make the slogan much more than that - have it be the start of a manifesto of a real movement (especially from our youth voters and new Voters of Color - let's not get played out now by ANYONE including Obama, since the power of the ballot is obviously there and scares the Status Quo).

The best and most powerful vote we advocate for is an educated vote - BlackRadioIsBack.com and the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast wants folks to remember that coming into November 2008, regardless of party affiliation ("major" parties, third parties, etc.).

Make sure that voice is heard and is loud, whatever direction you go in.

More to Come From Us Soon...Peace!

Video: Sen. Barack Obama Victory Speech


Mark Prime (tpm/Confession Zero) said...

How is it possible-
that in an age of such a shredded foundation,
that in an age of such unprecedented warring,
that in an age of such unequaled corruption and
terrible sadness that a moment as this could come?

How is it possible-
that we now proceed with this stunning milestone,
that we march onward in the footprints of revolution
though the course is not curved of our choosing
and the strident shriek of the dying cover our skies?

How is it possible-
with the end written before the bright and new beginning,
with our expectations rutted in dishonest obligation,
with the world’s eyes peering down into our shame
that our pathway is not ruled by immeasurable detonation?

How is it possible-
that the air that we scorch doesn’t blink or make a sound
as we push and shove our burning way through it
with sorrow at our flank speaking of others as mere fodder
for our wholly unrestrained hubristic nourishment?

How is it possible-
That this plot has begun at the end of such torturous ire,
at the back of gloom instead of the heart of illumination?
That this story even has words like hope and change within it
is certainly the most astounding thing of all!

Anonymous said...

Yes We Can!! Support Obama