Interesting Links - Mega Fireworks 4th of July Edition

Justice Department Considers Racial Profiling For Terror Prevention (SMH at THIS Garbage) - The Huffington Post

Sean Bell Case Headed Back To Court -

Authorities Probe Unsolved 1946 Lynchings - Black America Web

Black Neighborhoods On Lockdown: Trinidad Neighborhood in D.C. And More All Over The U.S. - The Finall Call

The Hidden History of U.S. Broadcasting - Black Agenda Report

Ways and Means: Russell Means and His Drive To Form A Seperate Lakotah Nation in The U.S. - Washington Post Magazine

WTF News: Angry Beau Sicced Pitbull On Girlfriend's Kids - NY Daily News

Monsanto and GM Food: The Global Seed Police - CounterPunch

Disaster Capitalism: State of Extortion - The Nation

The State of Patriotism - TIME Magazine

Addicted to Race Podcast #92: Black Chinese in South Africa, Racism In Fashion, Obama Talks White, Etc. - Racialicious

Warning Letters Sent By Virigin Media To 'File-Sharers' On The Internet - BBC News

Racism Still Obviously Exists News: Blacks Given Phony ‘Ghetto’ Names In High School Yearbook - MSNBC

Scientists Have Nothing Better To Do News: Watermelon: A Natural Viagra? - Newsweek

Three, Two, One: A Final Say with Music Legend Bob James - Wax Poetics

MTV Has Classy Programming: A Shot At Love 2 With Tila Tequila Finale (SMH) - D-Listed

Evil Is Afoot And Checks Need To Be Cut: New Kids On the Black And New Edition Record A Song Together?! In 2008?! Me No Likey - Tha Feedback

More Stuff Black People Hate: Irresponsible White Men (editor's note, I FULLY Agree) - Stuff Black People Hate

Confronting the Douchebag Plague - RADAR Magazine

Skeet or Delete: Ode To Drawstring Ponytails - Crunk + Disorderly

Hooker Ass Ho Bus Pulled Over In Miami - Oh Hell Nawl

Death Row Records Is Now Under New Management - A Hot Mess!

Nas Really Going On Some Throwback Business Deal: Does Business Deal With Fila -

DMX Stays Losing and Getting Arrested AGAIN - Bossip

Pharrell from the Neptunes REALLY Wants to Get Rid of Those Tattoos - Rhymes With Snitch

Amy Winehouse Is Wilin' Files #9,999 -

Thug Slaughter Force - No Tight Clothes Music Video (check their reasoning behind all of this mess in this Village Voice Article here)