Interesting Links - "Post Racial World, Eh?" Edition

The Thing About This Cartoon For The & FuseBox Radio Broadcast Family Viewpoint Is Why Does A Sista With An Afro (And Inferred Pro-Black Mentality) As Big Of A Danger To America (Or Bigger) As A Terrorist...Hmmm (The Satire Gets a Big FAIL)

U.S. Presidential Election #1: David Remnick On That New Yorker Cover: It's Satire, Meant To Target "Distortions And Misconceptions And Prejudices" About Obama - The Huffington Post

U.S. Presidential Election #2: Are They Going To Steal 2008? - Greg Palast

U.S. Presidential Election #3: Jesse Jackson and Barack Obama: An Awkward Past - Newsweek

Sudan's Leader Charged With Trying To Wipe Out Darfur Tribes - Yahoo

Black Neighborhood in U.S. Denied Water Service for over 50 Years (SMH) - Black America Web

Lock ’Em Up, Earn Big Bucks?: Federal Grant Promotes Racial Disparity In Law Enforcement And Needs Fixing, Say Advocacy Groups - The Finall Call

Nelson Mandela At 90 - Time Magazine

Group Looking To Re-Open Senator Robert F. Kennedy's Murder, 40 Years Later - NY Daily News

Jesse Helms, American Bigot - The Nation

Lookout When You Share That Stash: Sharing Drugs? You're A Dealer! - RADAR Magazine

$12 A Gallon Of Gasoline: The Real Scare - African American Political Pundit

"Why Are All The Brothers In The Kitchen?" - The Field Negro

The NYPD Rips Up Rappers - The Village Voice

Britain's Secretive S&M Scene - BBC News

Erykah Badu Blast Off On Haters of Her Lifestyle HARD - Necole Bitchie

Soul Singer Faith Evans To Write Tell-All Book - Rhymes With Snitch

This Is Unexpected News: Snoop Dogg “Walks The Line,” Remixes Johnny Cash Song - SOHH

Hip-Hop Artist Young Berg Is A Dumb***, Publicity Machine Makes Him Apologize For Comments On Dark Skinned Women -

It's The Real Presents: The Young Buck and The Chainless Part 2 Video - A Little Comedy to Start Your Monday