Shameless Self-Promotion: 3D, E. Reece Management & DJ Fusion Present: Syxx - The New Voice of Florida R&B Mixtape

What's good everyone,

Hope things are well with you and yours! :)

It's been a bit crazy being on the grind through setting up things for the Mixtapes of the Week section, juggling some new mixtape projects (be on the lookout for the Radio Broadcast mixtape project with Flipmode Squad's and H.A.T.E. Klub's Reek Da Villian and U.R.B.Z. - dropping sooner then you think), running around with the FuseBox Radio Broadcast and just life in general.

While all of this is going on, I just wanted to hit folks in the head with a free download of one of the latest projects from the and the syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast family from DJ Fusion to check out and enjoy...

This is a mixtape sampler project we had the opportunity to collaborate on with the very talented independent Soul Music artist Syxx, representing Tampa, Florida.

ALL of the songs on this mixtape are clean/radio friendly (so you can blast it at work without having "The Man" give you the crazy look and/or talk).

Sit back, give this a download and some feedback when you get the chance, relax, and enjoy!

Podcast Ready mp3 Download
Zip File Download (Track By Track)

3D & E. Reece Management Present:
Syxx - Tell Me How You Want It
The New Voice of Florida R&B

Hosted By DJ Fusion (FuseBox Radio Broadcast/


1. Intro
2. Syxx - Do Me
3. Syxx - R U Ready
4. Syxx - Why
5. Syxx - Locked In
6. Syxx - Gotta Let Go
7. Syxx - Don't Make Me Wait
8. Syxx - Think About It

Syxx Official MySpace Page

Syxx Management Contacts:
E. Reece Management: 321-277-8696 or ARandM@MSN.COM
Dave - Assistant Mgr.: 813-774-2302