Shameless Self-Promotion: The Syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast Gets Props On The Hip Hop Honeys Website!

What's good everyone,

Hope that the weekend has gone well!

The and syndicated FuseBox Radio Broadcast family have to give some love back to the folks over at the Hip Hop Honeys website.

The nice folks from the crew over there (shouts to DRed), gave a shout and a nice writeup of the radio show called "FuseBox Radio The Streets Talking".

It always feels good to get a good look from our peoples all over the world.

When folks get the chance, definitely give the folks over at Hip Hop Honeys a look and some support (especially when the online magazine officially launches on August 1, 2008).

They have a cool mix of quality music & movie reviews, world news & events listings, interviews fashion news, gossip and eye candy for the fellas (and those in general who like looking at the ladies) - goodness for all on multiple levels, basically.

Hip Hop Honeys Official Website
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