Says Whut? - Memphis Bleek On A Long As All Get Out Granier Fructis Commerical

Memphis Bleek is one of those Hip-Hop MCs who never really got a high amount of shine due to getting the bad end of the stick with Rocafella with his album releases (how can your last album's main single that got mainstream play be "Dear Summer" - which evolved from Jay-Z's "Summertime" freestyle - and the you weren't even ON THE TRACK?!?)

I saw this first originally on Bossip and honestly don't have a terrible amount of stuff I can even think of saying...this is 3 minute commerical song thingie (no title better then "Fructis Flow" - really?) is just very unexpected on some levels for me to say the least.

The strange thing (good or scary depending on how you look at it) is that this mess of a song sounds like something you would hear on air any day on any Top 40 and/or mainsteam "Urban" radio station. I'm just hoping to the Higher Power this doesn't mean some wack DJ puts this song on a mixtape or whatever (otherwise they need to be mollywhopped).

On the bright side of things, at least the bro is not in trouble for some ignorant garbage like some folks in Hip-Hop Nation, this is not the worst Hip-Hop oriented commerical I've ever seen (that's been done so far by Taco Bell) and is getting a legal - as well as hopefully nice sized - check from these Garnier Fructis shampoo people and whatnot...

Here goes (check the video out here in case you can't see it):

Code Green feat. Memphis Bleek - Fructis Flow

Memphis Bleek During Different Times:

DJ Clue & Memphis Bleek - Mind Right (this was a good party jump off joint back in the day in college for a sis at Rutgers U.)

Here is a Hip-Hop oriented commercial campaign done right:

Sprite's Voltron Hip-Hop Commericals


Anonymous said...

Great post.

To use current hip hop slang, Memphis Bleak - kill yo self. But serious, I guess homie needs money, so it is what it is. Times is hard.

As far as hip hop commercials, those Old St. Ides joints and them old Sprite ones from the early 90s own.


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