& The FuseBox Radio Broadcast Supports This NYC Event: Reggae for Justice

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I recieved information about this event via e-mail from Negus of InI Mighty Lockdown and over here with the & FuseBox Radio Broadcast family, we have to support events like this to bring forth knowledge and justice against what happens to go on too much in this country (and others all over the world) in regards to police brutality:

On the eve of June 6, 2008, my brother, Isus Thompson was severely beaten and arrested in Queens, NY.

Following the NYPD¹s brutal attack Isus began vomiting and was non-responsive. Isus was then brought to the emergency room at Elmhurst Hospital in an ambulance and on a stretcher; the officers told the hospital that Isus swallowed a bottle of pills.

The Hospital's toxicology reports have no trace of any type of pills. Isus had a severe head laceration, was non-responsive & semi-catatonic.

My family had no knowledge of this incident until June 11, 2008 (5 days later).

When I first saw Isus he couldn't verbalize or write his responses and could not walk. Isus has been under police custody and moved in/out of hospitals since the night of his arrest.

The NYPD is alleging that my brother is guilty of many ridiculous charges; one a Class A felony in order to try and justify this brutal attack by over 10 plain & uniformed officers.

Isus has suffered irreparable harm, lasting physical & psychological trauma and injury.

In order to assist with legal fees and mandatory health care for his ultimate freedom a benefit concert is being presented to raise funds for the current and upcoming struggle with NYPD and the Queens assistant district attorney.

All of the artists, musicians, venues, restaurants and DJ¹s participating in this event have generously donated their time & services for Isus.

I pray you can attend this event or make a contribution for his defense fund.

How many times will our sons be beat in the streets before the NYPD stops their war on black men?!!!


Anonymous said...

This is something we need to support. this police shituation is out of hand.... I will be there to show support and learn how to help... what are you going to do... 4 yesterday it was me today it will be you and tomorrow our future. lets stop and make a change today...