New Music: Mulatto Patriot

Hey there and FuseBox Radio Broadcast folks!

We just wanted to hit y'all with some new music from dope Independent Soul and Hip-Hop music producer, Mulatto Patriot.

Independent Soul and Hip-Hop music producer, Mulatto Patriot, has a dope album coming out on October 21, 2008 through his own label, Mulatto Patriot Productions, called Sonic Visuals [Explicit].

We've played some tracks from this upcoming project on the FuseBox Radio and are really feeling what he brings to the table with not just the beats (The Higher Power knows there are enough artists who are not hot at all that get over with a slamming beat), but the overall combination and synergy of the music that comes out with the artists Mulatto Patriot collaborates with.

This Southside Chicago talent shows his influences of Jazz, Blues, Soul and House music with his work and with his album featuring such diverse Hip-Hop talents like Ras Kass, Pumpkinhead (Brooklyn Academy), Casual (from the Hieroglyphics crew), Eternia and more, this should be a cool project for heads to check out and cop in our opinon.

Just to get a taste of what the Sonic Visuals album is going to be like, download the sampler directly right here (right click and "save as") or hit the podcast page for the sampler by clicking here.

In the album's tracklisting below, you can also cop two free downloads of Mulatto Patriot's current singles from the project.

Give it a listen, let us know what you think and enjoy!

Sonic Visuals Tracklisting:

1. Northern Lights feat. Ka Di
2. Cadillac Vinyl feat. Czar Absolute & Maggie Vagle (right click and "save as")
3. International Connection feat. Eternia, de:joeso & DJ Goersch
4. Swordfish feat. Prosper Jones
5. The Lake Affect
6. Lethal Weapon feat. Doughboy
7. See H Eye See A Gee O feat. Prosper Jones, Anacron, Doughboy, Trigga Gunnz, Mena & Awdazcate
8. Audio Terrorist feat. Ras Kass, Casual & Prosper Jones
9. Dangerously Sexy
10. They Don’t Know feat. Pumpkinhead, Ka Di, Prosper Jones & Mena
11. The General feat. Pugslee Atomz, Awdazcate & DJ Goersch
12. Everybody’s Crazy feat. Czar Absolute & Prosper Jones
13. Promontory Point
14. Chicago River feat. Prosper Jones, Decay & DJ Intel
15. Showtime feat. Prosper Jones & Mena (right click and "save as")
16. Hustlers Skit feat. LJ
17. Luvin It
18. Windy City Testimonials feat. Mena & J-Hollow
19. A min Silence for those we lost
20. Bonus Track Physical Connection

Mulatto Patriot Official MySpace Page

Bonus Music Video #1: Mulatto Patriott feat. Czar Absolute & Maggie Vaglet - Cadillac Vinyl

Bonus Music Video #2: Mulatto Patriott feat. Prosper Jones & Mena - Showtime